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  1. General Purpose of The Lakewood Rotary Foundation Committee:   To promote and foster the programs of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation. To participate in and administer a broad range of humanitarian and educational programs and activities designed to improve the human condition and advance the organization's ultimate goal of world understanding and peace.  
  2. The structure of The Lakewood Rotary Foundation Committee: The Rotary Foundation and its various programs are quite broad and encompassing and require a great deal of learning to completely understand. Therefore, it is the intent of the Rotary Club of Lakewood to assign 12 members or more to the committee for more than one year. In addition to long term tenure, it is the intent of the Rotary Club of Lakewood, in this committee, to elect a vice chairman each year to help the individual learn more about The Rotary Foundation then ascend to the chairmanship the following year. The committee will hold three or more meeting per year. (January, May and September)
  3. Duties of Lakewood Rotary Foundation Committee: It will be the duty of this committee and its chairman to promote and foster the purpose of The Lakewood Rotary Foundation committee. It shall be done in the following manner:  
  • Promote and publicize Foundation Information and activity in the club's regular bulletin as well as arrange at least two Foundation programs annually. (A committee member should be assigned to prepare information for the bulletin committee weekly and arrange at least two Foundation programs for our club yearly).
  • Schedule and assign committee members to promote, collect and deposit funds from weekly Rotary meetings. (Publish a weekly schedule of committee members responsible for collection of money for the Foundation)
  • Establish a committee within the Foundation committee that will yearly promote and select, in a timely fashion, candidates for the Ambassadorial Scholars program as well as the Grants for University Teachers program and possible Group Study Exchanges. (Appoint a committee that will set up an application process from the various area Universities and colleges to select candidates and submit those to the district. This needs to be done in December and January with interviews set up for no later than February. A club endorsement along with the supporting documents needs to be sent to the district Educational Committee of the Foundation for interviews in March or April. This committee is to assist in in-coming Group Study Exchanges and help recruit members for an outgoing Group Study Exchange from our district.)
  • Establish a committee as a member of the Lakewood Rotary Foundation Committee to deal with and promote the participation of our club membership in the Foundation Humanitarian Grant Programs. (See list above)
  • Submit a vote to the District Foundation Committee on our club's suggestions on the use of District Designated Funds (DDF). The request comes from the District Foundation Committee and is the document given to the District Governor to pass on to Rotary International annually.
  • Set up at least three meetings a year and schedule the various duties and tasks to take place at each meeting. (January, May and September meeting dates)
  • Hold an election among the committee members each January for the new Vice Chairman of The Lakewood Rotary Foundation Committee who will become chairman the next January.
  • Select new committee members for the year in January to replace those leaving the Committee to fill the ranks to at least 12 members.
  • Submit the committee membership list to the incoming Lakewood Rotary President by February each year.
  • Distribute to the general membership a ballot for Rotarian of the Year Award along with a Ballot for Non-Rotarian of the Year. (The Ootkin Award) This is to be done in April or early May to allow awards to be presented at our annual installation banquet in June. (The Lakewood Foundation Committee will submit to the President and Board for approval their recommendations for these awards no later than May 5th.)
  • The committee will select a person or persons to keep records of members' weekly contributions. It will also select a separate person to handle the funds as they are deposited and transmitted to the foundation for award units. The person keeping the records will perform monthly check reconciliations and a separate accounting person selected by the board of the Rotary Club of Lakewood will perform a yearly audit of the funds and its activities. The funds will be handled in accordance with the by-law resolution regarding the Lakewood Foundation Committee passed in 1981.  

In summary, the Rotary Foundation has:


  1. PolioPlus and Polio Plus Partners Grants
  2. Health, Hunger and Humanity (3-H) Grants
  3. District Simplified Grants
  4. Individual Grants
  5. Matching Grants
  6. Blane Community Immunization Grants

  1. Ambassadorial Scholars
  2. Rotary Grants for University Teachers
  3. Rotary Centers for International Studies in Peace & Conflict Resolution
  4. Group Study Exchange Awards (GSE)