As President Reames called the meeting one minute early on the 12th day of April, 2013, this writer couldn't help but remember the day Dave was completing a particularly spectacular round of golf, when a playing partner said to him, "Dave, you are amazing!  You really know your way around the course!  What's your secret?"  Dave calmly looked at his admirer, and replied,  "The holes are numbered."



A typical golfing attire for President Dave.  Which may explain why he was asked to give up the game.

And give up the game is what he did, to pursue yachting, for which he is now Lakewood-famous, and especially famous for the weekly "Arrrrgh" that he manages to induce from his admiring Rotarian minions.  Helpers this week included Wynn Hoffman tending to the leftover prizes from the auction, Mary Covelli Johnson on the Paul Harris Desk ($204 came in today), Bill Price selling tickets as Sgt at Arms, and Rod Ladd as official photographer.  Rod Ladd also gave the invocation, while Don "Past President of Fife" Daniels led the Pledge.  Bill Young introduced visitors Sue Potter and Carl Roth from Clover Park, and Ben Kodama from Sumner.  No guests were announced, though Ted Wier had someone from the Fire Dept with him who went un-recognized.


But you know, during the time Cap'n Dave was still golfing, he got to play with numerous golfers from different walks of life.  One day, he played with a priest.  At a short par-3 the priest asks, "What are you going to use on this hole, my son?"  Dave said, "An 8-iron, father.   How about you?"  The priest said, "I'm going to hit a soft seven and pray."   Dave hit his 8-iron and put the ball on the green.  The priest topped his 7-iron and dribbled the ball out a few yards.  Dave said, "I don't know about you, father, but in my church, when we pray, we keep our head down."

Sunshine:  Gayle Selden announced no Sunshine of note, other than pointing out that Joel Feldman was at the Auction, though still unable to make weekly meetings, while all of the Sportsmans Dinner Committee members were recovered and relaxed.

Announcements: April 20 is Parks Appreciation Day, as noted by Ted Wier.  We as a Club will have no organized presence, though you are welcome to participate by going to the barn area and getting an assignment.  Instead, we will be doing the playground repair on June 8 (perhaps a day or two earlier as well, TBD).  Also,  the $20,000 committed by us for Springbrook is beginning to be spent.  The baseball fields are being turned into soccer fields, and four people will be needed at some point to help put in goalposts.  Ted or Mark Blanchard will be coordinating. 

Rose Sale:  Sue Potter is selling on behalf of Clover Park Rotary, in this their 28th year of selling.  Next week is the last week.  Husband Bill can take your orders on her behalf, I believe. 

Paul Harris Awards: Mick Johnson continued his recent rash of PH award giving.  This week, it was Sally Porter Smith with her second (though first through our club); and Rose Stevens received her second.  Rose also noted that you can pay for your Paul Harris by having a prescribed amount ($10 or more per month) taken out of your credit card.

rose       sally

   Rose and Mick; Sally


By the way, there is no truth to this rumor about Mick (at least I think it is a rumor):  The story goes that on their wedding day, Mary walked down the aisle to the altar and as she got there, Mick was standing there with his golf bag and clubs at his side.   Mary said: "What are your golf clubs doing here?"  He looked her right in the eye and said, "This isn't going to take all day, is it?"


Selden Speaks:  We had six Parkland-Spanaway Rotarians working our auction, and now it's time to pay the piper and do the same for them on April 27.  When Rick speaks, people hop to, and so he got volunteers of Judy and Tom Hosea, Dave Reames, Richard Simmons, Mick and Mary Johnson, and Mark Blanchard.  Thanks!

Fireside:  John Lowney announced the next Fireside on the first, or second, or third Wednesday in May.  Contact him with interest.

District Conference: "Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music!" was what Assistant Governor Greg Horn  said was going to happen in Sydney at the District Conference on May 31 thru June 2.  And next year: get ready for a bus to Whistler for new DG Pete Taylor's (Tacoma #8) conference.

Sportsmans Dinner:  Paul Wulfestieg handed out praise to John Lowney, Judy Hosea, Gayle Selden, Mark Blanchard ("doing it all!"), and Wynn Hoffman.  And to everyone who worked their rear ends off making the auction a success.


Mark Mattingly Speaks: The Lakewood Relay for Life is May 31 at Clover Park High School, and Mark has a team.  To support the team financially, he's holding a fund raiser at Tower Lanes: bowl and/or putt putt.  He's bought out the place on May 18: pay $15, and have all the fun you can handle.

Educators of the Month: Kim Prentice regaled us with the exploits of two super teachers in our area:  Wendy Heying from Chloe Clark Elementary, and Jamie Rottle from Lochburn.  Lots of praise for these fine educators, who were accompanied by Principal Gary Yoho (Chloe Clark) and Assistant Principal David Crane (Lochburn).

Lakewood Baseball Club: Mike Holter, President of the Lakewood Baseball Club for the last four years, got us up to date on where the organization is at now.  This is the Club's 23rd year, with a record turnout: 460 plus kids, 36 teams.  That's over 150 kids more than last year.  They're up to 9 board members (from four), and they have an active scholarship program thanks to Lakewood Rotary's Auction last year.  They're holding clinics for coaches, players, and score keepers.  They have reached out this year to the Boys & Girls Clubs and JBLM Child Services.  April 20 at 9 am is the Jamboree, with the Lakes ROTC there.  April 23, they are taking over the Ram Restaurant from 4:30 to 8 for a fundraiser. 

Program:  Was to be Charlie Maxwell: to be continued at another date!


  Our tabletop calendars paid tribute to Charlie The Garbage Man


The Raffle:  #8732 was held by Phil Eng, who missed out on $570 because he drew the white chip.  $5.00 instead.



Did you know that the Primary Years IB program being started at Idlewild is one of only two in our state?


From the last ROTARIAN magazine (are you reading it?):  President Sakuji Tanaka uses a translator for some speeches when he is uncomfortable with making his point in English.  At one such speech, an American came up to him and said that one word was used many, many times: ichiban.  What did it mean?  Tanaka was surprised that he had used the word so much at first, telling his listener that the word means "to be the best".    In thinking of this, he wrote: "For me, Rotary service means being ichiban.  It means doing your best, and being the best you can be.  It means working as hard as you can, not for yourself, but for others.  It means achieving as much as you can, to make other people's lives better.  In the dictionary, "ichiban" means "best".  But in Rotary, it means bring Service Above Self into all of your thinking.  It means looking at your own effort, not in terms of what it costs you, but in terms of what it can give.  In this way, we are inspired to do so much more.  It is our job to see to it that our Rotary service is ichiban: so that we can do the most we can to build Peace Through Service."