President Mark Blanchard called us to order with his cheery Lakewood Rotary "Aloha" and got a resounding "Aloha" right back, which just proved we were awake after our nap and taking no chances with fate whatsoever, ...after all it was Friday the 13th.   (Am I mistaken or did no one even mention that?)


This week's helpers were:

               "Pastor" Rod Ladd did the Invocation again and President Mark Blanchard led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and acted as official Greeter too.

               Meeting setup was done by Duncan Cook, assisted by Bill Young who also served as Sergeant at Arms and Photographer (and would have introduced Visiting Rotarians, if there were any).

               Bob Zawilski  manned The Paul Harris (Rotary International) Foundation desk and reported that (only) $176 was collected this week for the Foundation.  Sorry for that editorial comment, but we can do better.  And I suspect we will...December 31st is approaching so now is the time to consider your favorite charitable organization, particularly if a tax deduction is appealing.  Let's face it...we get endless entreaties in December but what is more dear to your heart than either the RI Foundation or the Lakewood Community Foundation?  Maybe your next (or first) Paul Harris Award is right within reach or maybe you noticed the local foundation is getting to be a strong force for good in this community.  See below about that.  No apology for this advertisement, and no... Mike McGowan and Tom Sadler did not put me up to it.  In fact, the President can fine me $300 for this effrontery if that money can go to Paul Harris.

                Dave Covey is in charge of those tent calendars found on our tables.

               Joe Quinn is the bulletin writer, and Greg Rediske is Editor.

Guests today included:

·        Sam Fogerty, a local personal injury lawyer and a good guy (those two are not impossible at all);

·         Bob Warfield of Keep Lakewood Beautiful and many other Lakewood groups;

·         and Mary Moss introduced Lonnie Howard (a prospective Rotary member so hope I got his name right this time)

President Mark called up Bob Warfield to speak about the demise of Keep Lakewood Beautiful and how the Lakewood Community Foundation has agreed to take on a KLB program known as the Rose Murphy Endowment Fund.   Rose Murphy was a  Lakewood philanthropist and wonderful person, with a great interest in maintaining and enhancing the beauty of Lakewood and its parks. She died a few years ago;  her endowment fund, which is soon to be transferred to the Lakewood Community Foundation for management, already has $155,000 in it.  Bob sent us (after the meeting) a detailed history of Keep Lakewood Beautiful, which was first organized in 1996, was eventually recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, and which did a lot of good for the community before being dissolved recently.  This endowment fund will continue that legacy, but acting through the Lakewood Community Foundation's Rose Murphy Endowment Fund.  Isn't it sort of wondrous how a simple kernel of an idea of two Rotary Clubs to form a foundation can blossom or ripen into something so significant with the support of unconnected individuals with similar values?  We all owe a debt of gratitude to Tom Sadler, the late Joel Feldman (who is missed), and others like Cal Kushen and Dave Betz, who have been active in that foundation.  Apologies to anyone I missed as I am sure there are others, including some Clover Park Rotarians, like the late Gene Pankey and Tom Faubion.

Gayle Selden provided the Sunshine Report.  General Harrison, former Mayor and Clover Park Rotarian, is now at Panorama in Lacey for physical therapy and recovery.  Richard Simmons is doing fine, as reported by Mike McGowan, and will be able to eat solid food soon.  Don Greenleaf is still at Manor Care undergoing PT, Gayle said. 

Busy time of the year, President Mark reported, with upcoming events including:

·        December 20 - Tom and Jerry Party avec roast Blanchard

·        December 21 - Christmas Baskets distribution in the morning and Rotary Christmas Party by Partners in the evening  (sign up possible until Tuesday)

·        No meetings on the Fridays after Christmas and New Year's (12/27and 1/3/2014, respectively)

Mark also said a trip to Ecuador is planned for July to visit our Global Grant project there. Interested?

Major Projects:   Dave Coleman announced that the overwhelming response to our assembly "penny survey" was that our members want a substantial project, so the current frontrunner is creation of an amphitheater at Fort Steilacoom Park.  There are three potential sites within the park.  It all really depends on the level of interest on the part of the Parks Department and the City of Lakewood. 


  Ted Wier & Judy Hosea; John Warner receiving accolades for 41 years in Lakewood Rotary (and Ted: Again)

Sportsman's Dinner:    Judy Hosea, Gayle Selden and others did a funny routine, with President Mark playing music in the background, complete with large placards that Mark carried around the room, flashing (no not that kind of flashing!) them under our noses.  The placards bore examples of great procurement items or ideas, to get us thinking about the key elements of a successful Sportsman's Dinner:   (1) procurement; (2) buying a table or at least attending the dinner; (3) volunteering to work, (4) getting others to come and buy stuff, etc. but that it all has to start with procurement (nothing to auction off? auction).  So start procuring.


