Posted by Joe Quinn on Jun 16, 2017
 President Rose Stevens rang the gong for one of the last times as our President. Admit it...that gong sound is preferable to that bell, banged clangily with a Rotary gavel. (I know "clangily" is not a real word.) But I will miss the gong. The invocation was given by Jim Rooks (the preacher's son for life) and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mary Moss.  Bud Montgomery collected a respectable $775 at the Paul Harris desk, Joe Quinn is the Scribe, and Walt Richardson the Photog-Guy.  Tom Crabill performed Sergeant at Arms duties and sold raffle tickets.  The setup crew was the usual reliable trio of Duncan Cook, Rob Erb, and Bob Hammar.  I am not going to start Bobbin' and Robbin' since I invented it and now we are tired of hearing it, as is Rose!
ROTARY MOMENT:  It was more than a moment. It was a thorough report on the HUGE RI convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  Rose attended along with Greg and Mary Horn and new but active member Barb Spriggs.  And so did about 37,500 other Rotarians.  If you have never been to an RI convention, you should go.  The US had the most attendees, followed by India, the Philippines, and Canada.  They said the speakers as usual were inspiring.  There was something there for everyone; you just had to find your passion.  The report on polio eradication was that only 6 new cases were discovered in the world so far this year.  Nigeria and the Congo are still at risk.
Rose or Greg said there will be links in the bulletin to access some of the convention materials, but as of right now we have not been provided with that. However, we can include that in next week's bulletin. Rose or Greg said that Jack Nicklaus, one of the speakers, had polio briefly but his sister contracted a more serious case.  Other speakers included Bill Gates, pro wrestler John Cena, and Andrew Young.  The Gates Foundation has pledged a 2 for 1 match for every dollar raised by Rotary, up to $50 million, for the next three years.  Next year's convention will be in Toronto so plan to go.  Mary Horn shared some pictures from the House of Friendship, which is worth the price of admission all by itself.
VISITING ROTARIANS:  In what must be close to a record, Rob Erb introduced six visiting Rotarians, including Chris Surface of Tacoma Rotary No. 8 (and the Tacoma Little Theater),  Past President of Number 8 Don Doman, and Keith Galbraith and Jack of Parkland-Spanaway Rotary.  (Jack is a service dog, a black Lab, but he is an enrolled member.)  We also had Lou Samdal of Parkland-Spanaway and John Munn, our speaker.
There were no guests today, which is a bit unusual (maybe the guests all happened to be visiting Rotarians; most Presidents get that conflated at least once!).
SUNSHINE:  John Forkenbrock announced that long-time member Joe Ghilarducci's wife Caroline passed away.  Condolences to Joe and the family.
RIDE WITH COURAGE:   Phil Eng talked about the "new and improved" two day ride for Mary Bridge, which takes place on the weekend of August 26th.  Our rest stop will be in Kapowsin so feel free to volunteer for fun and fellowship.  Root Beer Floats anyone?  We are responsible to staff the stop from 11:00 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. so there may be an early and a late shift.  Dinner to follow at UW Pack Forest near Eatonville, so sign up.
INSTALLATION DINNER:  Mary Marlin reminded us to sign up for the installation dinner to give Rose a well-deserved sendoff and welcome/install Don Daniels and other board members.  Be there for only $45 apiece.
ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Lou Samdal of P-S Rotary invited us to their fundraiser, a golf tournament at the Veterans Lake Course.  It is $100 per golfer and half goes to the VA course and the other half to Parkland-Spanaway Rotary, so kill two good birds with one stone!  Lunch will be BBQ pork ribs.  Lou also said their club meeting place is being moved back to the bowling know, the one on Pacific Ave.
COMMUNITY CONCERNS:   Rick Selden said the CCC met today.  Rose then presented Rick with the "Partner Award" to our club from the Emergency Food Network, in recognition of many contributions of both case and sweat equity over the years.  Rick accepted on behalf of all of us.  He also said the committee approved $1000 donation to Palmer Scholars, which awards scholarships to minority students.   By way of a final annual report Rick said two things:  (1) our club gave $24,650--not including the major project giving--to the many needy organizations in our community; and he recognized (2) Jay Mayer, who is stepping up to be Chairman of the Community Concerns Committee in the next Rotary year.
COUNTRY CLUB:  President Rose reminded us that as a club we are bound to the Tacoma Country Club to meet their requirement that each person pay something, either for lunch or just for coffee.  The latter is $7.   The country club provides much more than a beautiful venue for meetings--they provide us with storage too.  There is no room rental charge so we have to follow the above rules and not freeload!
FINES:  Paula Olson paid $5 to rid herself of the red badge and get the RI blue badge.  Chris Kimball paid something for a trip to Washington, D.C. and having a car featured on Facebook.  Mahmoud "Mo" Sarram paid $85 for a trip to San Jose for a grandson's graduation and also for his 85th birthday.  Donn Irwin paid $20 (I think) for a trip to North Carolina, also for a grandson's graduation.  Tom Crabill chipped in the same amount for the same reason, but with no details.  I guess it is commencement season!  And Mark Edgecomb paid $20 for his own graduation, so to speak, as he got a Master's in Accounting.
John Munn, managing artistic director for the Lakewood Playhouse, spoke to us about various upcoming attractions at the Playhouse. Here is a useful nugget: If you purchase season tickets to the Playhouse, you will also obtain passes to other local theaters, which include but are not limited to Tacoma Little Theater. The Playhouse came into being in 1938. It has been a staple in this community for decades. John shared with us that the upcoming 79th Season at the Playhouse will have six amazing shows. Of course, putting on these shows is not cheap: It costs approximately $6,034.20 to put on a play; it costs approximately $15,766.84 to put on a musical. That is why the Playhouse relies on the community to come observe these magnificent productions.
Above: Presenter, John Munn, Managing Artistic Director of the Lakewood Playhouse
The six shows of the upcoming 79th season include: (1) Wait Until Dark—once starring Audrey Hepburn and Alan Arkin; (2) a Christmas Carol; (3) Outside of the Music Box, which is a rock opera inspired by the music of Pink Floyd’s The Wall and The Who’s Tommy; (4) the Glass Menagerie, for the first time ever at the Playhouse; (5) Peter and the Starcatcher; and (6) Little Shop of Horrors, for the first time ever at the Playhouse. John underlined that theater is so important for team-building, hence the Playhouse’s longstanding commitment to furthering youth involvement in theater. In the Spotlight Show, program veteran actors work with youth to improve their acting skills. The shows which have been performed as the Spotlight Show have included Frog and Toad and Treasure Island, and very soon will include Alice in Wonderland. The Playhouse provides acting classes for ages three and up!
During Q&A, Chris Kimball thanked John for the Playhouse providing his sons with scholarships. When asked about costs for royalties, which make up a very large part of the budget of putting on a particular play or musical, John mentioned that this involves a complicated licensing process. Joan Strait asked if the Playhouse takes clothing donations, for costumes. John said yes, but that this had not been done in a while. He also mentioned that the Playhouse is going to be debt-free very soon, which he opined is something of a milestone. Finally, he shared with us that the Playhouse would be undergoing a capital expansion, commencing in February 2018. Essentially, the theater would be getting bigger, and there would be bathrooms downstairs, and perhaps a larger downstairs lobby. Thank you, John Munn, for this fantastic presentation. Now let's get out there and support theater in Lakewood!
Pirates of Penzance will be running this weekend and the following weekend at the Playhouse:
THE DRAWING:  Ward Fletcher won the drawing in a big way:  He drew out the red chip and won $650!
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