Posted by Joseph Quinn on Feb 16, 2018
President Don Daniels called the Rotary Club of Lakewood to order right on time.  This bulletin should come with a warning:  what you are about to read is not all good news.  Some of what we have to write about today is grim reporting, and some is cautionary if not downright depressing.
Dave Coleman gave the invocation, starting with a moment of silence for the lives lost and scarred by the recent school shooting in Florida.  His words suggested that America needs to come together on a means of protecting our children and grand-children.
Donna Phillips led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag.
President Don thanked the Setup Crew:  Ward Fletcher, Rob Erb, Bob Hammar, and Duncan Cook.  Mary Marlin did double duty as Sergeant at Arms and also sold the raffle tickets.  Rob Erb introduced the Visiting Rotarians, including Howard Svingal, an Assistant District Governor from one of the three Gig Harbor Rotary Clubs, and Marty Lowe from Tacoma 8.  The Paul Harris table was ably manned by Bob Zawilski, who reported a very respectable collection of $1302.00.  Bob was also our Photographer today.
Guests included Nicole Hancock’s cute three month old baby—Charlie Pearl.  (Hope someone took a picture of this bright spot in our meeting.)  Does anyone have any idea how long it has been since any Rotarian –or even a spouse of a Rotarian—had a baby?  Yes, we have grandchild reports, but not many Rotary kids in recent years!
John Forkenbrock had a little Sunshine for us: Richard Simmons is back home and doing well.
President Don read a thank you letter from The Courage (the Mary Bridge fundraiser bike ride) that recognized Lakewood Rotary’s contributions to the Courage Classic and noted that LR was the originator of the endowment in the first place.  Members are welcome and invited to help individually, or ride, in future Courage rides, the letter stated.
Greg Rediske announced the annual fundraising breakfast for the Boy Scouts of America.  A table is being assembled of Rotarians so ask Greg or President Don if you want to support scouting.  That breakfast is on March 7 at the Foss Waterway Seaport facility.
Eric Quinn gave a riveting explanation of the newly minted Lakewood Rotary Whistleblower Policy that you can find on our LR web site.
Johnny Walker finally was able to surrender the Puffin –the feathered symbol of new LR members in their first year—to Puffin Eric Warn, who tried to pass it on to a new inductee.  However, President Don Daniels ruled firmly (while seizing back unquestioned control over this meeting, which was getting a bit boisterous) that the Puffin first had to go to the next new member in line who was not present today—Alejandro Sanchez Perez.  I think Eric W also tried to give a brief speech but after what occurred two weeks ago President Don refused to surrender a microphone to him. 
Greg Horn then performed the induction ceremony for our newest member Kendra Riconsciutto.  Greg started to say something about President “Big D”, but he was given a very clear “evil eye” by President Don, who we should have learned by now, does NOT like nicknames!  Forevermore, when this scribe writes at least, he is President Don Daniels (although you may call him “Your Excellency”).  Kendra had an interesting story of how she comes now to us.  She went to an RI luncheon meeting in Minnesota and liked it.  She contacted the aforementioned ADG Howard Svingal here in Washington.  Then she visited several clubs locally but picked ours (recognizing a great club obviously).  Kendra and her husband have two young children, ages three and one.  She works in Financial Services, having worked with the Russell Company.  Now she is a consultant with her own office in University Place.  Welcome to our club Kendra.
Next, the meeting took a more serious, and frankly very sad, turn.  Greg Horn read a letter from Tom Carroll, District Governor of District 5020.  It revealed to all that a Rotarian from a club in our district  (not the Rotary Club of Lakewood) had been convicted or pled guilty of having sexual relations with a minor, i.e. a Rotary Exchange Student.  This man has been barred for life from joining any Rotary club and the DG wanted us all to know—as it is possible we may be asked by non-Rotarians about this—that this unfortunate and despicable conduct had taken place in our district.  President Don mentioned that each RI Club must have a Youth Protection Officer and asked for volunteers.  While we may not be participating in Youth Exchange this year, LR will undoubtedly do so in the future, and there are other activities wherein Lakewood Rotarians may interact with minors, such as RYLA or the World Affairs Conference, etc.  After the meeting, this writer volunteered and President said to report that here.  Mary Moss has served as the YPO in recent years.
President Don confessed that his Citation Budget is lagging a bit and he clearly wanted to remedy that.  Duncan Cook, back from two weeks of R&R in Maui, volunteered $25.  John Lowney and Rick Selden, just back from a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, came bearing gifts for the President.  A bottle of tequila and a little hat.  John cracked that really they had to drink the tequila while in the TSA line and re-filled it with colored water later. 
President Don then told a story about some Lakewood Rotarian who grabbed the wrong coat upon leaving the meeting a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently, the coat also had someone else’s car keys in the pocket and that member was stuck at the country club for a while.  A rather red-faced John Warner finally admitted that he had walked out with the wrong coat and confessed that the other guy was “a lot bigger than me”.  Wait, I thought, “If he gloves do not fit, you really must acquit,” in the inimitable words of Johnnie Cochran in the O.J. Simpson case.  Warner was busted.
