Posted by Christine Vu on Nov 01, 2019
The June 15th Rotary Meeting was Rung to Order with multiple gavel bangs to quiet the chatty crowd. President Daniels had a glimmer in his eye looking forward to the end of his regime. But there are many days of work ahead for him. Don called on Scott Buser for the Invocation and Johnny Walker for the flag salute. He thanks Duncan, Rob and Bob for the meeting set up. Special recognition was given for the crew who gets to the meeting early and stays late to make sure all our stuff is in order.
He also acknowledged all the people working the meeting: Bud Montgomery at the Paul Harris table collecting $530, Chuck Hellar at the raffle desk, Greeter Anne Enquist, Troy Wilcox as the photographer and Gayle Selden as the writer of the bulletin.
For his Sunshine Report,John Forkenbrock offered us a story about honesty not being the best policy when it comes to telling your wife you left the house without your walker. A tumble in the Mountain View parking lot he took, and no sympathy was received from Linda. Hope all our ailing Rotarians are doing well. Summer is approaching, and the air is crisp with health and healing for you!
Above: Presenter Diane Formosa
Don introduced Diane Formosa with Caring for Kids. Diane asked us to collect new underwear and socks for elementary and middle school kids. Keep in mind that middle school kids could be in men’s or ladies’ sizes. Diane also thanked Lakewood Rotary for the support we have given to the organization.
Rob Erb announced about the work party for the Pavilion in the Park on Saturday, June 16th for landscaping work. We had about 30 Rotarians and Spouses show up (Cook, Crabills, Daniels, Erb, Quick Montgomery, Fulton, Hellar, Irwin, Enquists, Selden, Selden, Rediske, Whalen, Sharp, Moss) to level out some top soil for the grassy hill. One Member brought a very small rake and two brought very large rakes and all three of those people are dedicated public servants. We laughed all morning about small verse large rake problems! Thanks to Rob Erb for scheduling the work party and safety operating the Bob Cat. We still have plants left to plant, but the project is coming along nicely.
As of last week, the Food Repack project is complete. Thanks to the volunteers who came together and put the vitamin packets with the oatmeal! We have completed 50,000 meals to help our neighbors in need.
A special shout out to all the Rotarians who have put in extra time and extra effort on all the projects the past couple weeks—food packs, painting, sorting and stacking and raking. You’ve been asked for your time a lot and you have given without complaint. Thank you! Don’t worry there will be plants to plant soon for all of you ready to give some more!
Greg Horn came front and center to announce the Birthdays and Anniversaries for the club. Happy Birthday to James Guerrero, Astrid Arola, Don Anderson, Kim Prentice, Mary Lou Sclair, Paula Olson, Jason Whalen, Chris Kimball, Mo Sarram, Andrew Neiditz, Andrew Kruse, Eric Warn, Don Daniels and Jan Gee. A fun little fact Greg shared is that all these members were conceived in September. The more you know…
Happy Anniversary to Andrew and Rachel Kruse, Mary Jo Strom Copland and Russ Anderson, Jay and Stella Mayer, Joan and Gail Strait, Jason and Gael Whalen, Ed and Jayne Shannon, Steve and Ellen Mazoff, Bob and Janet Lordahl, Bob and Mary Hammar and Duncan and Joan Cook. Duncan and Joan have been together for 62 years! Bob and Mary for 61! Bob and Janet for 59! Seems secrets to a happy marriage are years of Rotary service together! It was also the month of the 50-year anniversary of Joe and Kris Quinn (it wasn’t announced as their anniversary wasn’t entered in Club Runner. Also, Ted and Carole Wier may have had an anniversary that was missed as well; we can discuss that at the June 22 meeting.)
This is a good time to remind you to check your club runner info. Go to hit the member login. If you don’t remember your login click “Forgot Login Name.” You’ll need the email that Lakewood Rotary has on file. It’s good to check your info regularly. I found that my home phone number is listed as my main contact number. I got rid of my home phone this year. So, when you decided to call and complain about something at Rotary, you’d get an “out of order “ message when you tried to dial me. I changed the number, but I realize now that I should just put a bogus one up there for next year! Then again, I am sure you all won’t have anything to complain about!
Happy Rotary Anniversary to Jan Gee, Virginia Hillyer, Mary Moss, Bill White, John Caufield, Mary Jo Strom Copland, Phil Eng, John Lowney, Judy Hosea, Mick Johnson, Tom Sadler, John Magnuson and Bob Lordahl. Bob has been a Lakewood Rotarian for 44 years. Thank you all for your service!
Greg also announced that Tacoma Narrows Rotary needed one more family to Host some Rotary visitors from India. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week! No transportation, just a room and one hosted dinner Wednesday. Greg misspoke his announcement a little bit, so let’s hope while he and Mary host their family there are no international incidents!
Mo Sarram popped up to offer a citation for a month in the Baltic and his Birthday: $85.
President Don then asked for guests to be introduced, as per his plan to announce guests after Birthdays and Anniversaries.  We had many wonderful guests visiting including Stephanie Wilcox, wife of Troy and incoming President of the Partners Group; Fae Crabill, bride of Tom and the favorite person we know in Olympia; Diane Formosa, head of Caring for Kids; John Caulder, former Lakewood Rotarian; Kris Quinn, wife of Joe (for 50 years); Pam Lowney, wife of John; Pat Price, wife of Bill; Rondi Johnson, wife of Lowell, and Gayle’s 10th grade Social Studies teacher and high school Key Club advisor; Ellen Mazoff, wife of Steve; Judy Eng, wife of Phil; Jan Reeder (who picked up Mary Lou Sclair for the meeting); Tanya Richardson, wife of Walt and tandem bike rider (do not ask to see pictures of her knee); Sharon Selden, wife of Rick and Mother to Gayle.
