President Rose Stevens  gonged us to order  right on time.  Scott Buser delivered the invocation and Donna Phillips led us in the Pledge.  Rose said the Set Up Team again was steadfastly staffed by  Bob (or Rob as he prefers) Erb and Rob (according to Rose) Hammar.  [Rose, we know him as Bob].  Ward Fletcher collected a solid $680 at the Paul Harris table.    Tom Crabill served as Sergeant-at-Arms and sold raffle tickets; Mary Marlin helped at the Sportsman's Dinner Auction desk.   Joe Quinn is scribe and Eric Quinn was our photographer.
VISITING ROTARIANS:   Rob Erb bobbed up to his feet to welcome two Rotarians from our farm club, Tacoma 8 Rotary, to wit,  Kathleen Olson (our speaker today) and her able aide Kirsten Willis.
ROTARY MOMENT:  Greg Horn demonstrated  the Smart Phone App known as the Rotary Club Locator.  At your fingertips the app can find makeup locations and details for you on about 34,000 Rotary Clubs all over the world.  Speaking of world travelers, Charles Heberle was called forth to speak about his most and least favorite makeup spots.   Charles is a member of an intercountry committee that deals with our nation's relationships with Russia.  Nothing nefarious here so do not start!!  Mr. Heberle is the king of makeups as he does about 10-12 per month.  Most favorite makeup site:  Copenhagen, as they started a bit slowly with some 14-15 choices of herring for lunch but then proceeded to a canal, hopped into a boat and spent the rest of that afternoon cruising (or bobbing in) the canals of the city with a full jazz band.  Those Danes know how to live.  Least favorite:  Amsterdam, where he felt a strained attitude toward women in Rotary when he said he was from an American Rotary Club and they blamed us for leading the way on admitting women.   Whaat?  And I thought the Supreme Court made us do it!
SUNSHINE:  John Forkenbrock said no news is good news.
GUESTS:  A few guests were introduced but I might have missed some, as I was busy introducing my future daughter-in-law, Dr. Johanah Kang.  My apologies to anyone else we welcomed and applauded.
More Guests:  Rose introduced Bill Wiggins and Dave Tate, who identified themselves as friends of Randy Peterson.  For those who were not members 40 years ago, the name Cap Peterson may not mean much.  However, those older LR Rotarians and those of us who have studied its storied club history know that Cap was the son of a LR member.  Cap, a graduate of Clover Park High School, had a notable Major League Baseball career but then was afflicted with kidney disease.  LR did one of, if not the biggest single fundraiser in its long history.  The money was used to open the Cap Peterson Dialysis Center at St. Joseph's Hospital with over a $400,000 contribution from our club.  Cap's father, Charlie Peterson, was a LR Rotarian and Randy Peterson is Cap's brother.  Long story short, Bill and Dave appealed to us all to help financially somehow because Randy has Stage 4 stomach cancer and has apparently just about exhausted all possible ways of paying the huge medical expenses.  (The foregoing is strictly from memory so if my history of the Petersons is a bit wrong, ask Greg (Mr. LR History) Rediske or read his book.)
AUCTION NEWS:  Gayle Selden said we are off to our best procurement start ever for the April 22, 2017 Sportsman's Dinner and Auction.  Become a fan or a friend of the LR Facebook page and you'll see an event page with links to all needed information.  Hit "share" to share the good news.  While I was bobbin' and robbin' to write that all down, Gayle mentioned that John Warner could not attend the Auction (that is the bad news) but the good news is that John contributed a huge amount to the cause (was it $1,000?  I missed the amount).  Donna Phillips added that next week we should sit with our team members to do a little group planning.
