The July 10th meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood was called to order with a jazzy bell ring by President Chris Kimball. Chris started his first meeting with a traditional Invocation by Rod Ladd and an untraditional (for Lakewood Rotary) singing of the National Anthem by the club, with the accompaniment of Chris on the Drums. He promised Morris Northcutt would bring his trumpet sometimes to accompany us too, but be prepared to sing the National Anthem every meeting for the year.

Greeting us at the meeting today was US Open swag seller Dave Coleman (the Dave Who from above). Richard Simmons did the set up; Nicole Hancock wrangled in $1,632 at the Foundation desk (the current record at the Foundation desk for this Rotary year); Sabrina Simmons, granddaughter of Bill Young, sold raffle tickets. Gayle Selden is writing this bulletin and Rod Ladd took the photographs.
Chris continued his new Presidential regime with a quote. New to this year, the quote will always be from a Rock and Roll Song! Chris shared something prophetic from the infamous Hall & Oates. The delivery was a little fast so I will instead tell you the story about my Dad trying unsuccessfully to buy my cousin a Birthday gift of a cassette tape of his favorite band at the time, “Hauling Oats.” I guess my father has always had a hearing problem as the fav band was actually Hall & Oates.
Guests were introduced to the club and included: Sabrina Simmons, granddaughter of Bill Young; Jeanette Adkins, the much better half of Ron; President Chris’s sister Caroline Brady and his son David.
Chris broke with past presidential tradition and remembered the Sunshine report! Reported was Sharon Sadler has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer; she has had surgery and will begin chemo treatments soon. Husband Tom is signed on to be her nurse so the both of them need our support. Sunshine also recognized Dave Covey who is back looking strong! The Sunshine chair, Gayle Selden, would like to thank John Forkenbrock for transitioning in as Sunshine chair. I put it in the bulletin John, no backing out now.
For the first time in his Presidential regime Chris had an unexpected announcement. This came from Gayle Selden about the exchange program. The exchange committee is looking for Host Families for Cristina from Italy. She will be hosted by the Korsmos in the winter but we need an August-October host immediately. Please contact Clayton Denault immediately if you can host (
Our Outbound exchange student, Gabby Douglas, is headed to Poland soon! She is excited to see a new country and bring back a lot of information for us, and to spread the love of Lakewood Rotary.
July 10th is also past exchange student Selen Erdogen’s birthday. She made it home to Turkey and is having a wonderful time vacationing with her family. Thanks to all of you who made her stay so wonderful! Now let’s do the same for Cristina!
Chris brought back the tradition of the Rotarian of the Week. This week’s Rotarian was Ron Adkins. Ron began by telling us he has Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. That means his lungs don’t get enough Oxygen, thus the tank and the wheelchair he uses to get around. Ron said he had other stuff wrong with him but didn’t elaborate. One of the things not wrong with him is his second and current wife, Jeanette.  Ron has two sons who are both accomplished people. As Ron’s two minutes were up Chris asked Ron his favorite thing about Lakewood Rotary and he answered Fellowship!
Dave Coleman was then given a stage, and the crowd was quick to turn on the past president. He began with an announcement about the resignation of Ben Sclair. Past President Ben has found the need to concentrate on his family and business right now and needed to step away from Rotary to give him that time. He has no complaints or beef with Lakewood Rotary. And we have no complaints about President Short Pants, the winner of the Torvald T. Torvalssen III award for most missed meetings as a President, and will miss him greatly and welcome with open arms when he is ready to return.
Other members that resigned in June include Tony Bowie, Ted Broussard, Stan Kanarowski, Linda Schoonmaker and Woody Woodbury.
Dave then talked about his amazing innovative task for the Sportsman’s Dinner, calling the US Open to ask for a donation of left-over merchandise. Dave was greatly surprised when greeted by three interns and a truck ready to follow him home with 300 t shirts, umbrellas and posters. The umbrellas are gone, but Dave will sell the T-shirts for $10 for short sleeve, $15 for long sleeve, and posters are $10-15. The money being collected will be part of the Sportsman’s Dinner money earned for next year.  Thanks Dave for all your hard work!
Rapid Fire Announcements: Reeder Roadster Romp is happening in September, so contact Phil Eng if you want to join the fun ( ). (This is an event in which Rotarians and Spouses take out their cute cars and go on a weekend drive/ trip somewhere together. I have no idea where they are going but if I remember correctly the trip starts September 12th.). There was a write up from the Historical Society on the Playground at Fort Steilacoom Park that Lakewood Rotary (and partner’s built). Special mentions of Mary Lou and Dave Sclair, John Magnusson and Dave Betz were included. Historical society has an exhibit called playgrounds of the Lakes District going on now.  (I remember the playground being built and it’s considered History? I am getting old which means Dad you are getting way old!)
The Partners for Parks event scheduled for July 25th has been postponed. The Summerfest Beer Tent is happening on July 11th. Setup for the Summerfest beer tent took place directly after Rotary. Contact John Lowney if you can help with take down on Sunday.
Here is a photo of our volunteers at the Summerfest Triathlon. It was a blast, and we look forward to helping again next year!
Phil Eng announced the Courage Classic, which is a fundraising ride to support the Rotary Endowment for the Intervention and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. This fundraiser was started by Lakewood Rotary. Our involvement is manning a Rest Stop along the route (the other Pierce County clubs man other rest stops). Our rest stop partners include Clover Park and Tacoma South Rotary. Volunteers for the event are to be a Nason Creek rest stop (near Leavenworth) Sunday, August 2nd at 2 pm for set up, then everyone heads to dinner in town provided by the Lions club and then to the beer garden provided by Tacoma #8. Our crew heads to the rest stop starting at 6:30 am to prepare the food and drink for the riders coming through. Most riders and clean up are completed by noon or so. We currently have ten members signed up to help. If you want to go—contact Phil Eng ( and get a room in Leavenworth!
