Posted by Greg Rediske on Jan 25, 2019
     Today was the 70th anniversary of the very first Emmy Awards. There were only 35,000 television sets in the US in 1948 and 37 stations, but it was time to award people. (There was a 600% growth in 1949. But '48, not so much.) Rudy Vallee got called away at the last second, and Walter O'Keefe hosted in his place at the Hollywood Athletic Club. "Pantomime Quiz" won for most popular show. The Best Film Made for Television went to "The Necklace", starring Arthur Shields. And Most Outstanding Television Personality went to Shirley Dinsdale (a ventriloquist).
     KTLA won for Best Station; coincidentally, the first Emmys aired on KTLA. There was a special award for Louis McManus for designing the Emmy statue itself. He received a plaque (?).
But are we not award-worthy? I think so.
     The President Most Likely to Start Her Meetings Right on Time Award went to Gayle Selden, who very quickly awarded all kinds of praise to Sally Smith at the auction table, Rick Selden (who received the Father Knows Best Award) as greeter extraordinaire, Leanna Christian for selling raffle tickets (and received the award for Most Winning Raffle Tickets Sold That Didn't Win Anything), Kendra Riconosciuto sold $304 at the Paul Harris desk (and also won the award for Name Most Likely To Be Looked Up By Lakewood Rotary Bulletin Writers), with Eric Quinn taking photos, Don Daniels leading the pledge, and Chris Kimball starting it all off with a dandy invocation. But wait! There were more thanks to be given! Like to Dave Aaaaargh Reames for his standing in last week for Gayle, Mark Blanchard for the gorgeous calendars on the tables, and the whole gang of setter-uppers. This writer was awarded The Most Likely To Need Hearing Aides Like Rick Selden Award because he can't hear half the stuff going on. So setter-uppers it is.
     Visiting Rotarians: Corey from Hawks Prairie (District Membership Director), Marnee from South Puget Sound, Steven from Folsom (who is checking out area Rotary clubs for membership), Cyndi from South Hill and John from Hawks Prairie. Sally Porter Smith's guest was Diedre Flagg Soileau, interim President of Pierce College.
     Gayle snagged another award, the Her Reputation Precedes Her Award, which came with a bottle of wine from Corey, District Membership Director. Nice job, Gayle! Let's keep that Lakewood Rotary legend alive! Besides the bottle of wine, Corey came with information: Next membership training is March 23 at La Quinta, 8 to 12 (free), and May 11 at the District Conference, or on YouTube.
     Eric "They Call Him The Rapper" Quinn * announced the 49th annual Sportsmen's Dinner and Auction, April 13, with Eric and Nicole Hancock as chairpersons. The big rollout is next Friday: bring ideas! For instance: back in the Wild Game Dinner Days, a mounted marlin fish was auctioned for two years in a row. Same fish, $1000 each year. Too bad it burned up in a fire or we'd still be auctioning it off. In the Bad Idea So Don't Suggest It group is the year that we auctioned many bags of chips for the barbeque (cheaply). One inebriated individual decided it would be fun to throw them at people, thus filling the air with dust. That was before women were allowed, which coincided with the arrival of sanity and self control at the event.
World Affairs Conference: Deadline is February 10. Know any deserving high school juniors?
Bill Potter via Communities in Schools is looking for some judges for a science fair February 12 in Tillicum. 8 to 12.
So what if I can't spell "armageddon"?? It's not the end of the world.
Sunshine Report: Rick Selden reported that Ted Wier went home from the hospital on Tuesday, but had to go back to his doctor for treatment today for leaking at the incision site of his operation.
And the biggest award of all: The Larry Saunders Community Service Award went to Lakewood Rotary! More than 20 Rotarians were there to witness the event, as Gayle received the award at Lakewood City Hall from Mayor Anderson and Sally Saunders. We are presenting our award money ($1000) to Springbrook Connections. The history for that was relayed by Gayle: Back in the late 1990s, Ted Wier led the Lakewood Rotary charge to clean up the blackberry and junk-filled open space at Springbrook. Many work parties and sore muscles later, the park was dedicated in 2000. Since then, we and many other service organizations have contributed to making the park better and more safe and enjoyable for that community. A leader in that charge was the late-great Larry Saunders; hence our award to Springbrook Connections.
