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When you think about it…we all have a lot to be thankful for…
President Rose called the meeting to order.  Rose reflected her gratitude for each of us…her fellow Rotarians.  She thanked Steve Enquist and Gary Fulton who worked the Paul Harris table, raking in $1,093 today;  Rob Erb, Duncan Cook and Bob Hammar who set up the room for the meeting; Eric Quinn for capturing the meeting via Kodachrome, Tom Crabill for duties as Sgt.-At-Arms, and Leon Titus for peddling raffle tickets.
Without war, there can be no peace, right? Today is Veterans Day. On this day, we honor those who have fought for our freedom. We honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, to protect us from external evils, and preserve the integrity of our nation. We owe our veterans the utmost gratitude.
Above: Veterans of Lakewood Rotary, in addition to many other Veterans. Thank you. 
As I was chatting with my Puffin (not Pumpkin) teammates, the gong went off and the audience stood. Scott Buser gave the invocation and Janie Frasier led the  Pledge of Allegiance.  Rose Stevens, president, "rose" to the occasion and proceeded to keep the lively audience under control. (No small task!) And the meeting began.
The October 28th Rotary meeting got to a ghoulish start as Rose rang the bell to start the meeting.
Chris Kimball gave the invocation, and we were led in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

President Rose grabbed our attention by ringing the bell, Dave Coleman gave the invocation and Mary Moss led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

With the capacity of the room doubled to accept not only Lakewood Rotary members, but Clover Park Rotary as well, we had a good showing for the District Governor, Joanna Croghan.
Today Lakewood Rotary learned that victims of human trafficking exist in great numbers in Washington State. Each victim has a name, and each victim has a story. We were all reminded that we must join in the fight against human trafficking, and stand behind those organizations engaged in this fight.
It was a glorious fall day in Lakewood on September 30. The sun was shining, the temperature was moderate, it was a Rotary Friday. The only thing that could possibly ruin such a day would be to play golf on it. Which some of us did, thanks to that day-ruiner, Joe Quinn. Ben Hogan once said, "Golf is not a game of good shots. It's a game of bad shots." 
Several weeks ago it was an easy decision to say "yes" when Eric Quinn graciously asked me to write the minutes of the meeting.  After all, I enjoy journaling. Hmm.  Then the day came.  On Sept. 23 were the Lakewood Rotarians over-excited with coffee, eager to meet up and chat after vacations or just testing the novice notetaker?? We may never know.  But the race was on.  The pen was moving vigorously across the page and the number of names that flew beyond the table was remarkable.  Here is what was captured as the meeting rapidly advanced. 
Overcoming some technical difficulties with the microphone, President Rose Stevens  started off our Lakewood Rotary meeting right on time.  Rose called on Bob Hammar for the invocation and Mary Marlin led us in the Pledge to our flag.  In charge of set up again were the indomitable duo of Duncan Cook and Bob Hammar.  Mick Johnson was in charge of collecting $953 at the Paul Harris table, as we inch closer to the lofty goal of $1,000,000.00 in our LR club history.  It looks more impressive with all those zeros than just writing $1 million, don't you think?  Actually, no matter how you look at it we should be proud of our club's donations to the Rotary International Foundation.  Wonder how many clubs have given more, on  a per capita basis.  But we digress.  Tom Crabill did double duty, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms and selling raffle tickets too.  Walt Richardson was our eager photographer, trying hard to make us old geezers look photogenic.  Last and least, Rose made the bulletin writer also do the program.  First time for everything I guess.
Rotary began with a solemn remembrance of September 11, 2001, when our world changed forever. We all remember where we were that day. We also took a moment of silence to commemorate Linda Betz, who we shall miss. Giving the invocation was Mick Johnson, followed by Dave Coleman giving the pledge to our Nation. President Rose Stevens shared with us the Rotary Moment, telling us about Buckeye Elementary School in Arizona, where various schoolchildren are provided with weekly readers, for which many of these children is the only reading material in their impoverished homes. Buckeye Rotary visits the school and does weekly reader presentations. Rose wore a headset microphone for today’s meeting, like the great Louise Ciccone, otherwise known as Madonna. We welcome this change with open arms. We strike a pose. 
President Rose rang the bell and called the sparsely attended meeting to order. (It must have been a Friday before a holiday). Scott Buser led us in prayer and Ted Wier followed with the Pledge of Allegiance. (Ole subtly pointed out to me that there was one person sitting down during the Pledge. He said his name was Colin something….). 