Clayton Denault explained why he was wearing a 25th Anniversary cape by paying $20 for the recent event at the Lakewood YMCA.  They served alcohol and everyone left “respectfully” he said.  Clayton announced that Tuesday is the kickoff at the McGavick Center for their fundraiser.
Rob Erb confessed that he has “skated” for a while, spending a month in the desert and at Long Beach, California.  He muttered something about “double D” but you did not read it here. Sally Smith paid up for a trip to Las Vegas, which included a quick visit to the Valley of Fire for a hike. Barlow Buescher belatedly paid up for his birthday. 
Greg Rediske informed us that the average age of a Lakewood Rotary member is 65.2 and the median age is 68.  We overhead one wag suggest that we should immediately induct Nicole’s daughter Charlie Pearl, and that would come down a bunch! 
PROGRAM:  Our program today was taken over by the Sportsman’s Dinner and Auction Committee.  President-Elect Gayle Selden started us off by announcing that the dinner will be catered this year by Scott Clement, who many of us know as the former chef at Oakbrook Country Club and current owner of Spring Lake café in Fircrest.  Then Gayle discussed how the Lakes Choir helped us at recent auctions both as waiters and bid assistants, but that there was some more bad news.  Apparently, last year some incidents occurred.  First, one student was bopped on the head by someone (it does not matter if it was a Rotarian or one of our guests) in the closeout line.  She complained of that to her father who in turn told the choir director about it.  I guess we belatedly found this out when asking about their potential help at the upcoming Auction. Second, when another student was helping carrying an item out to a guest’s car for them, he dropped the item and the guest demanded $50 for the mistake.  They may be willing to help again, however, there must be some new rules.  First, no student will be allowed to go outside of the building during or after the auction.  Second, only Rotarians will assist with the closeout process, so we need volunteers in that area. Gayle said customer satisfaction is our goal.  We want a fast closeout process, so that anyone wanting to close out their account, pay and get their items can do so in ten minutes. She requested 4-6 volunteers to close out the silent auction tables, which occurs mostly between six and seven p.m.
Gayle tried to clarify the immunity from fines that will commence in July when she will be President.  She noted that the same bulletin writer who did not get it quite right last time was writing again today, so here goes:  The winning team (each and every one of its members) will get a one-time “no fine” card from Gayle.  Also, the Captain of any team with 100% participation in procurement will be immune during her whole year. Gayle, did I get it right this time??
Eric Quinn talked about volunteer signups and said the forms are on the table and you can do it online. He also said we should go to the LR Facebook page and hit “Like” and “Share” to spread the word.  We need volunteers for so many aspects of the Auction: three pre-event work parties, event setup, work during and after the Auction, such as clean up, and so on.  A lot of help is needed.  Go to and log in to the members area.  Know your user name and password. Go to “Volunteers” in the upper right of the Clubrunner home page (after you have logged in to Clubrunner). Then click on “View Signup Lists” to the left under the volunteers tab. Then sign up!
Gayle and Eric dutifully and dually did a non-Power Point presentation showing us how to do a lot of this stuff on the web site!
Gayle explained the two key forms we use for the Auction.  The Sponsorship form can be used to purchase tickets and even to make cash donations.  The Procurement form needs a detailed item description.  This is a marketing statement so you have to SELL IT!  Make sure to note if there is a certificate provided or instead if LR needs to create it.
Rick the Rapper, ‘er Selden, thanked some notable sponsors and in particular Ron Messenger of New Tacoma Cemetery who donated $3500 for the El Presidente Sponsorship Level.
Gayle talked about the plan for Raise the Paddle (RTP) this year. In recent years, this has been done to raise funds for the project in the park.  She said the committee wants team input about that issue:   Should RTP dollars go to a generic goal such as the Community Concerns Budget  or should we give to a specific project?  We then broke into teams to discuss that issue and our own team joint procurement efforts before the meeting concluded.
THE DRAWING:  Ted Wier pulled a white chip instead of red so he got $5 and the pot escalates.
After the Friday meeting, the Auction Committee met and considered the team feedback.  The committee decided that RTP will again go to the Pavilion in the Park project.
One more update from the Travelling Hoseas:
We make it to New Orleans!  This past week, we joined our good friends, Bob and Karen Bruback for a week of sightseeing and taste of the South!  I will have to go off fried food for a month after this week!  But first a quick recap.....we have visited a plantation, taken in the WWII museum, gone on a Swamp tour, had a Hurricane at Pat O’Brians and coffee and Beignets at Cafe Du Monde, worn beads and almost took in the first Mardi Gras Parade of the season.....but it was too rainy and we were too tired.  We drove to Grand Isle...a fishing community at the end of the road and in all of the above....eaten and inbibed! 

Tomorrow we are off to Biloxi and the Bruback’s will head home with my auction donation....another fabulous Mary Frances handmade and beaded purse.  Imagine that....I found the same purse maker in New Orleans that I picked up last year in Carmel!
Anyway.....I am sending it to you via Bob and Karen! 

Cheers until next time!  The weather is improving daily and I am eagerly waiting for sun!
Your friends......Judy and Tom!
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