(follows 4/20 NOTHING Meeting)

4/27/2012 After last week’s "I GOT NOTHING Meeting", recognized by even casual observers as an extreme low point in President Ben’s illustrious year, this week’s meeting was described as SLAMMED FULL! So full that a WARNING must be issued: This Bulletin contains NO JOKES. Read at your own risk of being simply informed without journalistic tricks to keep your attention. News and nothing but the news is our new Lakewood KEY model.

Luckily, His Highness had a great supporting cast to teleprompt him thru his full agenda:
Paul Harris Desk – Gary Fulton Setup – Duncan Cook

Sgt at Arms – Leon Titus Pledge – Supt of CP Schools. Debbie LaBeau

Bulletin – PP Dave Covey Photo Guy - PP Greg Horn (Asst Gov too)



– PP Cindy Thompson’s message is a good reminder for us all.

"Let us come together with one heart, mindful of our differences, yet accepting and thankful for the strength we gain from our diversity. Let us remember that when we were invited to join our Rotary club, we were not asked are you a Protestant, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Jew, a Catholic or a Sikh. We were not asked because all religions are welcome in the Rotary family.

Let us use this time together to:

1. Re-energize our commitment to service to our community and to those less fortunate.

2. Remind ourselves how we can weave the strands of service and caring into our daily life.

3. Refresh our friendships which help to replenish our energy for the service."


: Sgt Titus welcomed PP Don Paradise and

Charles Upshaw from Clover Park Rotary (smiling after another successful Rose Sale) and Tom Ramsey from Gig Harbor Rotary. If you ever need a make-up, go on a Friday morning just across the bridge to GH Rotary – they have FUN!!!


Tom Ramsey works together with today’s speaker and introduced her assistant, Del Varacotte. Ray Ainsworth’s guest was a cohort at Lakewood Ford, Dan Gomez. Joan Strait’s husband, Gail, was there, both freshly returning from skiing the Sun Valley powder. AG Greg Horn introduced the Former First Lady of Lakewood Rotary, wife Mary. After our Hungarian Exchange Student’s new Host Dad (Lowell Johnson) did not introduce her, Stephanie Walsh avoided an international incident by reintroducing our gal, Patricia. (But in Lowell's defense, it was Patricia's idea not to introduce her!)


Jan Luze had only good news. She had talked with Janet Lordahl, and Bob is home from his attempt to single-handedly make hospitals financially successful. No visitors yet, but he’s doing well. Janet sent a very nice thank you for the potted plants we had given her. Thank you, Jan Luze, for your thoughtfulness on our behalf.

Jan Luze had only good news. She had talked with Janet Lordahl, and Bob is home from his attempt to single-handedly make hospitals financially successful. No visitors yet, but he’s doing well. Janet sent a very nice thank you for the potted plants we had given her. Thank you, Jan Luze, for your thoughtfulness on our behalf.


Lowell and Rondi Johnson have become Patricia’s third Host Family. If you have something that you think a lil’ Country Girl from Hungary would appreciate, call 582-0532. How about Yellowstone Park? The Horns are making a swing thru May 4-7 and Patricia will see Old Faithful!

El Presidente THROWS A STRIKE:

Clutching the Lakewood Baseball plaque as if it was his own no-hitter memento, Big Ben seemed quite pleased to have thrown out the first pitch of the season for Lakewood Baseball. Why does he get the trophy? It was given to US for our Sportsman’s Dinner gift! Why did he get to throw that first pitch? Was it really a strike as he claimed?


One shudders to think who might be getting the President's Evil Eye THIS time......


Robert Peterson read another long one! But with Cornelius Nelson, he had to. Here’s as short a summary as can be written: Played football, basketball and track all 4 years at Clover Park including the 2011 Basketball State Champions and this year’s fourth place finish; member of National Honor Society; member of MESA (Math, Engineering and Science Advancement); a volunteer with the NAACP; an Asst Coach for basketball’s little league program; teamed to create a video showing the elective offerings for the school website …….of course, editing it himself; AND won a Jr AFROTC leadership award while serving as a Flight Commander both his Junior and Senior years.


  Quite a young man! Proudly sitting in the audience was his Counselor, Dan Million, and his Dad, Cornelius – beaming. Young Cornelius is headed to the University of Virginia and is on a waiting list for an ROTC Scholarship. In his parting comments, he thanked Lakewood Rotary and hoped someday that he would become a Rotarian "where great leaders come from"……….and give back to the community. Congratulations to the Cavaliers, they’ve got one of our best!


Registration for the June 22 thru 24 District Conference in Victoria is now on line.

Go to Rotary District 5020 web page and click on District Conference. Rick Selden is our advance man and promises Lakewood Rotarians will be treated like Kings, staying at the Hotel Grand Pacific (there’s a link on the Conference info page). Also PP Greg Horn will be officially taking over as Area 8’s Asst Gov. Come and Join the FUN!!


Last Saturday it was our turn to repay Parkland/Spanaway for their help at the Sportsman’s Dinner. Thanx go to PP Rick Selden, PP Mick Johnson, Richard Simmons, PP Judy & PP Tom Hosea, PE Dave & Barb Reames, Tom & Fae Crabill, Asst Gov Greg Horn and Absentee President Kid Sclair.


Gary Fulton shared a little Lakewood Rotary history about the Ootkin Non-Rotarian of the Year Award. Dr Bernie Ootkin was one of our founding members and after his death, the Family pledged to fund a Paul Harris to honor a non-Rotarian in his name. It’s time, we need to get our nominations in – by May 10. Please, if you know someone who exemplifies "Service Above Self" here in Lakewood, send it on to Gary.


