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We meet Fridays at 12:00 PM
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United States
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It was recently discovered that the only men who claim to not understand women are the young, the old, and middle-aged.
Have you ever had a festive evening at a scenic lakefront locale drinking Tom and Jerrys, eating delicious food, surrounded by chatty, excited friends with games on the table and the thought of not caring when it will end? 
The December 8th meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood was rung to order right on time by President Don Daniels. Charlene Miseli shared the invocation and Bill Allen led us in the pledge. President Daniels thanked Bob Hammar and Rob Erb for the set up; Jim Rooks for collecting $392 at the Foundation Desk; Leon Titus on the ticket sales, Photographer Troy Wilcox and bulletin writer Gayle Selden.
Did you see the full super moon on Sunday morning? It is also known as the full cold moon. That’s not a big news item. Neither would it be astounding to write this bulletin on the theme of The Twelve Days of Christmas. How about Advent? Ask a millennial if they even know what the story of Advent is. Not that any millenials read this. In fact, if it doesn’t fit on the screen of a smart phone, millenials probably can’t read it! What about sexual harassment? Wow! There’s news! Maybe the crack Lakewood Rotary Bulletin Committee could get an interview with Matt Lauer or Harvey Weinstein. Probably not. I know – this bulletin will just be about the meeting on December 1st and a mention about the festivities that evening hosted by the Partners in Lakewood Rotary. Just for fun we’ll throw in some speculation and innuendo.
“Without heroes, we are all plain people, and don’t know how far we can go.” – Bernard Malamud
Today was all about our heroes, those among us and those gone before.
It's Rotary Foundation Month! To mark the occasion, we had a speaker, but that comes later in this document. (It's kind of fun to call this a document....makes it seem somehow important. Maybe I should have called it a treatise, to drive that point home.) So anyway, this being Foundation Month, it's a good time to revisit our own history with the Foundation. As most know, there was no history on this subject for the club's first 15 years.
President Don, aka DD, convened the meeting with the ringing of the bell and got right to it. The invocation was led by Clint Johnson and Mary Moss (she of the jaunty hat) led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Apparently subbing for Don Daniels was DD, a very familiar look-alike. He called the meeting to order and the chatty membership soon became quiet. The invocation was led by Mary Covelli Johnson and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mo Sarram. Set up was by Rob Erb, Duncan Cook and Bob Hammar.
The Friday, October 13th Meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood was called to order by President Don Daniels. From what I could tell there was no one in the room with paraskevidekatriaphobia.*
Corny jokes abound this fall season: for example - What's the ratio of a pumpkin's circumference to its diameter?  Answer? Pumpkin Pi. Oh, I can’t stop laughing over that one, but I’ll try. And I promise that’s the last of them.

Once again, President Daniels began the meeting right on time, which, in effect, is whenever he starts it – you know, being President and all. Our fearless leader gleefully announced that, after the conclusion of today’s meeting, he is one quarter of the way through his Presidency. Do we give the President a “First 120 Days” review like we give another President a “First 100 Days” review? I’m wondering what that would look like. Maybe Eric Q. can create some polling questions, have Greg R. put them on our website and we could vote……

Today's meeting extravaganza was all about golf and the District Governor. Actually, it was more about the District Governor, and a little bit about golf. But after extensive research, and I do mean extensive, there appears to be absolutely no jokes or funny quotes about district governors. Must be some somewhere. Maybe if Horn gets elected. So, in the meantime, we'll stick with golf.
Beep-boop-beep-boop-boop-bahp-beep. A drone has kidnapped the bulletin writer. Circling overhead, this drone recorded a gathering of the Rotary Club of Lakewood, being called to order by a man named Don-DAN Bot 253 (first name, designation, model, and area code, respectively, hereinafter referred to as “DANBot”).
As the meeting started this overcast Friday afternoon, the far side of the room was vacant, dust balls all over. This reporter immediately wondered if there was a Nordstrom sale she didn’t know about, as all faithful Rotarian husbands would dutifully follow their wives to Nordie for a sale.  But Past-President Bob Zawilski, subbing for absent President Don Daniels, explained that this was one of the annual meetings of the Top Tier Lakewood Rotarians.
President Don brought the meeting to order at precisely the time he wanted it to start. Scott Buser gave the invocation and Eric Quinn led us in the pledge.

Is this seat taken?

It was a full house for the August 25th meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood. President Don Daniels turned into our own Maître D’ searching for seats for our continued stream of members and guests. Despite the chaos to get us ready for the meeting Don promptly started the meeting at 12:30.

