Friday, March 17, 2017, was Saint Patrick’s Day. This author wore green. Did you?
President Rose Stevens rang the meeting to order at the usual 12:30. Ed Shannon led us in the pledge. Mary Covelli Johnson read an Irish prayer to us. The Rotary Moment came from a club in Norway, but this author was preparing for a hilarious skit and missed all of the details.
The meeting was set up by Rob Erb, Bob Hammar and Duncan Cook. James Guerrero manned the Paul Harris table. Tom Crabill drew tickets sales. Eric Quinn wrote the bulletin. Troy Wilcox took photographs. Finally, Tom Crabill was sergeant-at-arms.
Rodney Dangerfield was a great partial-Irishman. Some of his one-liners reflect that:
“Last night some guy knocked on the front door. [Rodney’s wife] told me to hide in the closet.”
Rose had Ed Shannon introduce Adrienne Barlow, the Founder and Owner of Rock and Roll Pickleball, a very cool organization that allows those ambulating with wheel chairs to play para-pickleball:
To learn more about Rock and Roll Pickleball, go here:
After Adrienne spoke to us, two surly Irishmen emerged from a back alley. One, Ranger Rick Selden, and the other, Diver Dan (John Lowney), discussed what dining options will be on the menu at the upcoming Sportsmen’s Dinner and Auction on April 22. Those menu options will not include some of the ridiculous items that Diver Dan proposed, such as a puffin, or giant clams. Ultimately, the real menu sounded delicious to all…come to the Auction!!!
When asked what Rotarians may do to get involved in setting up the event, these two Irish Gents called upon another Irish wanderer, attorney Mel Practis (Eric Quinn), to discuss the different times that volunteers are needed. To volunteer to help make this happen, go to and do this: log in to Clubrunner; go to the “Volunteers” tab on the upper right-hand corner; click on that and then click on “View signup lists” on the upper left of the screen; click on Sportsmen’s Dinner, then…SIGN UP. There are three work parties (April 6, 13 and 20, from 5 to 8 PM) and we have almost all the volunteers we need for that--not all of them, sign up. However, there are still plenty of spots to fill for setting up the actual event (we need approximately 20 more volunteers for Friday, April 21, from 2 to 6 PM; and 29 more for the event setup on Saturday, April 22, from 8 AM to 12 PM).
Remember, Rotarians, we make this event happen!!! Procure an item. Buy tickets. Sponsor a table. Most of all, make sure that however you involve yourself in the Auction, that you have fun. 
For the most part, these Irish Gents were funny, especially that Mel Practis fella.
Another Rodney: “I come from a stupid family. During the Civil War, my great uncle fought for the West!”
Rob Erb introduced visiting Rotarians: Karl Roth from Clover Park, and Lew Samdal from Parkland/Spanaway. Guests of Rotarians included Erin Devereaux, guest of Bill Price; and Jennifer Bond, guest of Barbara Spriggs.
For the Sunshine report, John Forkenbrock informed us that Vaughn Hoffmans’s wife broke her leg. We wish her a speedy recovery.
Rose discussed the changes to the Courage Classic, which is now the Courage. Discussion ensued. Then we moved on to other things.
Rose fined Dave Betz for spending six weeks in Maui: $100. She then fined Rick Selden $20 for his trip to Sunriver.
Another Rodney: “My uncle’s dying wish was to have me on his lap. He was in the electric chair.”
For the Program, we were joined by Bruce Kendall, the CEO of the Washington State Economic Development Council (EDC). The EDC has been around since 1978; it is a non-profit organization, as are about 1,000 other similar organizations in the United States that promote general economic development. Mr. Kendall relayed to us that two primary goals of the EDC are (1) recruiting new companies to do business in Washington State and (2) retaining those companies—informing them of the incentives for keeping their business in Washington State. One big word emerged from this presentation: competition. The motto of the EDC, after all, is “Compete Every Day Forever.”
          Above: Presenter, Bruce Kendall
Mr. Kendall mentioned that a lot of the business of the EDC is in “institution building,” or establishing a network of businesses, in partnerships with private and public organizations, that contribute to our economy. Of course, Mr. Kendall reminded us that Washington State is the most trade-dependent state in the union. Therefore, he is wary of potentially massive changes to our trade relations with the remainder of the world. He opined that “trade wars are a race to the bottom.” At the core of the EDC is the notion that a good job equates to a good quality of life. The more jobs there are, the more happy people there will be, as Adam Smith and many economists have told us.
When Mr. Kendall took questions from the floor, some wondered what incentives the EDC could inform business owners about. He mentioned that workforce education in Washington State  is of high quality. Specifically, Pierce County is very highly ranked in Washington, in terms of education. He also mentioned that exemptions from the sales and use taxes, and exemptions from the business-and-occupation taxes, may convince businesses to stay in Washington. Thank you, Mr. Kendall, for this highly interactive and informative discussion.
One more Rodney: “I’m so ugly. My mother had morning sickness—after I was born.”
For the drawing, Scott Buser drew the white chip for $5.
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