Posted by Joe Quinn on Jul 28, 2017
President Don Daniels called an unruly crowd of Rotarians to order with this Rotary Moment:  I think it was a past RI President who said, “If I could hold the world in my hands and get each person to perform one random act of kindness daily…” what a better world it would be.
 Random actors:  The following were recognized by President DD (hmmm, maybe his nickname for this year should be DeeDee…or is that DiDi?) for their daily contributions to our collaborative efforts:
Chris Kimball did the invocation and Bud Montgomery led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.  Acting as Sergeant at Arms and selling raffle tickets was the erstwhile Tom Crabill.  Photographer extraordinaire was Phil Eng and Joe Quinn is the scribe for this screed.  There were no visiting Rotarians to be announced by Rob Erb but it was noted that Bob Cammarano (lately of Tacoma 8) was with us today and soon will be “with us” as a new member.  Setup was ably done again by Bob Hammar, Troy Wilcox and the aforementioned Rob Erb.  Sorry, Rob, you only get your name in lights or boldface one time in this bull.  Therefore, the Prez shall not be called by name hereafter in this tome, but only referred to as “DeeDee."  (Maybe it will catch on, like “Robbin’ and Bobbin” did, but maybe not.)  The Paul Harris desk was staffed by Chuck Hellar with some early help from Mike McGowan.  They collected a respectable $754 there for the great cause.
SUNSHINE:   John Forkenbrock said that former member Randy Peterson passed away recently.
GUESTS:  Mary Moss introduced her neighbor Diane.  Mark Edgecomb introduced a future doctor, his daughter Jessica.
ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Phil Eng announced that the Floating Board meeting will be Tuesday, August 8th and 26 people are signed up so far.  He asked if anyone had a popup tent and noted there is still room for more participants.  But they have to stay in the tent!  No he did not say that.  Come and join us and enjoy New York steaks. Still room to sign up.
Phil also mentioned the upcoming Ride with Courage, a bike ride to benefit Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.  That will be on the weekend of August 26th.  Our rest stop will be in McKenna, near Roy in South Pierce County.  Dinner and Beer Garden over at UW’s Pack Forest (over toward Eatonville in South Pierce) sounds like fun so let us make this into a real fellowship event as in the past with the Courage Classic Rest Stop up near Leavenworth.  Clover Park Rotary is staffing this rest stop with us so come and bond with fellow Rotarians you may not know yet. 
One more thing on which Phil “Philled” us in:  the Reeder Roadster Romp this year will be September 8th through 10th (Friday through Sunday) and about 40 folks are already signed up.  Biggest ever, Phil said.  Rooms are getting scarce so do not delay if interested.
LARRY SAUNDERS SERVICE AWARD:  Greg Rediske announced that the City of Lakewood and the Lakewood Community Foundation have teamed up to sponsor the Larry Saunders Service Award in honor of our late great friend, former Rotary and Lakewood Lions’ member, former Lakewood Police Chief, and all around beloved guy in town—Larry Saunders. They will award $1,000 to the winner who gets to choose the charity that the money will go to.  Nominations?
PAST PRESIDENT:  DeeDee then called up to the podium our immediate Past President Rose Stevens and presented her with her PP pin (no, not a peepee pin…a Past President pin!).
PRESIDENTIAL PROCLAMATIONS:  Then DeeDee had several announcements:  First, he reported on the recent meeting of the 16 Pierce County Rotary Presidents.  A committee is being formed to study whether we should sponsor a project for all clubs to do together (kinda like the Courage Classic) so let DeeDee know if you are interested.  Second, the Prez said there will be an opening for an Assistant District Governor in Area 12, as Curtis Thiel will resign, having served well for a few years already.  Third, (and somewhat ironically DeeDee said) the 16 Presidents discussed Rotary Student Exchange issues.  As we have found, the biggest challenge is finding willing host families to house the students.  The same families of Rotarians cannot be asked to do it again and again, as that is simply not sustainable.  (Lakewood Rotary is taking a year off in 2017-18.)  Tacoma 8 and Tacoma Narrows both need help, so if you know a willing family residing in the University Place or Tacoma School Districts, be sure to let President Don know (sorry, I meant DeeDee).