Ed Shannon made a last announcement about the Military Appreciation event at Cheney Stadium. There are 29 Rotarians going. Talk to Ed now if you want to be there on the 16th.
Eric Quinn announced Kim Prentice as the winner of the name-that-head contest, although she didn’t remember whose head she named as it had been so long. Although Eric says he came up with this as a fun “read the bulletin” gam, rumor has it that he and Rod Ladd bought all the last stock and inventory of Ron Popeil's hair-in-a-can GLH (Great Looking Hair).
President Chris then bestowed upon Dave Coleman Dave Covey’s Past President Badge. It was honorary as Dave’s hadn’t showed up by meeting time. But from the back of the room up ran Treasurer Bill Potter with a fresh-off-the-press Past President Badge for Dave.
Congrats to those with 100% attendance for the 2014-15 Rotary year: Dave Coleman, Dan Daniels, Bob Hammar, Charles Heberle, Greg Horn, Chris Kimball, Rod Ladd, Steve Mazoff, Mike McGowan, Greg Rediske, Gayle Selden, Rick Selden and Bill Young.
Honorable Mention to those members with over 90% attendance: Duncan Cook, Steve Enquist, Virginia Hillyer, Wynn Hoffman, Vaughn Hoffman, Judy Hosea, Mick Johnson, Bill Price, Joe Quinn, Rose Stevens and Ted Wier.
Special Mention to Troy Wilcox who has 100% attendance since joining the club, and to Jason Whalen who has 100% attendance since Chris Kimball took office.
Want to up your attendance? Join a committee—committee meetings count as make ups. Sportsman’s Dinner and Community Concerns are two that significantly up your attendance game.
It was the First Meeting for President Chris, and he had the pleasure of installing two new members on his inaugural day. We welcome Don Anderson and Mark Edgecomb into Lakewood Rotary.
Mark Edgecomb, sponsored by Tom Sadler, is a CPA at Brink and Sadler. He has been married 27 years and has 7 kids who all attended Clover Park Schools. He is a self-proclaimed team player and is eager to get involved in Lakewood Rotary. We are excited to have you Mark!
Don Anderson, sponsored by Jason Whalen, is a familiar face to us. He has been a frequent visitor to our club from Rotary 8. Don has been married 25 years, has 4 adult daughters with 6 degrees (that he is still paying on). Don is a part time lawyer and full time Lakewood City Council Member and City Mayor. After a gift of the club Puffin from Bob Hammar, Don is now known as Lakewood’s eccentric, Puffin-carrying Mayor. Thanks for joining us Don, hope we don’t tarnish your reputation!
Troy Wilcox, a member of Lakewood Rotary’s under 68 club, received his Blue Badge. He paid his $5 and we all cheered for a new member we appreciate so much!
As a tribute to all the fines Chris will collect in his tenure as President, he cut a hole in a drum where we will place all fines collected. The first fine collected by President Chris was $20 from himself for a trip to the Bahamas. The second fine was levied against public servants Greg Rediske and John Korsmo (absent) for being photographed as our Lakewood Water District Commissioners; Greg gave a $20 IOU. Rose Stevens gave an undetermined amount as it was her Birthday! The Club sang yet again to wish our President Elect the best!
The first program of the year is for the President to tell us a little about himself and his plans for the year. Chris promises to offend us all and make jokes we won’t always get. Chris says that when in doubt of what he says, the proper response is usually to laugh. Chris gave us his personal history, and scooped the puffins by providing the club with the view of his most embarrassing youth photographs. Born in Centralia, to a pianist father and an English mother, Chris is a self-proclaimed afro-haired, ex con, motorcyclist drummer. His claim to fame on the musical side came when he was a part of the Jim and Tammy Faye Baker show. I assume it wasn’t with the band named Thrust.
Chris met Vicki, the pastor’s daughter, in an orchestra and married her seven months later (even though he called her by the wrong name on their first date). They have two sons, David and Donnie.In 2003, Chris started Woodstick, a gathering of drummers, as a fundraiser for Polio Plus. The event grew and broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the most drummers drumming at the same time. He has since sold the fundraiser to another organization. In the year 2000 Chris started his financial planning business and went independent with it in 2011. He also teaches seminary classes so his clients know his investments have a prayer.
To alleviate any worries the membership may have of Chris’s religion entering into his role as President, he shared a top ten list of things that won’t change when he is President:
Chris’s first experience with Lakewood Rotary was as a guest to the Sportsman’s Dinner. He and Vicki had so much fun that night that Vicki told him to join Lakewood Rotary. He wants to see more family oriented activities, more people contributing to the foundation ($2/week is all we ask), Membership growing with active leaders in the community and keeping new members by getting them involved in the club right away. Great first meeting President Chris, even if we had to sing!
Drawing winner was Troy Wilcox. He won $5! Troy, make a note of today, your number won’t be chosen again for at least ten years.
A big congratulations to our Russ Klauser Rotarian of the Year, Steve Mazoff, and our Bernie Ootkin Non-Rotarian of the Year, Donn Tyler of Lakewood Hardware. Both awards were handed out at the Installation Banquet, to these two quite-deserving men, who should be celebrated!
If you are still reading this, thank you! What a full meeting. You shouldn’t have missed it Michael Lewis. I know there was no parking but it was worth the illegal country club parking job! And if you are still reading this, whose Rotarian head is this, anyways?