Gary changed directions and called up Joan Strait, a member since ’91, to receive her fifth Paul Harris. Congratulations and thank you, Joan. Gary used this opportunity to encourage all newer members to get their Paul Harris and continue the legacy that our Foundation Committee. Incidentally, the Committee is looking for a couple of new members, interested?


Jodie Hawthorne is the Manager of Mary Bridge Hospital’s Children’s Advocacy Center, which was created to reduce traumatization of child abuse victims and their families. Its approach to prevention, investigation, prosecution and treatment of child abuse gives victims services as soon as possible. Early intervention helps, not only the investigation, but for the recovery to begin as well. Joint interviews reduces the number of times a child must relive what happened in an investigation. Outcomes are improved with the quick follow-up to child abuse reports and provides support for the child and their families. In addition community training is provided for those who work with children to help to prevent further child abuse.

The Children’s Advocacy Center team includes representatives from the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, local law enforcement, Child Protective Services, the Attorney General’s Office, local mental health provider, forensic interviewers, victim advocate, social workers and medical staff from the Mary Bridge Child Abuse Intervention Dept. It is funded by the Rotary Clubs of Pierce County and the Tacoma Orthopedic Assn. as well as other generous people in the community. The aquatic theme dècor creates a relaxed atmosphere for children of all ages and is a child friendly, safe place for child abuse victims and their families. It is recognized by the National Children’s Alliance and has become the model for other communities to achieve.

Sorry, got carried away, the Courage Classic revenue (est. $700,000 each year) goes directly into an Endowment and the earnings from the $6.5 million Endowment pays for roughly 40% of her annual budget. All the operational costs of the Courage Classic are paid for by the Multi-Care Board of Directors. So every dollar pledged to our riders, Arizonian Bud Montgomery, Ray Ainsworth and Dave Covey goes to the cause! Our rest stop is Monday Aug 6 halfway up the east side of Stevens Pass. We partner with Tacoma South & CP Rotary and Homer Dodge needs volunteers. We’ve won the best mid-morning rest stop for the last 5 years now. It is a kick!


No, you didn’t miss it, it’s coming May 19. We will rally around the Ft Steilacoom Playground and spruce things up. Ted Wier is once again leading the charge.


Kid Sclair (our Pres comes from a Rotary Family - he’s still seeking his own identity) mentions repeatedly what a great Board he has and how they’ve accomplished everything from a sunny day to the failed North Korean missile launch. This time, their cross-checking turned up a Board Member who was not given an award for her previous service. The ramifications of that oversight goes deep into the fabric of our Club. What will Mary Cavelli Johnson do when she realizes that Past President Mick Johnson (aka husband) somehow didn’t know or act on this. Reverse conflict of interest? Thanx Mary.


PROGRAM: 3 in 4 Need More

(Long Term Health Coverage)

Prudential Financial Inc. notes that 74% of consumers ages 55 to 65 polled for a recent survey said they are concerned about needing some kind of long term care. That's about three in every four of us! But the consumer concern has not yet been translated into action in most cases. That translates into consumers having no idea what a day in a nursing home costs and how to use private LTC insurance to pay for care.

Mary Rockwell was our speaker and has quite a background in the field. The 3in4 Need More campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of planning for ones long term care needs. The campaign utilizes multiple marketing strategies in order to increase awareness nationally. These strategies are applied by producers, agencies, carriers and strategic partners in order to help reach this goal and solidify the importance of the campaign message. The 3in4 Association (3in4) operates as a nonprofit 501(c) (6) corporation and the 3in4 Need More campaign is a public service of the 3in4 Association. The campaign is the awareness and education component for the association. Members of the campaign cross all industries, genders and age groups. The movement is nationwide and its organization is exclusively dedicated to promoting the importance of planning for long term care needs. The campaign also supports an online platform located at . The platform supports consumer plan development via long term care focused products and services that should be considered in long term care planning. The platform also provides awareness support for long term care planning specialists.



To have the phrase "3in4 Need More" synonymous with long term care planning. To be widely recognized by consumers and industries across the nation as a knowledge base for long term care planning information. Consumers will look to 3in4 as the source for information on long term care planning specialists, products and services – both public and private.


To increase national awareness of the need for each citizen to develop a long term care plan and to raise awareness of the various private and public products and services available to them that should be considered in plan design.

The Campaign Focuses on Four Objectives:

1. "3in4 Need More" is more than healthcare insurance.

2. Support Congressional moves to provide additional tax deductions or rebates to help people better afford long term care products and services.

3. Stimulate others in industry, education, and government to join the "3in4 Need More" campaign, through the use of the logo and other visuals to spread awareness.

4. Educate the public on private programs and federal entitlement options.

The Goal:

The goal of the 3in4 Association is to conduct marketing and public relations activities to raise awareness for each citizen to develop a long term care plan, and to provide an online platform for consumers to find products, support and answers for plan development ..."He who fails to plan, plans to fail."

Last Week’s Bulletin:

Found hidden in Kid Slair’s hieroglyphic notes "My compliments to the authoress. The intro was sublime. Informative and entertaining whilst somewhat relevant. Not that relevance has ever mattered. I only send this because it is rumored that those of us residing in the Sandwich Islands are bereft of culture. What with all the heathen nekkidness here I assure all that Rotarians maintain a modicum of decorum and other uses of rum. Adrift in an outpost of Swedish Colonialism, I remain, Ole" (AKA John Magnuson, currently residing in Hawaii until June 1)

Next Week

: Mr. Absentee President will be absent again. Get ready…. …..the Kentucky Derby will be Saturday and Sportsbook will have its ticket windows open for a blind draw to win a few bucks (and help Community Concerns). Tie Breaker? How about guessing just how many meetings President Ben actually attended this year?