Posted by Gayle Selden on Jun 02, 2017
It’s June! Already! The end of our Rotary year is near. This is the last Bulletin I will write in The Reign of Rose. It’s also the moment that the Country Club gets inundated with white legs in khaki shorts. For this reason, I wore my sunglasses into the club just in case of momentary blindness. The khaki short count was at a low five so I removed my glasses as I entered the meeting room.
I decided to take a selfie of this moment as I knew the assigned photog would not be making the meeting. I am a terrible photographer so I knew I couldn’t perform double duty, but I didn’t want our distinguished editor to have to reuse old photos to make my words more interesting as he has already done this once this year.
On my way inside, I passed Jim Weinand, who collected $320 at the Paul Harris Desk, Mark Edgecomb selling raffle tickets and John Lowney collecting Installation Banquet $$$s. Speaking of which, the Installation Banquet is taking place on June 30th at the Tacoma Golf and Country Club. Be there!
Rose rang the bell in the first meeting of the last month of her Presidency. Scott Buser gave the invocation praising all the accomplishments of the last year and Mary Marlin led all in the pledge. The Rotary Moment was an opportunity for members who participated in the Russian Peace Exchange to share their thoughts about the week; we were honored to have them as guests in our homes and lives. A hearing aid-less Rick Selden, John Lowney, Gayle Selden, Lowell Johnson, Greg Rediske and Mary Horn shared stories of fun, friendship and beers.
Rotary is working toward a peaceful world in many ways, one of which is the Peace Exchange. A program in which Rotarians from a district across the world come into the homes to learn about traditions, trades and to gain understanding. Last week we met our visitors from Rotary district 2022 at the meeting. During the week we took them to the car museum, Point Defiance Park, Northwest Trek, Costco and Gig Harbor.
The Russian Rotarians also got to see some community members who share similar professions. All of these events were filled with good conversation and laughter. Our time together was appreciated by the Russians so much that our new friends decided we needed a PARTY. They cooked us a Russian feast. We enjoyed bowls of okroshka (, plates of blinis, potato pancakes and cheese garlic spread After breaking bread and drinking a couple beverages, the guitar came out and soon we were all singing verses of Yellow Submarine. It was that night we saw each other as brothers, sisters, cousins. It was quite an endeavor led by Mary Horn (and her amazing 13-page itinerary) and provided all those who were involved a way to see our huge world as a place full of potential family.
Rose thanked the front desk crew as well as set up crew of Bobbin, Robbin and Troy. (Which coincidentally is also the name of John Magnuson’s failed barbershop quartet/robbery crew from 1972.) Rose also said Gayle Selden was writing the bulletin (good thing I brought two pens) and Bob Zawilski was the photographer. Wait. . .what. . .my whole idea of selfies as the Bulletin photographs is ruined!
Rob Erb introduced our visiting Rotarians, Ralph Flick from Gig Harbor Mid Day and Don Monroe, former Pierce Transit CEO and Tacoma 8 member.
Robert Weyrick had our lone guest, Filaria. Filaria is a former exchange student that came from Venezuela to Tacoma 8 a couple of years ago. Now Filaria is living with Robert and Carolyn while perusing a community college degree. Robert wishes for her to have a better life here than Venezuela can provide. We look forward to learning more about her and Venezuela over the coming years!  (This author was not able to confirm the spelling of Filaria's name after the meeting, and therefore looked up the common spelling of her name in Venezuela: I hope I am correct)
Above: Our guest, Filaria, from Venezuela
Sunshine was shared by John Forkenbrock that Cheri Loiland’s husband Casey has experienced a serious medical issue. Cheri and Casey and their entire family could use all our thoughts and prayers.
Greg Horn was then called to do Birthdays and Anniversaries but started with a little lost and found. If you left your foster grants at the center table last week Greg has them. Also, some people left items behind at the Horn’s last week during our Russian love fest. Feel free to claim them.
June Anniversaries included Mary Jo Strom Copland (Russ), 15 years; Tyler Andrew (Michelle), 20 years; Jay Mayer (Stella), 24 years; Joan Strait (Gail), 27 years; Jason Whalen (Gael), 30 years; Joe Quinn (Kris), 49 years; Ed Shannon (Jayne), 51 years; Steve Mazoff (Ellen), 52 years; Bob Lordahl (Janet), 58 years; Bob Hammar (Mary), 60 years; and winner for the month Duncan Cook (Joan), 61 years.
