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     Ever the Creative President, Gayle Selden started off the meeting with an Inspiration (in lieu of Invocation), which turned out to be a poem read by Gordie Quick, originally of Nebraska.  The inimitable Mr. Quick read an inspirational poem he had to memorize in grade school, way back in the dark ages.  The message we took away from it was….Be True to Yourself.  And so poetry became our theme for this Bulletin.
     Q: Why did Ole the Swede bring a rolled-up piece of sandpaper to the desert?
     A: He thought it was a map.
      Those gathered at the table this reporter was sitting at became a bit nervous as we observed that the Queen might not start the meeting on time. Queen Gayle has started our meetings at precisely 12:30 on every occasion I have written the Key. As the clock approached the start time, I and the other two members of the newsletter writing team that sat at the table with me noticed the Queen walking around mingling with her subjects – seemingly unaware of the time.  Her majesty then went to the podium, checking her notes. We noticed it was 12:29PM.
Whether you heard it or not, the bell was rung by our very own Rose Stevens at 12:30 on Friday to start the last Lakewood Rotary meeting for the month of April 2019. It all began just swimmingly; Charlene Miseli led our thought of the day with a wonderful Rotary blessing and Donna Phillips led us in the pledge.


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May 31, 2019
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Rotary 110th convention brings world to Hamburg

Rotary brings the world to Hamburg  One of the city’s largest and most multi-cultural conventions will bring €24 million HAMBURG, Germany (30 April 2019)

Holger Knaack selected to be 2020-21 Rotary International president

Holger Knaack selected to be 2020-21 Rotary International

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Fathers turn pain into healing solutions