Posted by Mary Marlin on Jun 21, 2019
       As expected, President Gayle Selden began the meeting of Lakewood Rotary on time and all rose to the occasion!  The thought for the day was shared by Bob Hammar, who reminded us to share not only our monetary generosity with others, but to share our hearts as well.  Peter Marsh led us with the Pledge of Allegiance. 
      Helpful setter- uppers for the meeting were Duncan Cook, Ward Fletcher, Bob Hammar, Rob Erb, Troy Wilcox, Terry Roarke, Bob Cammarano, and Lowell Johnson.  At the Paul Harris Table was Nicole Hancock. Barb Spriggs drew ticket sales and was Sergeant of Arms. Mary Marlin was the Bulletin Writer and Walt Richardson was the photogenic Photographer.  Jonathan Jackson from Tacoma North was introduced as a visiting Rotarian, is also our speaker of the day. The Sunshine Report is happy to announce that Sally Smith is back from some distracting health issues and has returned as her ever smiling, high energy self. 
     Several announcements were then made to remind members of all the fun that is on the way.  On June 28th, the surf and turf $55 installation dinner that will be at the Tacoma Golf and Country Club will welcome our new president, Bill Potter, and wish fond farewells to our outgoing president, Gayle. What a ride it has been, tiara topped Pres!! Well done!! Any suggestions for the new Pres? Maybe discuss ideas at the Floating Board Meeting on August 8th? See you on the boat! More info to follow. There will be no meeting on July 5th, so if you happen to forget, we'll see you in the bar! On August 15th Mandatory Fun Night at the Rainiers game will happen for $18 and so will chatting with Bill Potter. On August 21st Mary Bridge will re-dedicate the Child Abuse Intervention Department and rename it to include the Partnerships of the Rotary Clubs of Pierce County.  August 24 and 25th will be the 2019 Courage Bike Tour and Phil Eng will be busy organizing. Volunteers are more than welcome! (!)
      More news and information then came from several members.  Steve Enquist, who heads the Rotary Foundation, thanked everyone for donating and getting the club credit for being sustaining members of Lakewood Rotary who get credit for the donation from every Rotarian every year!! Jay Mayer, the chair of  the Community Concerns Committee, requested $2000 for supporting the Family Renewal Shelter, which helps families dealing with domestic violence.  The membership voted a resounding "yes".  One of our newer (and amazing) members, Leanna Albrecht, was honored with a Rotary blue badge and said she had received a letter she needs to give to the new president.  Gayle said she is feeling "done".  It's likely that Bill Potter, our new pres, won't let her step away from the podium quite so quickly...… we'll see.....
      Jan Gee who won BIG in the raffle last week didn't make it to the meeting this week. She may be never know.  Gayle wanted to award the Auction Winners this year esp Capt. Greg Rediske who led his team to victory. Good job Troy Wilcox, Mary Covelli Johnson, Duncan Cook, Mark Blanchard and several others I've missed.  
     Apparently, Greg's family members are also gaining fame in sports and Greg's retirement (from retirement) is allowing more time for fun and time to breathe.  Gayle graciously thanked her secretary and confessed that the President should not fine her/his secretary.  Greg generously donated a Fulton anyway. Another team that kept the fun going was the Texas Hold'em Committee.  Barb Spriggs, Denise and Eric Yochum, Mary Horn, Sally Saunders, Phil and Judy Eng, Anne and Steve Enquist, and several dealers made the night at Thornewood Castle very memorable. 
      And Bob Peterson, the 90 year old card shark, checked his son on a call and was the Winner!!!  He generously gave to the club even when he didn't have to.  Ralph Johnson has apparently been aiding horses as a horse midwife.  With his son in Stanwood, he has missed a few meetings but told Gayle..."I am proud of you, Gayle!"  Gordy Quick wanted to recognize Gayle, too, for all her hard work this year and he also wanted to honor Ward Fletcher for his efforts of Service above Self! Andrew Kruse has been busy. He celebrated his anniversary AND his wife getting her Masters from Portland State.  Well done! Jay Mayer breathed a sigh of relief to see his grandson graduate from high school. 
      Ed Shannon has a new car and still likes to play golf! Chris Kimball celebrated his Doctorate of Ministry and sees good humor on helping Greg Horn with anniversaries and birthdays.  More to come on that...…  Oh, and Chris does not deliver foals like Ralph Johnson. (Just so you know!) Joan Strait celebrated her granddaughter's graduation from Western.  Now it's on to the next in line. Mark Edgecomb has 7 kids and the last one just graduated from Lakes HS. Mark's daughter, Sarah, gave helpful information to students attending the conference this year, too. Don Anderson, our vacationer in Pebble Beach at the US Open, seemed quite into the game as he noticed Joe Montana in a crowd at a party.  Even more exciting was the fact that Christie Brinkley was there...…..probably looking to congratulate Don on his choice of Rotary friends! More adventures.....Barb Spriggs almost wore out her fancy BMW Roadster on the way back from Pasco. Fortunately, her son was close by. Thank you, State Patrol, also, for being close by! Minor fix, thank goodness. Dave Coleman introduced the new Rotary Historical Book Club. The book being discussed will be The Pioneers by David McCullough.  Hope to see you all there. 
Above: Jonathan Jackson, presenting for the Palmer Scholars
     The program today is from Jonathan Jackson, Executive Director of the Palmer Scholars. He informed us that Palmer Scholars has a strong presence in Lakewood and the impact is growing from year to year. Scholars from Lakewood represent over 20% of the 2020 class.  36 students from Lakewood high schools are currently being served and six recent graduates are being welcomed into the alumni network.  The top majors for these students have been Political Science, Criminal Justice, Business and Health Sciences. Currently, 172 Total Scholars are in the program. And since 1983, nearly 600 students have been served.  So how did this amazing organization start?
      Mr. Jackson further informed us that he has been involved in Palmer Scholars since he was a 15-year-old student in the program. At that time, Mr. Merle Palmer was a man who wanted to help students that needed a mentor. Sally Bose was also a teacher and a woman who knew some students needed more mentoring than others and she dedicated her time, her interest and her passion to helping students succeed. Students whose parents were not available or who had no knowledge of the necessary efforts required of college entrance responsibilities were assisted by mentors who understood the needs of these capable students. As much as specific tasks were needing to be accomplished, it was the mentoring, the willingness to listen to a student's emotional issues that bonded the two.  "I had somebody who believed in me" was a frequent observation and a source of hope. Juniors in high school became the focus of Palmer Scholars, because by the time students were seniors, too much time had often gone by. Categories of help included time management, applications, academics, writing, personal issues, scholarships, and navigating institutional requirements.  Even food, money management and jobs needed attention as well.
           Mr. Jackson epitomizes the energy, the hope, and the diligence of the Palmer Scholars organization.  His sense of humor captured the audience but his passion for the students who succeed under his leadership was a testimony to the success of one who cares. He has emerged through the program himself. What better mentor!  Lakewood Rotary has been a sponsor of Palmer Scholars since 1983.  There is no chance this will change.  An inspiration indeed!
     With that, the meeting was adjourned.  The raffle was given...…..okay $5 was given to Bob Camarano. And all was well.... till next time...  Yours truly, Mary Marlin
A reminder: Read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske to get a make-up for a missed meeting. Additionally, if you shop online, please do so at Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.