Posted by Donn Irwin on Sep 21, 2018
Clang, clang, clang went the trolley, no….wait…ding, ding, ding, went the bell (yes!) and President Gayle opened up another edition of the Lakewood Rotary Club’s weekly meeting.
Chris Kimball gave us a meaningful invocation and Barb Spriggs led the group in the pledge to the flag.
Did you know that on Sept. 21st 1937 J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” was first published?
Speaking of published things, the Rotary Four Way Test has been published for a while and we all got to recite it aloud under the direction and tutelage of our esteemed President.
Hammar, Fletcher and Cook set us up. Eric Warn took our money at the Paul Harris table while Chuck Hellar took on the task of selling raffle tickets and being Sargent at Arms. (It says on the President’s agenda that Mark Edgecomb was scheduled to do this but I do believe that was Chuck at the table and not Mark…..more on this later in the program). Donnnnn Irwin acted as recorder of all things that he could remember, write down and or get in written form whilst Eric Quinn stepped up to pinch hit as our Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer. Steve Mazoff was the Greeter. (Just a quick note here: At the top of the meeting Ms. Selden had asked that there be know miss – spelllings in the Key. I assure yew that all of the righters do there best to spell corrrectley).
Sept, 21 1970 – The First Monday Night Football Game aired on Television. The Cleveland Browns beat the NY Jets 31-21. (Yes, the Browns won the game).
Steve Mazoff introduced visiting Rotarians of which there was one – Bob Lawrence from Clover Park. Good to see you Mr. Lawrence. Mary Horn introduced a guest for the final time, one Colleen Cook. Next week, Colleen will become a Lakewood Rotarian and therefore not be considered a guest.
Announcements: Bob Lawrence thanked the club for supporting the Lakewood Film-Arts-Books Festival. Said Festival to be held this weekend at the McGavick Center. Sept. 28-30.
Skip Stephan made an announcement about a trip to Germany in 2020 that centers around the Passion Play. Eric Warn announced another Fellowship event at Diamonds by Design on Saturday 10\13. Monica Cordell let us know about Partners for Parks happening at the park tonight (9/21). I believe there was some Puffin talk as well. President Gayle quizzed the crowd about our participation with Rotary and Facebook. Rick Selden has a table started for the Kiwanis Auction on Oct. 6th. Tacoma South Rotary Mini Golf happens on 10\12.
Sept 21, 1981 – The US Senate confirmed Sandra Day O’Connor to be the first female justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.
President Gayle then confessed that she had a crazy idea (no editorializing here please). Seems as though we are coming up a little short on the brick\paver program for the Pavillion so ….President Gayle has authorized one Rick Selden to send an email to all of us that contains a letter asking folks to buy bricks. We are then to pass the letter on to 3 of our friends so they too can have the opportunity to immortalize themselves as donors to this worthy endeavor. Crazy, right?
Greg Horn, assisted by the always-entertaining Chris Kimball, (I know, I know that statement is up for debate but I have to make this as interesting as I can) were called upon to announce birthdays, club anniversaries and wedding anniversaries. So here goes.
Rotary Club Anniversaries:
Mike Zaro 3 years, Eric Quinn 4 years, Don Daniels 22 years, Walt Richardson and Gary Fulton 34 years.
Wedding Anniversaries
Janie\George Frasier  5, Larry\Carla Clark 7, Melissa\Tony Missall 11, Kris\Rosemary Peterson 25, Walt\Tanya Richardson 26, Mark\Joan Blanchard 42, Greg\Mary Horn 42, Scott\Kathy Buser 43, Rick\Sharon Selden 50, Wynn\Margie Hoffman 50, Mike\Wendy McGowan 54 and Sam\Sybil Hunter 61.
Ward Fletcher, Charlene Miseli, Clint Johnson, Greg Rediske, Bob Zawilski, Mark Blanchard, Dave Coleman, Gayle Selden and Mary Jo Strom Copland.
Mr. Kimball asked the birthday folks that were in attendance to please step forward and share their most embarrassing moment in high school. Mary Jo and Dave C mentioned their proudest moment – graduation. Greg R. recounted his crewcut hair that stood in contrast to the long hair styles of the time and his being in a DECCA class with a good looking girl by the name of Michelle. Evidently Greg had enough nerve to ask this Michelle what she was doing for the weekend. Michelle, lacking certain social graces at the time, simply laughed. (Ladies think it is easy to be a guy). Gayle S. confessed that she was wearing some really cool new shoes – platform Converse – on the first day of school and, as she was walking up the steps, took a fall (and in front of all of the cute guys)!
Ward F. probably shouldn’t gamble because, if his school embarrassment is any indication of his luck, his odds of winning are terrible. Seems that Ward decided to play hooky on the first day of school and take the train down to Chehalis. Whom do you think he ran into in Chehalis? The Principal of his school. (I’m wondering what the school Principal was doing down there)?