My wife and I laugh about how competitive we are. But I laugh more.
     Birthdays and Anniversaries: Greg Horn was presented with the How Not To Eat Peanut Butter While Using A Chainsaw Award, and came up to make the presentations. He immediately called for reinforcements from Chris Kimball, who blushed upon receiving the Most Ice Cream Consumption Award, well deserved. John Forkenbrock's 40 years of being married won that prize, Gordy Quick won the Rotary Longevity award with 48 years, and then a whole gaggle of birthday boys and girls spoke to their favorite birthday memory. And some even paid a fine.
Speaking of Fines:
Clayton DeNault was told that he should be rewarded for bringing in the outstanding Rotarian Leanna Christian. Sadly, that's not how it works. He missed the Roast, and paid $20 for the honor of proposing Leanna.
Don Daniels is headed to Mexico for a month, $50.
Dave Betz got rained on plenty during his New Zealand fly fishing adventure, but still paid $50.
Ed Shannon demonstrated his language skills with his shout-out of "Aloha", explaining that he returned for the first time to Honolulu since his R&R trip from Vietnam way back when. He met Jayne there, which led to marriage. The return netted 7 new golf courses to his expanding list.
Barlow Buescher won the award for Guiltiest Conscience for volunteering about every other meeting for something. Wish I had his money. Seems the literature out front promotes the 48th annual Sportsmen's Dinner, not the 49th. Which reminded him that wife Karen says he's always a year behind. $20.
And right after the Larry Saunders Award presentation, almost all the Lakewood Rotarians who were so kind to attend exited, stage left. Unfortunately, next on the docket was an award to our own Mike Zaro and the Lakewood Police Department, the U.S. Marshalls Service Award, for help with over 800 cases. A great honor not witnessed by very many Rotarians, for which it was suggested paying a $5.00 fine to go to Mike's Paul Harris. Mike received an award even though he wasn't there Friday: The Last Name Starts With Z And Still Not Last In The Directory Award.
I hope you're never as lazy as the guy who first named the fireplace.
Anne Enquist was proud to introduce John McCarthy, Port of Tacoma Commissioner. John graduated from Seattle U, and all three of his lawyer children did as well. Hence, Anne's pride. John was a longshoreman through school, eventually a Port Commissioner (1983-1992), then a Superior Court Judge for 22 years, and has now returned as a Port Commissioner after retiring from the judging business. They are celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Port of Tacoma.
Above: Presenter, John McCarthy
He explained the huge impact on the area economy, while noting that the combined Seattle and Tacoma ports are the 4th largest in the nation. $141 M was recently spent to update Piers 3 & 4 for the super-sized ships, with 8 new very large cranes included. They are also expanding the car facility with $35 M. 80% of these cars will be transported after arriving via train, eventually about 145,000 cars/year. They are working with the Puyallup tribe on land claim issues, and negotiating to speed up the completion of Highway 167. Tariffs are a big concern, as 2/3 of imports into the port are from China. For exports, $50 M in apples alone go to China. They have been extremely busy this past year, as shippers have anticipated the impact of tariffs.  Good questions, good program. As always. Thanks!
Been reading up on my thesaurus lately because a mind is a terrible thing to garbage.
The Drawing:
As alluded to above, there were two drawings of tickets with no takers. Then, finally, Mary Marlin threw up her arms in unmitigated excitement and joy, proclaiming the good news that she did indeed have ticket number 2096.  Sadly, for Mary, the white chip bit her.
* They Call Him The Rapper was a song by the Jaggerz from 1970. A gold record which made it to #2 on the charts, right behind an insignificant song called "Bridge Over Troubled Water". You heard it here first. And stay tuned, as rumor has it that Quinn The Younger, as differentiated from Quinn the Eskimo, will indeed be rapping again next week at the roll-out of the 49th Annual Sportsmen's Dinner and Auction. Be there!
Don't you hate it when someone answers their own questions?  I do.
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