President Pro Tem Mick Johnson rang the bell right on time, just as he learned when he was the President.
Rod Ladd gave the invocation and was Sergeant at Arms too; Duncan Cook led us off in the Pledge and was in charge of setup; Bill Young and his grand-daughter Annika twisted our arms to buy raffle tickets;   Nicole Hancock collected $360 at the Paul Harris desk for the Rotary Foundation; Walt Richardson was the Photographer; and Joe Quinn was the scribe.  Hope we did not miss anybody.  All mistakes herein are the fault of Editor-in-Chief Eric Quinn.
Visiting Rotarians included Past President Ralph Lockhart and Curtis Thiel of the Puyallup-South Hill Rotary.
Guests included Dave Covey's son.
Gayle Selden's Sunshine report had only Bob Peterson who is back home after some kidney problems.  Get well quick Bob.
Rotary Spotlight:    Dave Betz succinctly summed up the highlights of his life in two minutes or less (someone said: "I bet there are a lot more highlights too.").  Dave noted he has been a Lakewood resident for more than 40 years but he was born in Pittsburgh, Pa.  He spent three years in the U.S. Army.  Then he met Linda, the love of his life.  He worked at Weyerhaeuser, moved over to Brazier Lumber and then got smart and went out on his own.  He and Linda have four kids; he mentioned one daughter, recently honored as one of the "top forty under forty" down in Silicon Valley--no mean feat.  He mentioned five grand-kids and put in a plug for the Lakewood Community Foundation, of which he is now President.  (Dave is a great fund-raiser and project leader, in case you have not noticed.)  The endowment is now up to $800,000, Dave said.  He said a lot in a short time, but those were the high points Dave hit, or as fast as I could write.
Major Project:  Dave Coleman and Mark Blanchard reported on the status of the stage in the park.  The City Council voted 6-0 to proceed with the plans.  The structure's design is similar to the original Paul Casey concept and has a barn-like appearance.  Next steps include the specifics of design, sizing and eventually construction--we hope.
Announcements:  Janie Frasier suggested we support Yelm Rotary's Badminton Tournament/fundraiser.  That is on Saturday, August 8 at Yelm City Park.  $25 per team.  The flyers were on the tables, but if you need one call the bulletin writer, who saved one.
Greg Horn did the birthdays and anniversaries for July, saying it would be serious, not funny, without President Chris Kimball.  Wedding anniversary winners this month are Steve and Anne Enquist,  due to 42 years of marital bliss.  We did not ask Anne, but that is what Steve says.  The longest Rotary anniversary was Charles Heberle with 26 years in the club.  Greg only caught four of the birthday boys and girls:  Rose Stevens, Judy Hosea, Jim Weinand, and Sam Hunter.  They got to play some silly game and pay some small "donations".
Next, Greg did a neat little Vocational Service trick.  He recognized two long-time members for exhibiting those ideals that all Rotarians should uphold in business.  He called forth Mick Johnson to honor 43 years of ethics in business at Abbey Carpet.  Then he also called up Rick Selden and Gayle Selden (Ed Selden,  father and grand-father was also a Lakewood Rotarian) to celebrate the 55 years in business of Ed Selden Carpet One.  Nice touch, Greg.
Bill Potter noted that FISH Food Bank could sure use volunteers.  Located at 6900 Steilacoom Blvd. SW in Lakewood they can always use more Runners, Box Truck Drivers, Desk Attendants, and Floor Leads.  Assistant Manager, anyone?  Be part of the largest network of food banks in Pierce County.  They serve 46,000 clients each month.
Bylaws:  Sam Hunter and Greg Rediske, Club Secretary, have been working on the Bylaws.  The amended Bylaws were approved unanimously by the Club, upon motion duly made and seconded.  You can go on the LR web site to see what the changes were, as I have no idea what we just approved!  Sam was very efficient and a man of few words.
New Members:  Chuck Hellar rose to say that we should welcome our three  newest members, Don Anderson, Mark Edgecomb, and Will Moncrease, who should not all sit at the same table, he added.  In that regard, the Mentoring Committee was recruiting.   Gary Fulton and Mick Johnson will be joined by Dave Betz and Larry Saunders.
Program:  Rose Stevens, President-Elect, introduced Bill Potter as our program speaker today (and Club Treasurer).  Despite his protestations that Construction Financing was a boring topic that he could not make scintillating even with Power Point slides, Bill made banking pretty entertaining.  His title is Construction Lending Specialist.  Or he said, "I am the guy who makes your dream come true."  Really, he did make the process seem less impersonal than one might expect.  We learned a bit about what goes on behind the scenes and that not all banks are created equal when it comes to construction lending.   It was no surprise to many of us, though, when Bill said that as the construction project moves along, the Owner's money goes into the pot first, and the bank's money goes in last!
Drawing: The drawing was only for about $290 but the lucky ticket holder only got $5.  Too many white chips.
Wait a minute! Whose Rotarian head is this, anyways?