Ms. President then ran us through a review of the 4 Way Test. Some of us actually knew the words.
Sept. 21 1893 - Frank Duryea took what is believed to be the first gasoline-powered automobile for a test drive. The "horseless carriage" was designed by Frank and Charles Duryea.
Out came the tiara and the fines began.
Remember way back at the beginning of this epistle that Mark Edgecomb was mentioned, regarding his being assigned a job and then going AWOL. Mark confessed to having messed up two assignments – one from last week and then the one this week. It cost him $20.00 and all was forgiven. (Note to club members: It appears that the current President can be bought). Ed Shannon had a story in the Ranger about his many rounds of golf (now at 734) and his granddaughter is a National Merit finalist - $40.00. Our esteemed past President Chris Kimball had his name in the International Rotarian magazine - $20.00. John Warner had a granddaughter get married and he is taking a trip to the east coast. The granddaughter married the manager of the Whole Foods market -  $100.00. Don Daniels confided to us that he had offered each of his three daughter’s money to buy a house or have a big wedding. Two of the three opted for the big wedding. His hope was the last of the three would opt for the money. His hopes were dashed when the last one said that since her two sisters had a big wedding she wanted one as well. Don, just think of the memories you are making! He gave $20.00.
President Gayle was thrilled to see that Donna Phillips was in attendance. At a previous meeting (date unknown to this writer) Donna’s phone rang – 1st offence = $10.00; Gayle has been waiting to impose the fine. Donna also went to Las Vegas so she paid $20.00. Greg Horn paid $20.00 just to say that he has had 42 years of a happy marriage. It is interesting to note that wife Mary, also in the same marriage for forty two years said\paid nothing. Mary Jo confessed that she has paid for all of her daughters’ weddings as well, so she had no sympathy for Don. She paid $20.00. Skip Stephan informed us that he is active in Tacoma Musical Playhouse’s the Young at Heart productions and that he went to NYC and sang at Carnegie Hall - $20.00. Monica Cordell allowed that she has taken the Puffin on adventures.  Last but not least John Lowney let us know that his retirement is totally official now that he has received his first Social Security check. Congratulations John! He paid $20.00.
Jan Gee introduced our guest speaker, Tim Puryear. Tim was born in King County and now lives in Tacoma. He attended Central Washington University as well as UW where he studied accounting and commercial real estate development. He is a CPA. Tim has worked for Safeco Properties and for SuperValu (what used to be West Coast Grocery) as their NW Regional Real Estate Manager. He is currently working for Northwest Building’s Properties in a senior position as the asset manager for 35 industrial buildings including Lakewood Industrial Park.
Mr. Puryear started out by letting everyone know that Norton Clapp owned the Lakewood Industrial Park but that it all started with the Colonial Center. He covered the birth of the Center including the discussion as to why it was sited where it was. Tim shared some interesting aerial photos of the beginnings of both the Colonial Center and the Industrial Park as well as the fascinating story of how Mr. Clapp came to own the land that the Industrial Park is built on.
Above: Presenter, Tim Puryear
The park is built on land once owned by the military. The land had a few buildings on it and was used only for a short period of time and then basically abandoned. Mr. Clapp owned a very old hotel in downtown Seattle that the U.S. Government was interested in acquiring so that a Federal Government building could be built on that site. The government asked Mr. Clapp what he wanted for the hotel. He asked for a swap – the hotel for the unused, abandoned land that the military wasn’t using. With the help of rather significant politicians, a Mr. Jackson and Mr. Magnuson, the deal was done and the rest, as they say, is history.
The Industrial Park is home to a variety of different business types with the majority being distribution (65%). The rest breaks down like this: manufacturing (20%), Showroom\Service (10%) and moving companies (5%). Tenants include McLane, Richards Packaging, Cascades Sonoco, OrePac, Fastenal, Denali Moving and Storage and NW Design Center. Tim gave a brief run down on what each tenant did and then wrapped up his presentation with a Power Point presentation of what a gentleman by the name of Doug Gray does with Corvettes. He takes them apart and “remakes” them into different classic Corvette body styles. Questions were asked and answered. Thanks to Tim for an interesting presentation.
The Rotary Foundation took in $187.00
The all-male board of Virginia Military Institute voted to admit women on the same day (not the same year) that John F. Kennedy Jr. married Carolyn Bessette – Sept. 21, 1996
Now for the drawing. $1200 in the pot. Bob Peterson had the winning ticket and made his way up to the front of the room where President Gayle held the infamous purple pouch containing the 6 white and 1 red chips. Bob stuck in his and withdrew a……….white chip. He won! $5.00
And thus ends yet another historical meeting of the Lakewood Rotary Club. Next week's presentation will be our very own Charlene Miseli, and Barbara Perez, presenting on Scouting in Southwestern Washington.
Oh yes, read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske so you can get a make-up. Also, do your online shopping on Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be donated to Lakewood Rotary.