With the capacity of the room doubled to accept not only Lakewood Rotary members, but Clover Park Rotary as well, we had a good showing for the District Governor, Joanna Croghan.
Rose got the meeting started right on time with an introduction of herself as President of Lakewood Rotary, and introduced James Hairston, President of Clover Park.
Without so much as a warning to close tables, Chris Kimball blasted out the Star Spangled Banner followed by the slowest version of O’ Canada that I have ever heard.
(Much too late, Gayle offered her ear plugs to anyone interested)
Robert Peterson delivered his “We the People” invocation and CP Rotarian, Tom McClelland, led us in the pledge.  And….our meeting was off and running!
Once the gong was struck…we stayed stateside to hear the story about the start of the Reno Rotary Club.  It appears they bypassed all protocol of being sponsored by another club and waiting months for approval, etc.  The Club idea was launched on 7/6/2016, was chartered on 8/6/2016 and they held their first meeting on 8/9/2016.  So…the lesson learned was that if you want things to happen fast without all the red tape…go to Nevada.  It seems that this is the only case of a Rotary Club originating without the standard steps established by Rotary International.
Duncan Cook, Bob Hammar, and Troy Wilcox helped set up for the meeting.  Jim Rooks worked the Paul Harris desk and collected $292. Walt Richardson manned the raffle sales and Tom Crabill was Sgt At Arms. Judy Hosea wrote the bulletin.
Above: Assistant District Governor Curtis Thiel
Visiting Rotarians, were introduced by Tommy:  Keith Galbraith (Parkland/Spanaway), Terry Taylor (Hawks Prairie) Joanna Croghan and Donald Mannino (Bainbridge Island) and Curtis Thiel (Asst DG from Puyallup South).
Greg Horn introduced his guest and wife, Mary Horn.
There was no sunshine…..no kidding!   As our biggest storm in a decade was settling in for the weekend and it really didn't as it turns out)! 
Gayle Selden reminded everyone that Jin Park, our exchange student, turns 16 this weekend.  In celebration, there will have been a gathering of Rotarians and families at the New Gangnam BBQ Restaurant on Sunday.  The best gift you can share with Jin is to include him in some of your activities….bowling, movie night, out to dinner, day trips, anything to enrich his experience in Lakewood. 
Above: A Birthday Korean BBQ for Jin Park
Military Appreciation is November 11th.  We will have special guests from JBLM at our meeting.  Jimmy Collins will be our speaker at that meeting.
CP Rotary announcements were also about upcoming meetings.  If you want to visit, they meet Wednesdays at noon, at Carr’s Restaurant on Bridgeport.
October 19th – Becky Newton – City of Lakewood/City Development
October 26th – Guatemala Stove Project
November 2nd – Stephanie Dunkle-Medical Reserve Corps
President Rose called upon District Governor Joanna to assist with some presentations.  First was Sonia Ramos-Martinez, who was awarded with her blue badge…but I don’t think she was able to unload the puffin.
Next, DG Joanna commended our club for being so very close to topping the one million dollar mark with Rotary Foundation Donations.  We were over $9,983,+++…and as that tally was some time ago….we could be there!  Today, the following Rotarians were honored:
Vaughn Hoffman – for his third Paul Harris
Scott Buser – for his seventh Paul Harris
Rick Selden  - for his seventh Paul Harris
Congratulations to each of them for continued generosity to Rotary and all the causes we support worldwide!
A fine time was had by each of the following:
Joe Quinn paid for his travels to Italy by gifting President Rose with cappuccino limoncello something, and a tax refund of $50.  (I know….I missed some of this exchange as well…but didn’t follow up with a questions knowing he charges by the hour.)
This one won’t be much better…..after elbowing Gayle a couple of times asking, “whadda she say?”  This is what I heard.  Jan Gee is either in the state finals of bagging or begging (she is a lobbyist, right?)  And….her group has won the last 3 of 4 years.  For that, she paid $50 now and after the finals….if they win again…she will pay another $50.
