In the never-ending struggle to bring the news to a disinterested reading public, the KEY is on-station as the SS Lakewood Rotary pulls away from the dock.  Attempting to improve reporting accuracy and save time for you, the reader, direct quotations will be used along with bullet-statements ………as many as can be loaded into this magazine …….er……..ahhh... this rag!  For the very best understanding, you really should have been at the meeting!  Let the quotes begin, the bullets and disclaimers fly:


QUOTES: taken directly from Captain Dave Reames clipboard and delivered theatrically as if he really was at our helm: 

       “Ring the Bell”  “Welcome Aboard”  “Cast off the lines & Set the Sails” 

        “Avast ye Swobs”  “Shiver Timbers”  “Splice the Main Brace”  “Chips Ahoy”

        “Dam those Doritos”  “Full Speed Ahead” 

                       Our Cap’n might be losing it, he didn’t read the new nautical one-liners of:

        “Swab the Deck, Ye Scum”  “Hoist the Main Sail – Jettison the Poop-Deck”

        “Bring me, me Cutlass and me Parrot”


CONSPIRATORS in today’s shipwreck: 

    Ward Fletcher (The Rotary Foundation Desk)

    Tom Crabill (Sgt at Arms)

    Dave Covey (Scribe)

    Scott Buser (Invocation)

    Dr. Mo Surram (Pledge)

    Bill Young (Visiting Rotarians – Nada but welcome back Gordy Quick & Sam Hunter)

    Gayle Selden (Sunshine Report – Nada)


VISITORS (witnesses?)

    First Lady Barbara Reames, Caring for Kids (and her husband)

    Fae Crabill, Caring for Kids (and her husband too)

    John Seaton, Clover Park HS Principal

    LtCol Gary Roberts, CPHS JrROTC Commander

    Mr & Mrs Derek Brantley (parents of our student of the month)



Bob Peterson introduced our Student of the Month for April from the Clover Park School District: Horace Brantley.  Accompanied by his parents, principal John Seaton, and advisor Lt. Col. Gary Roberts (USAF Retired), Horace was lauded for his contributions to the ROTC program, as well as his various community involvements (Adopt-a-street, food drives, honor guard).  In addition, Horace is a nationally ranked bowler (3rd in the nation in his age group).  His approximately $15,000 in prize money will be put toward his college education, after which he plans to become a Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army.  For now, he is a junior member of the Washington National Guard, and will become a regular member after graduation (weekends once per month, plus 2 weeks per year).  Congratulations!



ANOTHER PAUL HARRIS:   Tom Crabill received his first Paul Harris Award after being a member for only a year and a half.   Congratulations, that might be the last of the medallions that Mike McGowan (Mr. Foundation) could get his hands on.   Presenter, PP Mick Johnson, used the bridge to remind all how easy it is giving regularly when the Foundation has your credit card on file (the form was on each table).  Note:  Our photographer today, Rod Ladd, established a new land-speed record getting his first Paul Harris in just 7 months!


COURAGE CLASSIC SETBACK:  Bud Montgomery was injured in a biking accident in Arizona.  He was going 19 mph in a pace line and touched the tire in front of him. He went down, did 2 1/2 rolls into a barbed wire fence. His left side was a “kaleidoscope of colors”.  He broke his left clavicle, tore 3 neck vertebra tendons and bruised some ribs.  He just got out of the hospital where they fused 3 vertebra and he has to wear a collar for 3 months (no, not one of those dog cones).  He considers himself “lucky to be functional” and is planning on returning to a “normal life style after 3 months”.  Of course after biking 20+ years and 20 Courage Classics, Bud’s “normal” is hard to define for the rest of us.  Get well soon, Bud, or Marilyn might try to trade you to the Seahawks!


BOUNTY:  The Board pointed out to Cap’n Dave that he was $1,500 behind in his Fine Budget ……….so let the FUN begin:……….

1.      PDG Gordy Quick had to borrow $20 because he’s been gone so long.  Same Gordy, complaining about taxes and living on Social Security.   Dr Quick was an Educator not a Medical Doctor and it seems profanity is the closest thing he could get to a  2nd language. NOTE:  A Greenleaf is a huge windfall, who’d have thought that we’d get $20 out of Gordy?

2.      CPSDist Superintendent Debbie LeBeau had been on her own Spring Break and offered up $20 ……… the form of an IOU. 

3.      Mr. IOU Leon Titus himself was guilty of being away from his station on his B-Day  and offered up a $100 Tsunami!  Now THAT’s an IOU!

4.      PP Ben Sclair volunteered something about going a few rounds with WWF’s Jimmy the Mouse  ………for only 4 Scurvy Irwins?  $20

5.      Bill Young got another Paul Harris last month and tried to get el Presidente to match  - Nada

6.      Ed Shannon has been AWOL (again) playing golf, this time at Ocean Shores!  He’s been keeping track……..that makes his 556th different course he’s played!  $50

7.      PP Judy Hosea (Tacoma 8 Rotary) proudly waved a bill of unknown size in the air.  New car (before the old one krumpt)

8.      PP Don Daniels (Fife-Milton Rotary) has put his hat into the ring, running for City Council.  Then he mentioned he is headed to Park City, UT  (now that’s worth $50)

9.      PE Mark Blanchard had some good & bad news: - They just had the worst month in business ever, + but his son graduated from college, - but off to Europe for 6 months + to see our French Exchange Student Anatole (+who has a brother who is in the same movie making field)   +++++$50

10.   Timing is everything. Rick Selden didn’t want to volunteer immediately after somebody “Tsunamied”.  After all, it was only an all expense paid business trip for he and his wife to Costa Rica!  $50

11.   PP Ted Wier offered up $20 for almost nothing.

12.   Lowell & Rondi Johnson just returned from the desert.  $20


SURRENDER the BOOTY:  Our members that are volunteering to work Parkland/Spanaway’s Saturday auction need to be at CP Tech college at 4:30PM.  Thank yous to the Hoseas, the Selden’s, the Horns, the Reames. This trade had their members working our Sportsman’s Dinner.