In the 1949 movie, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Bing Crosby plays the lead role. By virtue of a knock on his noggin he awakens in ancient Camelot, falls for Lancelot’s lady, befriends King Arthur, runs afoul of the Wizard and ends up in the slammer.
 Joking that he was subbing for president DD today, Rick Selden took the reins of presidential authority as Don Daniels' trusted advisor.  And the meeting was efficiently called to order.  Ted Johnson gave the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim Bisceglia.  The meeting set-up was Rob and Bob and Duncan (triple threat...).
Dave Barry said, "When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one individual who perceives a solution and is willing to take command.  Very often, that person is crazy."
President Don Daniels called an unruly crowd of Rotarians to order with this Rotary Moment:  I think it was a past RI President who said, “If I could hold the world in my hands and get each person to perform one random act of kindness daily…” what a better world it would be.
Welcome to another exciting meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood! President Don Daniels led us in his third meeting – 49 more to go. Barlow Buescher led us in the invocation and Gordy Quick led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
The July 14th meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood was brought to order by President Don Daniels. Mary Covelli Johnson delivered the invocation and Kim Prentice led us in the pledge.
Don’s Rotary Moment included a moment of silence for Rotary International President Elect, Sam Owori, who passed away unexpectedly. Sam was from Uganda.
It was a perfect summer day. The sky was blue. The water on American Lake sparkled and so did the Rotarians on this special day.  Rick Selden curiously gonged the meeting to order and asked Mick Johnson to give the Invocation and Gordy Quick to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
Paraphrasing Rose Stevens’ axiom, “An idea is just so many words without the action to make it happen.” (sic), must have fallen heavily on the ears of the framers of The Declaration of Independence. History reflects that Rose e-mailed and texted John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and others, that enough was enough with England! Even though there is debate about whether the Declaration was approved and signed on July 2, 1776, July 4, 1776 or August 2, 1776 – there is little doubt that now Past President Rose’s memo prompted them to action. The War of Independence had been underway since 1775 and lasted into 1782 but Lakewood Rotarians can be proud that Rose stirred the antagonists to the Throne! Huzzah!
Through the infernal curtain, another Rotary meeting began. We were swiftly reminded that this was President Rose Stevens’s second-to-last appearance before us as President. Don Daniels is next in line. Bob Hammar gave the invocation. Ron Irwin led us in the Pledge. For our Rotary Moment, Rose spoke to us about an upcoming trip to Nepal, between October 28 and November 14, presumably. Is anyone interested in that? Contact Rose.
 President Rose Stevens rang the gong for one of the last times as our President. Admit it...that gong sound is preferable to that bell, banged clangily with a Rotary gavel. (I know "clangily" is not a real word.) But I will miss the gong. The invocation was given by Jim Rooks (the preacher's son for life) and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mary Moss.  Bud Montgomery collected a respectable $775 at the Paul Harris desk, Joe Quinn is the Scribe, and Walt Richardson the Photog-Guy.  Tom Crabill performed Sergeant at Arms duties and sold raffle tickets.  The setup crew was the usual reliable trio of Duncan Cook, Rob Erb, and Bob Hammar.  I am not going to start Bobbin' and Robbin' since I invented it and now we are tired of hearing it, as is Rose!
The day arrived. Even though several members were at the Atlanta Conference, those who remained decided to enjoy one another and learn about the Boeing Company. And the gong rallied the team after they were suddenly jarred awake. Our pres of the day was Dave Reames, a skilled and thoughtful leader who followed Rose's instructions to "obnoxiously fine" all of those possible. He more than met her expectations. The humor certainly helped. 
It’s June! Already! The end of our Rotary year is near. This is the last Bulletin I will write in The Reign of Rose. It’s also the moment that the Country Club gets inundated with white legs in khaki shorts. For this reason, I wore my sunglasses into the club just in case of momentary blindness. The khaki short count was at a low five so I removed my glasses as I entered the meeting room.
When considering a theme for today’s bulletin, the obvious choice is Memorial Day. If you, like me, had a father or grandfather, or you yourself, who served this country, honoring that memory is essential. If you, like me, have a child that served or is serving, he or she needs to be especially feted. There was a time in Lakewood Rotary when most members fit somewhere in the above categories. Not so anymore. Service is the exception now. I fear that revisionist historians will continue to minimize the roles that military service adds to and preserves the freedoms we enjoy in America. Political correctness is the “white-out” in recent history books in a wish to sanitize our culture. Be careful what you wish for!
President Rose rang the bell, gonged the gong and got us started on yet another meeting of the Lakewood Rotary Club.
President Rose Stevens rang us to order at 12:30. Chris Kimball gave the invocation. Rose led us in the Pledge to our flag. Duncan and Bob set up the meeting. Troy Wilcox provided AV services. Mary Marlin drew ticket sales. Tom Crabill, again, played Sergeant at Arms. Gary Fulton manned the Paul Harris table and collected $1,263.00 for the Foundation (that’s awesome).
Past President Dave Coleman, that is if you remember him, opened the meeting a fraction early. After the extraordinary fireworks of the previous evening’s thunder and lightning storm, the day seemed placid. PP Mick Johnson delivered a quiet invocation and PDG Gordon Quick led the salute to our flag. Our table was grateful for the TCGC generous supply of Margaritas. They were just the right combination of salty, savory and yummy.
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