There was some expected bragging by Huskies over their defeat of Oregon last weekend. (Heck….the Cougars had already beat them!  Huh!)
At last, it was time for Curtis Thiel to step forward and introduce our District Governor.  Joanna Croghan was able to kill two birds with one stone today.  As her 65th and 66th Clubs visited since she took office and on her way to seeing all 90 before her year is up, she is well on her way! 
Joanna calls herself an “ordinary Rotarian,” having joined the club on Bainbridge Island just over 20 years ago.  In 2009, both her husband and fellow Rotarian Donald Mannino had their spouses pass away in the same month.  They came together as friends consoling each other until things got better!  This year, they celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary.
Above: District Governor Joanna Croghan
Joanna found her passion with the International Service Committee.  Early on, her club had a project providing school books to Uganda.  Joanna was among the team that delivered the books.  While there, she found that many of the students had chronic coughs, explained by a shortage of clean water.  Villagers had to venture into the nearby lake to collect available water.  Too near the shore and the water was contaminated, too far out were the added danger of crocodiles. 
Upon returning to her club, she petitioned funding for a bore hole for the village.  She returned with $6,000 and completed the project.  That is when she discovered that there were more than 80 other villages with the same problem.  That is when she took it upon herself to learn about Rotary International Grants.
Our District trains club members in the RI Grant process every year.  This is how we can leverage our efforts as a single Rotarian or Club, to take on local and global projects.
Each of us can participate in making big things happen worldwide.  Everything starts with one Rotarian with an idea.  When you see something and think…someone should do something about that….turn it around and say…what can I do about that?  In the 100 years of the Rotary International Foundation….it has gone from humble beginnings of $26.50 left over after a convention, to over $250 million today.  As Rotarians, this is our money to access through the Global Grant Formula. The RI Foundation concentrates its focus on eliminating poverty, health issues, education and peace.
Polio Plus was a project that began with one Rotarian in the Philippines who wanted to vaccinate children in that country.  Success begets success and over the past 30 years, it has grown into a worldwide effort that attracted the attention of many governments as well as the World Health Organization and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  At this time, there are still pockets in Nigeria and along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.  Three years after the last case is diagnosed….it will be deemed eradicated.
Many Rotary clubs are doing something special for the 100th Anniversary of the RI Foundation.  DG Joanna did comment that our Lakewood Club reaching the $1 million mark would certainly do it!
Due to the efforts in Uganda that began with one idea from a single Rotarian, 191 villages have clean water.  The people are grateful and want to give something…even though they have so little.  Joanna was given two live chickens when she went back to visit.  She was able to find a home for the chickens.
Most people join Rotary for friendship and an avenue to give back.  Most stay in Rotary when this is fulfilling for them.  It has been a challenge to get the word out on what Rotary does and the impact we have. Rotary is our club and the opportunities are endless.  Go for it!  Each one of us can make a difference.
Service – Friendship – Leverage
Rotary Serving Humanity is the theme of 2016-2017 RI President, John Germ.
The International Convention this year is in Atlanta….which is more accessible than many destinations in recent years.  Over 10,000 hotel rooms are within a 10-minute walk of the Convention Center.  Plan ahead for this next June and try to attend.  You will find it worthwhile.
The meeting drew to a close with the ring of the bell and the raffle drawing….$631
John Munn, a Clover Park member drew the white chip.
As writer’s cramp was settling in…Chris Kimball mentioned that Woodstick, a gathering that only people with ear plugs could appreciate, set a Guinness World Record and has continued to this day….every Fall.  It started with Chris….a single Rotarian!
One last announcement:
10/14/2016    The Spirit of Rotary
                        DTA & Conference
                        May 4-5-6, 2017
                        Clearwater Casino Resort – Suquamish, WA
                        Register after 12/1/2016 – www.rotary5020.org
Batten down the hatches…..
Hoseb for Donn Irwin