Welcome to another exciting meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood! The meeting opened with President Chris Kimball’s warning that since he just returned from Florida, things might not be exactly right today. But he quoted from The Rolling Stones: “You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometime, you just might find you get what you need.”
                                                                     Ladies and Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones
Jim Rooks led the invocation. Pres. Chris led the singing of the National Anthem.
Pres. Chris thanked the set-up crew for today’s meeting: Bob Hammar, Rob Erb, and Duncan Cook. And he extended appreciation to Gary Fulton, at the Paul Harris table; Tom Crabill, who drew ticket sales & was Sergeant at Arms; Ron Adkins, who wrote the bulletin; and Troy Wilcox, bulletin photographer.
Tom Crabill introduced visiting Rotarians Karen George, Mike Johnson and Mike Hampton.
Huge Sunshine: Ed Shannon is back, and he is CANCER-FREE!   Ed got this good news the day before Thanksgiving. Plus, there was no other news.
Here is some Really Important Stuff You’ll Want to Know:
  • TGCC will be closed Jan. 8. The club will be meeting in the rotunda at Clover Park Technical College.
  • John Lowney and Phil Eng brought the president a very cool shirt from their trips to Hawaii and paid $50 each for the privilege.
  • Rob Erb reminded the club of the “Fill the Break-Bags” work party starting on Sat. Dec. 12, at Carrs Restaurant at 8:00 A.M.. Breakfast will be $10 per person. Kids over 12 may participate.
  • Rob Erb also announced the presidential Roast will be on Dec 18. He thanked president Kimball on behalf of the Puffins working on the Roast committee for making their job so easy, by providing so much roast-able material about himself.
  • Gayle Selden commented that the Sportsman’s Dinner committee was working hard to make this year’s event on April 23rd the most profitable ever. She gave special appreciation to Richard Simmons for being brave enough to do procurement on Black Friday. April 23rd will be late enough to give the “snowbirds” a chance to participate in the fun. The committee is looking for hands in many areas including set-up, procurement, power point production, and booklet making etc…Contact Gayle Selden to select the job you want to do.
  • President Chris called attention to the page of names, prepared by Chuck Hellar, of prospective members at each table. He noted that the club’s average age is 64.8 and urged members to contact prospective younger members.
  • Have we mentioned the roast on Dec. 18th? You might plan to stay for a while. It appears the Puffins have accumulated enough about Pres. Chris to fill at least one Santa bag.
Bill Potter announced that Lakewood Rotary’s contribution to The Emergency Food Network of $7000 ($3500 from general fund, $3500 from matching grant) needed club approval. Motion to approve was made and seconded; the motion passed unanimously. Bill reiterated a previous reminder to be at Carrs at 8:00 A.M. on Dec 12, prior to packing food bags for EFN. This is a fantastic chance for us all to contribute to families in need this holiday season. 

                                                                                            Anniversaries and Birthdays
                                          Greg Horn announced birthdays, wedding and club anniversaries for November and December:
November Birthdays
  • Bill Allen: Nov. 03
  • Ron Irwin: Nov. 11
  • Dave Covey: Nov 13
  • Kris Peterson: Nov. 13
  • Ed Shannon: Nov. 19
  • Jim Rooks: Nov. 22
  • Nicole Hancock: Nov. 25
  • John Korsmo: Nov. 25
  • Rick Selden: Nov. 30
    November Wedding Anniversaries
  • Chris & Vickie Kimball: 28 yrs; Nov 14
  • Bill & Regana Allen: 25 yrs;Nov. 17
  • Cherie and Kent Loiland: 21 yrs; Nov. 22
  • Bud & Marilyn Montgomery: 46 yrs; Nov. 22
    November Rotary Anniversaries
  • Steve Mazoff: 13 yrs; Nov. 01
  • Bill Price: 25 yrs; Nov. 01
  • Mary Lou Sclair: 27 yrs; Nov. 01
  • Lowell Johnson: 9 yrs; Nov. 03
  • Ron Messenger: 2 yrs; Nov. 07
  • Robert Peterson: 11 yrs; Nov. 12
  • Dave Covey: 32 yrs; Nov. 18
  • Homer Dodge: 5 yrs; Nov. 19
    December Birthdays
  • Paul Casey: Dec. 01
  • Robert Peterson : 87;  Dec. 04...today! Happy Birthday, Bob!
  • Larry Saunders: Dec. 05
  • Scott Buser: Dec. 16
  • Chuck Hellar: Dec. 18
  • Virginia Hillyer: Dec. 23
  • John Forkenbrock: Dec. 25
  • Jim Sharp: Dec. 28
  • Paul Wulfestieg: Dec. 31
    December Wedding Anniversaries
  • Homer & Susan: Dodge16 yrs.; Dec. 14
  • Vaughn & Connie Hoffman: 49 yrs.; Dec. 22
  • Dave & Florence Covey48 yrs.; Dec. 23
  • Larry and Sally Saunders46 yrs.; Dec. 29
    December Rotary Anniversaries
  • John Korsmo: 25 yrs; Dec. 01
  • John Warner: 43 yrs; Dec. 01
  • Tom Crabill: l4 yrs; Dec. 02
  • Wynn Hoffman: 7 yrs; Dec. 05
  • Jerry Williams: 26 yrs; Dec. 08
  • Ron Adkins: 19 yrs; Dec. 13
  • Terry Roarke: 14 yrs;Dec. 14
  • Sally Smith: 8 yrs;  Dec. 14
The presentation for next week:
Col. Rickert  and Ms. Terri Francisco-Farrell:“Campaign to Return Vietnam MIA Remains”
                                                                                Above: Mike Johnson Director of Tacoma Rescue Mission
Today’s Program                                              
Mike Johnson Director of Tacoma Rescue Mission:  “Research on Causes of Urban Homelessness & What Tacoma Rescue Mission Does”
  • Mike spoke eloquently about the brain's function in homelessness, and how those living in broken homes are constantly in a "fight-or-flight" mentality, thus inhibiting them from learning and inhibiting their growth.
  • He spoke about a Center of Disease Control ACE study, which was completed in 2004. ACE stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Mike took us through a litany of different ACE's that eventually contribute to homelessness, such as sexual abuse and drug addiction.
    We should have caught this rapid-fire, fact-filled presentation on video. We can’t do justice to it here.
  • One poignant aspect of this presentation, among many, is that it called our attention to disparities between those who have grown up with supportive families and those who have not, and how this contributes to homelessness.
  • Mike concluded the program by responding to various questions from the audience. We thank him for his great presentation, and voice our support for the Tacoma Rescue Mission.
Drawing Winner:  Birthday Boy, Bob Peterson drew a white chip.
Fun Facts Quiz
Can you match the description to the Rotarian in the November/December birthday list? (Research by Greg Horn).  Don’t look at the answers first.
  1. 7th grade ping pong champ @ Bethel Jr High
  2. Worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken for Rod Ladd’s dad in high school
  3. Have umpired 6 national championships
  4. Played baseball and basketball with 6’9 ½” Gene Conley; turned 87 today
  5. Played guard & tackle for Ft Myers, Florida High School
  6. Worked as a magician, raced motorcycles
  7. Was a lion in Harveyville, KS; was turned down by Clover Park Rotary
  8. Took boys on weekend snow trip and shooting range
  9. Went to prep school in New Jersey
  1. Rick Selden
  2. Jim Sharp
  3. Scott Buser
  4. Bob Peterson
  5. Jim Rooks
  6. Bill Allen
  7. Dave Covey
  8. Virginia Hillyer
  9. Chuck Hellar