A quick report on the meeting then to the good stuff: a shocking expose’ about what happened on what was formerly known as The Reeder Roadster Romp. But first, the Thursday before the meeting on Friday there was a gathering of drinking Rotarians with a boating problem. Actually, only one of the twin 37 ‘ Tollycrafts served shots. So, there is much to tattle, but first; the meeting.
The bell rang, the gong gonged and President Rose, fresh from her relaxing trip to upstate New York, got right to it. Immediate past prez Chris Kimball gave the invocation and Don Daniels followed up by leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
President Rose Stevens  took a day off, but the Presidential Podium was well manned--'er staffed--by Past President Phil Eng.  Reliable Phil has been busy lately, with coordinating efforts at the recent Courage Classic Rest Stop at Nason Creek and now the upcoming "huge" Reeder Roadster Romp later this month. 
It has been 12 long and hard years since our last woman president of Lakewood Rotary, Mary Lou Sclair. 12 years of guys running the show. Dave Barry once wrote, "Guys are simple... women are not simple and they always assume that men must be just as complicated as they are, only way more mysterious. The whole point is guys are not thinking much. They are just what they appear to be. Tragically." 
Years of being a “time-Nazi” and never being late has caused me a lot of angst this week when our ever vigilant Club Secretary politely asked if I had sent the weekly bulletin to the wrong person for distribution.  I humbly confess….I forgot to submit it at all.  Tsk tsk tsk….woe is me.  Hoseb
President Rose Stevens started off her third or fourth meeting—she wasn't sure—with a Rotary Moment.  She said District 5340 in the San Diego area has a great program going.  They are running a UN program involving high school debates and international relations, as a model United Nations Conference, April 8-9, 2017 at the University of San Diego.
Rose commenced her third regular meeting as President with great enthusiasm. Barlow Buescher gave the invocation. Chris Easter led us in the Pledge. Rose gave us the Rotary Moment, and spoke to us about Rotary clubs in Mongolia. There have been 13 Clubs in Mongolia for the last 20 years, and there are nine Rotaract clubs. Since 2003, many Mongolian Rotary clubs have done 10 sanitation projects in various schools.
President Rose Stevens rang the opening bell and began her second meeting as President. The invocation was given by Scott Buser and the pledge to the glorious flag by John Warner.
240 years later, and what do we have to show for it? Well, powdered wigs are no longer seen as a fashion statement, for one. Pants, formerly known as “breeches,” have come a long way. And electric cars are replacing horses, or should I say, horsepowered cars - especially ones with 425 horsepower!
A chapter has ended. Another door closed. So long Chris. Hello, Rose. We began the Final Countdown—think Europe, or perhaps the European Union—the last meeting presided over by Christopher Kimball, who ruled with an iron fist, and bestowed terror in the hearts of his subjects. Or perhaps not.
President  Chris Kimball --"Mister Two to Go"-- started the meeting with the Rock 'n Roll quote of the day:  In 1983 Bob Dylan sang (if you can call what Bob does "singing"):  "The swift don't win; the worthy do" or something along those lines.  Yes, Chris has only one more meeting after this one, because the end of our Rotary year is in sight, and in fact we have already installed our new officers.  See below for a bit on that celebration.
President Chris Kimball opened his third-to-the-last meeting on June 10 with lots of smiles. Seems like Chris is looking ready to enjoy some time eating his lunch before a Rotary Meeting and being able to sit at more than one table. I wonder if he will handle his time out of the spotlight or if he will return with his drum set hoping incoming President Rose will let him tell one joke with a rimshot.
Above: Lakewood Rotary's Exchange Student, Cristina Coero Borga
Another exciting meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood commenced with an invocation from Barlow Buescher; President Chris Kimball led us in the National Anthem, with our hands on our heart, or saluting if we have served; then he read us the rock-and-roll quote of the day from a song called “The Pass,” as it came to us from the great band Rush, from the album Presto, released in 1989:
The customary invocation was delivered by a surprised, yet prepared, Bob Peterson (someone evidently forgot to tell him that he was once again invocating for us). He opened his wallet, pulled out a piece of paper with a prayer on it and led the way. Kudos to Bob.
The National Anthem was sung with gusto as all of us remembered our fallen soldiers.
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