BOARD NOTICE:  PP Ben Sclair presented the Board’s position for discussion: 

       “This club does some wondrous things. We raise a lot of money, and we put a lot of money back into the community (both locally and internationally). But this doesn't necessarily mean everything comes up roses all the time. 

       The last Fall Raffle, while it raised about $14,000, gave the board pause.

       Some numbers: 37.2% of our members sold less than half their allotted 50 tickets. 24.5% sold NO tickets. Pair that with the undertone of many (but not all) members who are tired of selling raffle tickets and the board is left to consider... what shall we do?

       So, the board is considering suspending the Fall Raffle... and to mitigate the financial impact and buy the club time while searching for a replacement fund raiser, and to more equally spread fundraising across all members... increase member dues from $160 to $260 starting with the 2013-2014 year.

       The $100 additional dues will be earmarked for the Charitable side of our operations. Currently $134 of our $160 dues is passed along to District and International, so these funds will stay local.  This idea has been discussed, in general terms the last few board meetings, and fleshed out in more detail last night. The board will take feedback until May 29, and will act at the May 30 meeting. 

       I encourage everyone with an opinion to reach out to the board member or officer of your choice. A complete list is on the left hand column of the Lakewood Rotary website and includes: Dave Reames, Mark Blanchard, Mary Covelli-Johnson, Bill Potter, Dave Coleman, Gayle Selden, Jason Whalen, Rose Stevens, Morris Northcutt, Chris Kimball, Jim Sharp, and myself”.


NOMINATION TIME:  As we close another administration of Lakewood Rotary, we look to recognize the Outstanding Rotarian and Non-Rotarian of the Year, an award sponsored by the Ootkin family.  Secretary Mary Covelli-Johnson asked us to submit names of deserving Lakewood volunteers.  There is no primary, 3 votes could be a landslide so get your nominations in to Mary.  Honorees are presented a Paul Harris at the Installation Dinner in June.




5020 District Conference, Sidney, BC                                   May 31 – Jun 2

Rotary International Convention, Lisbon, Portugal              June 23-26

Lakewood Rotary Installation Dinner                                                ?



PROGRAM:  CARING FOR KIDS:  Did you see the van parked right in front of the Club House?  Diane Formoso couldn’t stop thanking us for Lakewood Rotary’s along with Dave Reames' personal help getting it.  The van changed everything for them with the ability to pickup and haul opportunity items that pop-up short term.  She’s had to be sensitive of where it is parked when going to pick up boxes from the liquor store.  Which led to the CP School Dist allowing them to move into American Lake South (halfway between I-5 and Ft. Lewis Logistics Entrance).



We all know Diane is amazing!  37 years driving a bus for CPSD, she was touched by the kids needs.  Caring for Kids has grown, just last month they cleared $48,000 with their auction.  Diane has relationships with stores like Wal-Mart and power shops regularly.  Before some bargains go on sale, Diane gets a call so she can check it out.


In the 17 elementary schools of Clover Park School District, 9 have over 60% of the student body getting free lunches.  In the schools overall 58% of the students qualify for free lunches/breakfasts from a Federal program.  Sometime learning takes a hard right turn for some nutrition!


Diane was asked about her secession plan if something were to happen to her.  It is a full-time job with no pay……….she hasn’t found that many people willing to do all that for free!  It’s no wonder that years ago she was selected by our Rotary Club as the Non-Rotarian of the Year in our community back in 2004.


RAFFLE:  The weekly drawing is getting down there to 6 chips and has $600 in the pot.  Better come next week just to win the raffle! (no one won this week, unless you count the $5 that Gayle Selden managed.)


LITTLE TID BITS:  Do you know Lakewood Rotary’s most popular first name?  Even though in the last couple of years we lost Shultz, Early, Ray, and Skar, JIM leads, though tied with Bob, Mike and Bill.   Close Runners Up?  John with 4 and Mary with 3 and Dave with 3 (nice name that last one, don't you think?)  Inquiring minds want to know!

Rotary Advocacy Efforts Yield Big Rewards Yesterday, global leaders and philanthropists signaled their confidence in a new polio endgame strategy by pledging close to three-quarters of the plan’s projected US$5.5 billion cost to eradicate polio within the next six years. The new plan capitalizes on the best opportunity to eradicate polio, with the number of children paralyzed by this disease at the lowest level ever: just 223 cases in 2012 and only 22 so far this year. Rotary members have been advocating for government support of the polio eradication program through meetings with world leaders and public awareness events to deliver financial commitments in support of the new end game strategy. By signing our petition and sharing your voice, you helped demonstrate to world leaders the wide-reaching global support for the push to end polio.

These advocacy efforts played a key role in global leaders announcing their confidence in the plan’s ability to achieve a polio-free world by 2018 and their financial and political support for its implementation.

Bill Gates announced that his foundation would commit one-third of the total cost of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative's budget over the plan’s six-year implementation, for a total of $1.8 billion.