Rotary Anniversaries include: Jan Gee and John Shaffer, 1 year; Virginia Hillyer, 3 years; Mary Moss, 7 years; Bill White, 16 years; John Caufield, 17 years; Phil Eng, 23 years; John Lowney, 29 years; Judy Hosea, 30 years; Mick Johnson, 31 years; Tom Sadler, 40 years; Bob Lordahl, 43 years; John Magnuson, 43 years 7 days.
Fine-able Birthdays include James Guerrero, Astrid Arola, Don Anderson, Kim Prentice, Mary Lou Sclair, Paula Olson, Jason Whalen, Christopher Kimaball, Mo Sarram, Andrew Neiditz, John Shaffer, Don Daniels and Jan Gee. However only Don Daniels, Chris Kimball and Mary Lou Sclair paid fines and shared a funny life story.
John Swanson made an announcement for the Military Appreciation Committee. The committee sponsored a hole at the Air Force Association Gold Tournament and are looking to create some foursomes. The Scramble Tournament is June 23rd at Eagle’s Pride Golf Course. It's $90 for fees, cart and dinner. And even though you’ll miss a meeting, it counts as a makeup.
John Lowney announced the Installation Dinner EVITE went out this week. 91 of the 124 were not opened. Check your junk mail for that evite. Friday, June 30th we will be at the Tacoma Golf and Country Club enjoying a surf and turf dinner and celebrating a great year and installing our new President, Don Daniels, and new Board Members. Dinner is $45 and payable by check to Lakewood Rotary. Drop your check to John at the next meeting.
Dave Coleman gave an update on the amphitheater/ pavilion/ stage/Acre for the Arts. James Guerrero has taken on the planning of the stage from the design work of Paul Casey, the plan went to the estimators Tuesday. There is some environmental impact, bidding work and other steps to go. But we are close and plan to break ground in or by October.
Rose set out in the audience to fulfill her fine budget. Jim Bisceglia said he was working for Interpol, tracking down lost Rotarians in Maui and paid $50 for the honor. Larry Clark gave $20 for a reason both he and I missed. Ed Shannon gave $5 for being THAT guy who didn’t silence his phone. Jim Sharp gave an unknown sum for being old and having hip surgery. Lowell Johnson paid a fine in honor of the hard work Mary Horn did with the Russian Peace Exchange and for Greg and Mary opening their home to all of us multiple times. John Caufield paid a fine for his Birthday in which he experienced his very first Sounder’s game. He enjoyed mini hot dogs but doesn’t understand soccer, and paid an unknown amount. Bud Montgomery has returned from 5 months in Arizona $50. Barb Spriggs paid a fine for setting fire to her million dollar favor at the Foundation Dinner. Mary Horn paid a fine to say THANK YOU to the host families for the Russians (Buescher, Selden, Whalen, Johnson, Zawilski, Spriggs and Rotarian friend Karen Drum).
 Above: Presenter, Ralph Flick
Chris Kimball introduced our speaker, Ralph Flick. Ralph is as Assistant professor at PLU in business law. He holds a BS, JD and MBA. He is Past President of the Gig Harbor Mid Day Club. He came to us today to talk about his time serving on a jury and the legal system.
Ralph spent two months on the State verses Nemetz jury. Skyler Nemetz was a solider at JBLM who shot his wife Danielle in the Beaumont Grand Apartments on October 16, 2014. The jury had to decide if Skyler was guilty of Murder in the First Degree. Murder in the First Degree means the act was intentional, premeditated, caused death and was committed in the State of Washington.
The jury had to look at the evidence presented by the prosecution that it was intentional and premeditated. The prosecution relied on text messages, telephone calls, an alleged affair, witness statements and the defendant’s actions after the death.
Although Danielle was shot through the head and Skyler did not immediately render aid (he hid alcohol instead), did not call 911 and told five versions of the incident (in an intense four-hour interrogation) the Jury became deadlocked on Murder in the First Degree. The jury then had to look at Murder in the Second Degree (which removes premeditation, but keeps intent) and again they could not determine beyond a reasonable doubt that the death was intended. The final and universal conviction was Manslaughter in the First Degree. Skyler ended up getting 13-11/2 years for the death of his wife Danielle.
48 Hours filmed a story on the case. It is called “A Soldier’s Wife.” Ralph ended up on Nancy Grace speaking as the foreman of the Jury explaining that premeditation and intent were not proved by the Prosecution. He left us with these takeaways: do jury service, have a lawyer present when you speak to detectives and know gun safety. 
Rose closed the meeting and pulled a winning ticket for Troy Wilcox. Troy pulled a white chip for $5.
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And remember also: If you read this bulletin, and you missed this meeting, email Secretary Greg with notification of this, and you'll receive a makeup credit! Easy! And you stay informed without even attending the meeting.