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       Before the official bell ringing, some toe -apping music emanated from the presidential podium, followed by the bell dinging, followed by President Bill Potter opening the meeting. We couldn’t quite place the music but we woke up and were ready to attend. Scott Buser gave a nice Invocation and Jim Weinand led us in the Pledge of Alliance.
Desert shadows creep across purple sands.
Natives kneel in prayer by their caravans.
There, silhouetted under an eastern star,
I see my long lost blossom of shalimar
You, Misirlou, Are the moon and the sun, fairest one.
Old temple bells are calling across the sand.
We'll find our Kismet, answering love's command.
You, Misirlou, are a dream of delight in the night.
To an oasis, sprinkled by stars above,
Heaven will guide us, Allah will bless our love.
Misirlou by Dick Dale & The Del Tones 1963
Songwriters: Milton Leeds, N Roubanis, Bob Russell, Fred Wise
      Banker Bill is now the fifth Lakewood Rotary president (out of 64 total) whose occupation was “banker”, but only the second in the last 43 years. And yet we’ve had 4 financial advisors in just the last 13 years. But that is not nearly as interesting as what happened to Mr. Potter at his first banking job: On his second day of work, an elderly woman asked him to check her balance, so he pushed her over. Bill’s sense of humor hasn’t changed, but his job did after that second day. Job #2 went better, but for Job #3, he wrote on his resume for a position outside banking, “Worked as a pianist in a brothel for three years.” His interviewer asked about this unusual position, and Bill said, “Well, actually, I was a banker, but I don’t like to admit that.”


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Shekhar Mehta of India selected to be 2021-22 Rotary International President

Shekhar Mehta of India selected to be 2021-22 Rotary International

Fighting poverty on a small scale

A collaboration between Rotary and Heifer continues to produce big results, helping small farms provide healthier, locally-sourced

Rotary and ShelterBox celebrate the power of partnership

Rotary and ShelterBox celebrate the power of partnershipEvanston Ill., Rotary International announced on 3 June a three-year partnership renewal with its disaster relief project partner, ShelterBox. For almost 20 years,