For more information on purchasing tickets to the auction, procuring items for the auction, and more basic information, use this link:
DISTRICT CONFERENCE/DISTRICT ASSEMBLY:  Rick Selden bobbed up to say that 15 LR Rotarians are signed up for this combined event in early May.  You can still register, but the Casino is out of rooms.  Here is a list of hotels that Rick thoughtfully provided to your hard working Bulletin Committee:
                Poulsbo Inn & Suites, 4.2 miles,
                Red Lion Guest House Inn, 4.9 miles,
                Bainbridge Island Best Western, 6.3 miles,
                Bainbridge Island Country Inn, 6.5 miles,
Rick made a few off the cuff comments about sharing beds at the Casino, but we are not going into the details or Sharon would kill Rick and he would not be able to go.  Enough said.  Rick will be bobbin', duckin' and weavin' if I say more.
FINES:   Rose had lots of time for fines but few culprits and volunteers.  Sally Smith said something about the  Boys and Girls Club Legacy of Hope event;  apparently Lakewood's own representative--Brianna Mitchell--was an honoree, so Sally paid a fine on behalf of that honor for Puffin Echo Curry of the Lakewood Boys and Girls Club.  Bob (not Rob) Hammar bobbed up to make us recognize that he has procured the house his family used to own in Tahiti for an auction item (one week rental).  Check it out by going to VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) #850514.  He said that it is offered at a real good rate (proving he is not a Robber but only a Bobber).  He looked right at the photographer and said it would be great for a honeymoon.
Don Anderson paid a $100 fine, announcing that he is now the #3 man in County Executive Bruce Dammeier's Office.  Don also paid for a new car; apparently his VW Passat was one of those dirty diesels.  Mary Johnson was robbed of $5, just for showing her pretty face.  Really, that is exactly what Rose said.  Mary smartly put out her hand to husband Mick Johnson for some help.  Highway robbery.
MEMBERSHIP MINUTE:  With one minute left before the program, and no time to waste, Rose called on Chris Kimball to do a membership minute.  Never at a loss, but saying he had only had seconds to prepare, Chris bobbed up to say that you need to tell people how great our club is.  He said if you invite 10 people and even if only three became members, and everyone did that, we would double our club size immediately.  Chris is a financial planner so he must be good with numbers like compound interest, so trust him.  Invite people to check us out.  Not bad for a few seconds preparation!
THE PROGRAM:  Bob Zawilski (yes, his real and correct name is Bob) introduced Kathleen Olson, the chief executive of the Tacoma Pierce County Humane Society.  Bob said they have a 90% live release rate, so in other words they are not euthanizing nearly as many cats and dogs as years ago.    Ms. Olson said our local humane society was founded in 1888, one year before statehood.  In their first fundraiser, 26 people each gave one dollar.  Back in 1943, they moved the Tacoma Pound to their present location at 2608 Center Street.  In the early days the focus was on education.  In about 1951 the humane society took on the contracts with various jurisdictions for animal control, which they did for many years.  They also focused on pet licensing and getting leash laws adopted.  They would take in about 50,000 animals per year and euthanize about 70%.  Not so any more.  The stress has shifted to spay and neuter programs to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats (no bobcats though).  In the late 1990's she said the microchip program started so now they re-unite hundreds of stray dogs and cats with owners every year.  At this point, there have been about 91,000 spay and neuter surgeries done in this area.  The Tacoma Pierce County Humane Society is the largest animal shelter in Washington and is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  They are so successful that now they import stray dogs from other states such as Tennessee.  The humane society offers shelter to about 11,000 animals annually, and they adopt out about 2000 dogs and 4000 cats annually.  They even operate a retail store so you can buy all things for pets right there. Since 2005, they no longer do animal control, so local jurisdictions have to do that on their own.  She said there is no official affiliation with the National Humane Society, although obviously their goals are similar.  A very informative program about a true Tacoma regional institution.
Above: Makeup Master, Charles Heberle
THE DRAWING:  Rob Erb (not Bob) bobbed up front with the winning ticket, but it was only good for $5.  He wuz robbed!   Well that is enough bobbin' and robbin' for now, as any more and Rose would kill me.  I cannot resist mentioning, however,  that Spring must be imminent as looking outside today I noticed that lotsa Robins are bob, bob, bobbin' along!
DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this bulletin are those of the author, not the editor or the Bulletin Committee. 
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