Friday August 20, 2010 - precisely 19,880 days since the first Lakewood Rotary meeting held on March 16, 1956.
Armed with that information and $2, you can get a tall Americano at the Lakewood Towne Center Starbucks! And in 1940 British PM Churchill said of the Royal Air Force, "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."
This shocking development just in:

And here in Lakewood, only 51 days into his regime, Mick Johnson has fled. Mary Covelli-Johnson filed a missing President report with the Lakewood Police last week. Lieutenant Dave Guttu, LPD, told unidentified and unreliable sources that he was surprised Mickey lasted as long as he did considering the behavior of some Rotarians.

Apparently President Mick learned just this past week that there are Rotarians who do not play golf and he was overcome with a bad case of the yips. Wife Mary told interviewers, "All of a sudden Mick got very pale, picked up his Scotty Cameron Newport 2 mid-slant putter and headed toward Chambers Bay Golf Course. I'm worried but confident he'll get over the yips in time for next week's U.S. Amateur."

In the meantime, Past President Greg Rediske - Alii Gregoipoi Ekahi - has wrested control of the club and will now conduct the meetings until further notice.

  • Rotary Life goes on without our Leader:

    And so conduct he did. Beginning at precisely 12:30 the bell was struck (stricken? striked?) Anyway, Past President Bob Zawilski offered the shortest invocation in the history of Rotary and Jim Early led all gathered in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. PP Greg thanked Ward Fletcher and Bill Young and Ole for their assistance with the meeting.