CITATIONS:  Unfortunately, it was only ten minutes to one p.m. so DeeDee said with delight that he had plenty of time for fines-- I mean “citations." Did you know that the word “citation” actually has very many connotations and different meanings altogether?  Yes, as Barb Spriggs noted when she was summoned for her “citation," the name “Citation” also applies to a small plane (Barb is a pilot).  Barb paid her fine—er citation—for a trip to Alaska where someone (not her) snagged a 55 pound King salmon among other highlights.
 But “citation” has many other connotations, such as the Presidential Citation, a well-known federal award, which is probably exactly what our brilliant President was thinking when he chose that word—we are really being commended,  awarded and recognized by being given the privilege of donating to DeeDee’s Citation Fund!  Another connotation that us legal beagles know about:  a “citation” is the way we refer in our briefs to a court case we want the judge to read, such as Citizens United v.  Federal Election Commission,  558 U.S. 310 (2010), where the Supremes decided 5-4 that the FEC could not prohibit spending on election campaigns.  The “U.S.” part is a citation to the Supreme Court reports where such high court opinions are found.  The moral of the story is that DeeDee has opened Pandora’s Box with this citation idea!  But we digress.   We will not delve into the source of the word “citation," which stems from either Middle English, Old French, or most likely Latin. 
OTHER FINES:   Phil Eng paid $20 for getting caught walking across the parking lot a couple of weeks ago with his golf clubs when Rotarians were exiting the Friday meeting that he missed.  Mick Johnson pledged a similar amount when he confessed that he played in that same golf tourney and missed the meeting too.  Gordie Quick ratted on his table-mate Chris Kimball for parking a motorcycle just outside the club’s front door.  That was worth $2 or $20.  Money was flowing out of wallets so fast that amounts were hard to hear.  Bud Montgomery handed over a big check because he went tuna fishing out of Westport.  Holy mackerel!  Or awesome albacore? Mary Marlin went last week to Ohio to visit her sisters…$20.  Tom Crabill paid $20 for DeeDee's fabulous yard.
Program Chair Sally Porter Smith then introduced Mike Fowler of the World Trade Center in the Port of Tacoma.  Mike speaks both Chinese and Japanese and serves the WTC in the capacity of marketing.  He has a Master’s degree in International Relations.  Mike showed slides and video of a recent WTC trade mission to China.  The Tacoma WTC is one of about 330 World Trade Centers in the world and is truly a regional asset as a full service international trade center.  Basically, it serves the Northwest or Washington, Oregon and Idaho and is the only such center in the region.  Mike focused in his talk on Alibaba, an internet site based in China that is much larger than Amazon.  In this trade mission, Mike and his staff focused solely on food and beverage trade possibilities and brought with them numerous samples of food and beverage products from the Northwest (including the BRB distillery in Gig Harbor) such as salmon and almonds.  They visited Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Fuzhou—Tacoma’s sister city in China.  He also described Linca International Commercial City, a “free trade zone” for imports, where taxes and import tariffs are greatly reduced.  Only 10% there!  Normally, the value added tax on imports is as high as 17% and tariffs on top of that can be about 49%!
Above: Presenter Mike Fowler (center), his intern, Alex Harrison (left), and Don Daniels (right)
Also worth noting, Mike said fully half (50%) of the world’s e-commerce customers are located in China.  The implications of this are enormous, with China’s growing middle class being very interested in purchasing imported, high quality goods, Mike said.  He said therefore has a huge potential customer base for American businesses to access.  It is actually easier now for local companies to get into the huge China market. 
Mike explained that the Port of Tacoma is the prime sponsor of the WTC and support also comes from members and the City of Tacoma.  A membership costs $500 per year.  Interesting program, so thanks again Sally.  Mike also introduced his intern, Alex Harrison.
Next Week’s Program:  Sally Bose, to discuss the Palmer Scholars (a program we have supported through our Community Concerns Committee).
DRAWING:  DeeDee pulled the winning ticket, which had Greg Rediske’s name on it!  Greg only won $5.
POST SCRIPT:  Thank God for proud Rotary Club of Lakewood traditions!  Such as the one holding that the Bulletin Committee members have immunity from citations....which have many meanings.        
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