Posted by Mary Marlin on Jul 13, 2018
            Who knew that Friday the 13th would be an auspicious day for Lakewood Rotary?  Gayle Selden, our new president and known leader of the incredible auction this year, opened the meeting with enthusiastic energy and her usual welcoming smile. And the meeting began.

       Gayle asked Bob Peterson for the invocation and we all agreed afterwards that the rescue of the boys in the cave in Thailand was an answer to international prayers.  Terry Roarke led us in the flag salute after Gayle teased him for forgetting the words once before.  (Fortunately, he's a good sport!) Meeting Set Up was performed by Duncan Cook, Troy Wilcox , Bob Hammar and Ward Fletcher. Jan Gee hustled ticket sales and Sergeant at Arms duties. Troy was photographer and Anne Enquist was our cheerful new greeter. The Bulletin responsibility was yours truly. Oh, and Gayle did mention (with some authority) that there should be no "Fake News" but only "Good News.” Duly noted!


     There were no visiting Rotarians but there were guests. Mark Edgecomb introduced his "better half,” Nicola Anne, and his daughter, Sarah. Troy Wilcox introduced his wife, Stephanie, and son, Dylan. Bill Price introduced his son in law, his daughter, and his wife, Pat. John Forkenbrock, of the Sunshine Committee, informed members that the funeral for Ron Adkins will be at Mt. View on August 11. He also mentioned that Mike McGowan is seriously ill.


     Don Daniels appreciated the twelve people who showed up to help with planting at the Pavilion. Only five were scheduled to come. (It's the Rotary way!) He reminded us that Summer Fest will be at Steilacoom Park on Saturday and will be too! Gayle then addressed her dad and a past president of Lakewood Rotary, Rick, who implored the membership  to buy bricks for the Pavilion, if you haven't already done so. He needs confirmation by the end of July!! If you want your name or a loved one's name in "perpetuity" at the Pavilion, talk to Dave Coleman. Apparently, Dave chisels slowly so this could take a while. Apparently, also, is the fact that Rick has mastered the word "perpetuity.” Good job on that!


         Bob Hammar suggested something about putting our money in stocks instead of giving it to the government. Money well spent. Eric Quinn is looking for writers, photographers, and artists, to become a member of the Bulletin Committee. We have six writers on the committee and five photographers. We need more of both. You could become famous on Facebook or the web with your great writing and/or picture-taking (or infamous, perhaps). Let Eric know what you're thinking. All help is appreciated!


         Gayle then had lots of information for us:  "A program chair is needed. We're gonna change things up. Talk to Sally Smith or me. Come to the Rainiers Game on August 2 for only $18. Let me know by Monday. There is a Board Meeting on Thursday at 5:30 at the club. There will be a Clover Park Fundraiser on Aug. 4 at the Veterans Golf Course."  She then invited the Big Game Hunters team from the auction to be honored for their generous contribution and hard work with a free good to go, one time pass, regarding fines, for each of them. No printing them off! You could sell it, but no copying because there is a signature on the back! Well done, Big Game Hunters and chairman, Mark Edgecomb!




         Gayle then got excited about the idea of fines...not citations, but fines. (Somehow this sounds scarier!) She mentioned there is a Fulton which is a $100 fine. The Greenleaf is $20. The Covey, at $17.95, will be rounded up to the Greenleaf. The $5 fine was suggested to be called the Ron Irwin. Hmm. So let the fines begin. Rick Selden, to encourage harmony in the family, donated a Greenleaf. Gordy Quick was so impressed by the work of John Lowney with the Installation dinner that he donated a Fulton to "Her Highness.” Gayle then encouraged Clayton DeNault to amend for his absence so he donated a Fulton!! Astrid was so impressed with members of the club that she donated a Fulton for all their leadership. Ron Irwin donated as did Ed Shannon who shot a 75 playing golf and he's 76 ! Good numbers! Then shy Phil Eng requested a happy birthday song and with the energy and wild arm waving of Eric Quinn, Phil was so moved that he donated a Fulton! I'm not sure about a fine here but Anne Enquist misplaced the Puffin in Canada for a while and eagerly suggested it's time for a new owner. 




     Gayle then had Mark Edgecomb come to the podium to introduce his daughter, Sarah, and Dylan Wilcox and Nick Selberg, attendees of the World Affairs Seminar, the committee of which is administered by Mo Sarram. Mark credited Mo for all his work in organizing this special opportunity for students to learn about the world while working with interested others. The three speakers were eager to talk about their experiences.....except the long wait at O'Hare Airport. They learned about skills with diplomacy, economy, negotiation, aquaponics, global water systems, AI sensors that detect disease in water systems, global technology, hydro power and dams during the Capstone Projects at the seminar. Questions were asked about what they found most interesting.  The speakers replied "We learned how countries work and what changes they'd like to see. Only two of us regret not being in the talent show. We bonded through aquaponics and mariachi music. It's important to focus on your local community. Everyone we met made us better. We learned about different careers we can pursue. It's apparent what I can do personally can change the world."  Powerful revelations from inspirational speakers!!  Gayle and the membership applauded their efforts, their insights and their informative presentation. Gayle, too, attended a World Affairs Seminar. And the legacy continues......WITH GOOD NEWS!




               Above: Our Presenters, attendees of  the World Affairs Seminar


     The Rotary Foundation earned $552.00 today.   And the meeting was adjourned. Rick Selden had the winning …...sorta.....$5 ticket.   Happy Summer!!

Till next time...………….yours truly, Mary Marlin




           Read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske. Do your internet shopping on Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be remitted to Lakewood Rotary.


           This week’s presentation will be from Joyce Loveday, President of Clover Park Technical College, accompanied by CP Vice President, Tawny Dodson, celebrating 75 years of education at Clover Park.