  • Visiting Rotarians included. well, nobody. Guests of Rotarians, now that's another story: Rose Stephens - could be Stevens or Stephans, was introduced by PE Ben Sclair. Now there's an interesting name; Sclair. Where have we heard that before? Rose is with RMS Financial. Whattya bet Rose's middle initial is "M"?
  • Hunter Larson, our returned exchange student from Indjya and Victor Bertelsen, from Europland, our now present exchange student, were introduced. Hunter will be an upcoming program. John Korsmo, host family patriarch stated that Victor placed 7th in a cross-country fun run recently and he also attended a Tacoma Rainiers game where he was able to get up and close to team members.
  • Jan Luze offered the Sunshine Report
    It seems that Skip Stephan is progressing with his therapy at Madigan. Donna Feldman's Father passed away in Minnesota. Keep these Rotarians and families in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Jan went on to report that she has a brand new Great-grandson. Kyle Scotty McTavish was born on the 14th. Congratulations to Jan, although she really didn't have much to do with it, I suspect.
    Announcements included the following items. What isn't in the announcements is essentially everything else in the universe that isn't included here - too much to write about, for sure.
    District Governor Bob Martin wants all the clubs in the district to account for Rotarian volunteer service hours. A punch clock will be installed in the entry; you will be issued a punch card. You must clock in and clock out. Those who don't will be shot! Gee, that sounds harsh. Maybe everyone will come to their senses and just volunteer to log in the time that they spend performing various good deeds in and around the community and such. That sounds much more reasonable.
    PP Ron Irwin was fined $5 all of a sudden for crimes against Rotary. There will be an upcoming segment on CSI detailing his criminal behavior.
    Jim Skar has moved to Redding California, He can be reached at 738 West Street, Redding, CA 96001, cell 253-314-7424.
    Judy HoseB wanted everyone to know that the Donald G. Topping Regional HOPE Center and Boys & Girls Club Henry T. Schatz Branch is having a Dedication Ceremony on Thursday Sept. 2 at 3:30 PM. The Center is located at 3875 South 66th Street in Tacoma. Please RSVP (that's French) at 253-502-4600. For those of you who are thinking of missing the event, let me tell you this; there will be refreshments served at that time. The ceremony begins at 4:00 and there will be tours at 5:00. If you go, you may be able to record your time spent in such a volunteer capacity on the District Governor Bob Martin Volunteer Time Clock Doodad.
    Immediate Past President Greg Horn was awarded Rookie Brewer of the year award at the Brewfest. Ah, the Brewfest. Pay attention now because this came rapid-fire and I only got the highlights. PE Ben Sclair reported; beer, cannon, RC floatplane crash, picnic-like atmosphere, car club, bicycle club, hole-in-one contest, lots of work for not lots of money, Vashon Island Rotary beer-off winners, and a great time. Phew! Everyone into the showers! All of you who worked so hard deserve a huge thank you from those of us who were otherwise engaged. To all those who helped, be sure to sign-up your volunteer time expended on the District Governor Bob Martin Volunteer Time Clock Doodad - hereafter known as DGBMVTCD.
    Following foolish folks fined for fun:
    Mark Blanchard for a 3-week boat cruise to Savary Island by Desolation Sound does not deserve a fine. But, running aground near Nanaimo is apparently worth $100.
    PP Ted Wier thanked all voters for helping to pass the Fire levy. Ted promised to pay $500 this coming week. Very generous Ted!
    Judy HoseB has been absent because she has been caring for her second grandbaby and using the Norwegian method to discover she has had a broken ankle since April. Judy donated a secret amount of money but nothing near the $500 Ted will give. Smart move Judy.
    PP Bob Zawilski gave $100 for Marilyn's anniversary. Now that begs a question, doesn't it?
    Dave Reames is a new Dog-Dad. Something about an arranged mating with Judy's Tibetan terrier. That came out $20-$20 somehow. Boy, those are some cute puppies!
    Ole gave $100 for a 70th birthday, wife and daughter completing their second Danskin Sprint Triathlon, and 36th anniversary with Bonnie. There followed a lengthy report on Sven's whereabouts - you had to be there. Suffice to say Sven took Fridays - Saturday through Thursday is still open.
    Larry Faulk did his best Larry Faulk imitation introducing our speaker:
    At that point all the Rotarians who were installed on January 15, 1993 stood and presented the program. They were; in alphabetical order, Cal Kushen. Cal opened with a brief commercial on behalf of the Lakewood Community Foundation, formerly known as The Charitable Foundation of the Rotary Clubs of Lakewood. Cal thanked those who have supported the Foundation and invited others to do likewise. He singled out Foundation Chair Dave Betz as the man who is taking the Foundation to the next level. If anyone can do it, Dave can! Tribute envelopes are on the welcome table each week. Typical contributions are made on behalf of a loved one, friend or relative but no particular reason is necessary.
  •  Cal then proceeded to entertain and inform everyone of his fascinating teenage years in Hollywood. A chance job application turned into a stint with CBS that few of us could imagine. He took us back to the good old days of radio broadcasts that only Norm Tremaine remembers! The Jack Benny Show, Amos 'n Andy, My Little Margie and many others were produced there and he conducted studio tours and acted as "gofer" during that heyday.
         Cal entertained us with stories about getting locked out on the roof with a group of "blue-hairs", picking up "bums" on the street to fill in as live audience for the laugh track, held cue cards and applause signs and pretty much had one of the greatest jobs a young man could imagine. Cal's job transitioned to television during those years and he was able to see the changes that were made to The Jack Benny show, Bob Crosby's Show, Art Linkletter's House Party, Meet Millie, My Favorite Husband and Life With Father, among others.
    Cal relates that he did anything and everything that anyone asked him to do. With an attitude like that, is it any wonder he became a successful businessman and Rotarian?
         I loved the story about Sonja Henie. She was a Norwegian figure skater and American actress. She was a three-time Olympic Champion (1928, 1932, 1936), a 10-time World Champion and a significant Norwegian drinker - at least one time. This isn't to say that there are insignificant Norwegian drinkers. But not a lot of them have turned pro. But I digress. Cal had to tend to the bejeweled Miss Henie and make certain she was undisturbed, still jeweled and in a place where she could, shall we say, rest.
         He ran to news stories with reporters and anchors, drove an inebriated Senator Joe McCarthy to the station, watched the production of Peter Potter's Juke Box Jury, and met the famous Cole Porter whom he admired very much.
         Cal told two other stories about his best friend Paul Howard who was Moe Howard's son. If the name doesn't ring a bell maybe a slap upside the head would - Larry, Moe and Curly - Moe of the Three Stooges fame. Cal pointed out that Moe was a very serious, studious and stern man - hard to imagine that!
    Cal related his friendship with one my favorite actors of all time - James Garner. I always loved everything he played in. He seemed like such an approachable man and I wish I had had him install my carpet! Sorry Mick, but it's true.
         There were other stories but the so-called editor-in-chief has waved the flag. Ask Cal to elaborate on Russ Tamblyn, Jack Benny, Chimpanzees, Johnny Ray, Red Skelton, Gary Lockwood, Lois Garner, obnoxious stage brats and their mothers - I'm sure he'll accommodate. From CBS, Cal graduated to UCLA and we are lucky to have him as a fellow Rotarian.
         If you don't mind a final word on the matter: I hereby nominate Cal Kushen for an Oscar, an Emmy, and an Eddy for one Lulu of a program!
    Dave Reames won $5 in the drawing.

  • Photos this week by Jim Early
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