Jay Mayer came to the podium as chair of the Community Concerns committee. As a club, we moved and seconded the recommendation of the committee to give $2000 to Clare’s Closet. Clare’s Closet is an organization at St. Clare that provides clothing for those who come in for services and need something to go home in. A lot of homeless and our less fortunate neighbors benefit from this service.
Joe Quinn came forward dressed as Don Johnson or Don Juan. Joe called forth all the partners and spouses in the room. He wanted to thank them for all they do for Rotary, so he sang a song: Elvis’s “Wonder of You.” With lyrics like “When no one else can understand me…When everything I do is wrong…You give me hope and consolation…You give me strength to carry on…And you're always there…To lend a hand in everything I do…That's the wonder, the wonder of you.” He and Don and many husbands grabbed roses to hand to the women who came to enjoy the luncheon. It was a nice celebration of the support given by all.
John Lowney announced the Installation Luncheon will be taking place on July 6th at noon (our Regular meeting time). There will be an afternoon celebration BBQ at the home of Rick and Sharon Selden. Cost to attend is $10. You are encouraged to come and bring the family. This is a casual event. Rick and Sharon have a pickleball court and horseshoe pits for those who want activity and lots of chairs for those who do not. Rumor is Ralph Lockhart (formally know as Kerosene) is bringing one of our old Pancake breakfast grills to cook the onions for the Fair Burgers we will be eating. Rick and Sharon live on the border of Parkland-Spanaway. It’s across I-5 but not too far away!
President Don then had a little time to get his citation fund built up. He called first upon Dave Betz. Dave did not know that Don has been waiting since Parks Appreciation Day in April to hit him up for all the good done at the Park, and the keys he accidentally locked in the Parks Department’s Truck. Troy Wilcox paid a citation to honor son Dylan whose picture is hung at St. Clare and was sold to a Doctor there. Eric Quinn was asked to give an update on Johanah and their couple’s yoga accident. Something tells me they are going to stick to goat yoga the next time they want an adventurous yoga experiment.
Steve Enquist introduced Shawn Lluvas, local Lakewood business owner of Diamond Designs. Shawn is a second-generation jeweler with 26 years in Lakewood. Shawn has been nationally recognized for his designs.
Shawn came to us to talk about Diamonds and the diamond industry. Diamonds are 99.5% pure crystalized carbon. The other half a percent gives a diamond its color. The Hope Diamond, which is blue, gets its color from Boron.  Blue, Yellow and Red diamonds are rarer varieties.
In 1477 the first Diamond was found in India, but it wasn’t until 1866 when diamonds were found in South Africa that diamonds became more common (and not just for Royalty). Most of the South African areas were bought by DeBeers so they could control the fluctuating market of diamonds. DeBeers controlled 90 percent of the market in 1947 when they came up with the phrase “A Diamond is Forever.”
Currently DeBeers owns only 30% of the Market as Australia and Canada started mining diamonds. Canada just starting mining in the 2000s and now own 12% of the market.
Since pressure and heat is what is needed to make carbon into a diamond, there are synthetic diamonds. In fact, a synthetic diamond plant is being built in Gresham, Oregon. Synthetics haven’t made much of an impact on the market yet.
In the world there are 16.5 Billion dollars in rough diamonds that are mined. Russia, Botswana, Canada and South Africa lead the countries’ mines. That 16.5 Billion turns into $70 million in jewelry sales in stores like Shawn’s.
Due to the movie Blood Diamond and the knowledge of conflict Diamonds, DeBeers worked with the UN to shut down mines and activities that provided for the conflict diamonds. Now less than 1% on the market are the “blood diamond.”
Fascinating subject to hear about even though Shawn didn’t bring us free diamond samples!
During my college days, we read the book Heart of Darkness. It’s a tale by Joseph Conrad about the traders who went up the Congo river in Africa. They were trading for Ivory and Diamonds with the local savages. My professor then further explained on a blackboard diagram, like one that Dave Covey would create, that Heart of Darkness was about the anal rape of Africa. So now when I think of diamonds I think of Professor Goodhart’s diagram and the rape of Africa. So, for the tiara I get when I become President—above ground diamonds are preferred.
Congrats to Dave Betz who won $5 in the drawing.
Next week’s program is TBA, so you’ll have to cool your jets Bisceglia!
Mary Lou Sclair would like to attend Rotary meetings more often, but she does need a ride. She is living in Merrill Gardens, which is located at 19th and Bridgeport. Please check club runner for her number if you are available to be a driver. Richard Simmons has been a little too tired for rides to Rotary, but sometimes if you call he will answer the phone and will usually say something entertaining.
Thanks for reading my bulletins these years...I am being put on sabbatical for the next year. Apparently, the President controlling the words of the press is a little too “Kim Jong Un.” I mean, what is so bad about Kim Jong Un—his people stand at attention to him and I expect the same in just a couple short weeks. 😉
XXOO, Gayle