  Chris and Greg, and the Birthday Boys (Jim Sharp, Scott Buser, Bob Peterson, Mike McGovern)

Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries and Club Anniversaries:   I don't know how but Chris Kimball and Greg Horn manage to make what could be a mundane exercise into a funny escapade.  Maybe it was Chris' elf hat, which managed to stand straight up like your....(never mind) and then totally collapse suddenly like a Tesla with a flat tire.  Anyway it is always good for raising a few birthday bucks and a few laughs.  And you can learn how important it is to keep your profile up to date in the Clubrunner database Puffin Chuck Hellar noted that his December birthday was not recognized and Rick Selden heard him weeping.  So Chuck was added to the list and reminded to keep our directory or profiles up to date!    Little or no fine.


Chuck and Rick: And let us not forget, sez Chuck:  Food Basket delivery, Saturday, December 21, 7 am, Saars Marketplace!  The place to be!

Sportsbook:  Dave Covey is up to his old tricks, running the sports pool again this year for the College Football Bowl games.  A $5 entry fee allows you to pick your spots and maybe win a bundle.  And for further motivation, Dave says that again this year some of the profits will be used to enhance the Community Concerns Budget, which is almost used up at mid-year (Rotary year). So play the Sportsbook.

FINE TIME:  Two of the three "finemaster triumvirate" were present today, Ben Sclair and John Magnuson.  They made us each put $2 in the center of the table and then Ole Magnuson told a story about a cabbie and a nun, and said if anyone could blurt out the last sentence word for word they could pick up their two bucks.  Funny ting, only the Norwegian, Greg Rediske, got it exactly right,  and the Swede, Ole, said "da fix vas opviously in" as no Norwegian could possibly be dat smart!  (Well he really did not say that but he could have, after all he is Ole!)

 Chris Kimball got caught with a reported award to be the top financial planner in some obscure rag, so he pledged to pay one half of whatever was in his wallet.  Wait a minute, a financial planner must have a pretty full wallet, no?  (The award: 2013 Best of Tacoma!  As reported in the Suburban Times.)

Puffin  Ron Messenger did a funny bit about how he was not related to Wynn Hoffman and Vaughn Hoffman even though their heights are so much alike!  He made them stand up next to him like two 6'10" bookends to show how tall he isn't.  No short man complex for Ron; we can see he has a sense of humor and will be a great member.  He paid $20 for various sins, like almost forgetting the Puffin right after he took possession. 


  The would-be triplets.

Program:   RYLA AND THE USAF - Both all about leadership

Dave Coleman introduced today's speaker, Major Brian Riggins, who is about to retire as an Air Force pilot.  But first Dave had Greg Rediske give us a little history of RYLA--the Rotary Youth Leadership Award, held at PLU.  Started in Australia in 1959, the program really did not get  going here until our club sent an exchange student to Australia in 1967 (Pam Peterson, daughter of PP Clayton Peterson).  In 1969 or 1970 we copied their program and it became hugely successful here.  At the 1971 RI conference in Australia, the program gained international recognition.  Our speaker today, from Oregon City, Oregon, was a RYLA participant (Aha, so there is the connection) and then went on to a fine career in the US Air Force.  He got a B.S. in Avionics and then became a pilot, flying C-5's, the T-1 instructor jet, and finally now flying C-17's at McChord. 

Brian went back and forth, comparing the impact on him of RYLA and the Air Force, which both taught leadership skills but in somewhat differing ways.  The three core leadership values of the US Air Force are integrity, excellence, and "service before self", he said.  That does sound a lot like Rotary values, with our Service Above Self motto and the Four Way Test.    Brian gave a solid program and had us wishing he might retire in this area...and join Lakewood Rotary. 


The meeting concluded with some business:  Clayton Denault got his blue badge for a mere $10 and the drawing was won by Tom Crabill, who got a mere $5. 


Where are these reindeer going, leaving John Lowney's house in December?  Why, to the Christmas Dinner Dance on December 21 at the Tacoma Country and Golf Club!  These reindeer are true Lakewood Rotary reindeer:  they were made by PP John Lowney using clear cedar that came out of the sauna of legendary Lakewood Rotarian, Russ Klauser.  Clearly, a must have for many Lakewood Rotarians!  There will be one on each table, and a donation envelope will be available for those wanting a Rotary Reindeer.  So make sure you're there: Call Ellen Mazoff or Pam Lowney NOW!  Deadline for securing your spot at the social event of the year is Tuesday, December 17.