Posted by Mary Marlin on Oct 19, 2018
      President Gayle Selden is back! Let the fun begin! After Gayle activated the gong and the meeting was called to order, the club members stood.

      Clint Johnson gave the invocation sharing our special affinity for Mike McGowan whose memorial will be Sunday at St. Mary's at 3:00. Donn Irwin led the flag salute.  Those ever-diligent about making the meeting happen were: 

     Meeting set up: Rob Erb, Duncan Cook, Ward Fletcher, and Bob Hammar (Rotary Store)

     Paul Harris table: Steve Enquist

     Ticket Sales and Sergeant at Arms: Mick Johnson and Leon Titus

     Bulletin Writer:  Mary Marlin

     Bulletin Photographer: Sonia Martinez

     Greeter: Leanna Christian with assistance from Rose Stevens

      Visiting Rotarians introduced by Rob Erb were Patrick Lewis from Olympia downtown, Michelle Johnson from Tacoma 8 and Jennifer Wolbracht. Guests introduced by Jim Rooks were Steward Grover, Deidre Soileau, and Jeff Brown. Sonia Martinez introduced Clifton Matthews. Colleen Cook introduced her husband of eighteen years....AND.....they are celebrating their anniversary today here at Rotary!! (And maybe dinner at another place tonight!) John Forkenbrock with the Sunshine Report (a little less sunny with all the health issues) reminded us of the memorial for Mike McGowan on Sunday and mentioned that a card was being sent around the tables for members to sign. AND another six people donated $100 each dedicated to Mike. Also, Richard Simmons just celebrated his 96th birthday but his health has been an issue so a card is also being sent around to wish him well. Vaughn Hoffman recently broke his leg and is slowly recovering said his brother, Wynn.  We hope everyone mending will join us next week!



      Gayle was very appreciative that responsible past presidents stepped up to assist and cover for her when she was away. John Lowney, John Magnuson and Ron Irwin were applauded. Gayle also thanked the Board for the diligent Board Meeting last night. Lots got done! November 15th will be the next one. Dave Coleman will head up the Ribbon Cutting at the Pavilion in Steilacoom Park at 9am on Saturday, October 27th. He officially reminded Mayor Don Anderson to bring scissors and be a speaker. Yes, money is still being collected for bricks, but sooner is better than later. Gayle has a check for the pavilion. Don hoped it will be certified before handing it over!  Gayle's working on it! October 24th is World Polio Day and Gayle encourages all to share Facebook posts and activities. Note......Lakewood Rotary has been the LEADER in our district for polio donations!! Let's make it a million.  Tell your friends! Oh, and Gayle suggested if you need help with internet info, check with a local 13 year old. They can help!

     Blue badges and pins and coins and Paul Harris presentations then began. Both Monica Cordell and Leanna Christian were presented with blue badges. Monica has a passion for Youth Exchange and shared how she is meeting wonderful people and is excited to be a member. Leanna loves seeing familiar faces at the YMCA (Ted and Eric), and "loves us all." Gayle shared how lucky we are to have such great members and then gently asked each for a $5 donation. Steve Enquist then presented Paul Harris Awards to Monica Cordell (first one), Mary Marlin (first one), Sally Smith (fifth one), Dave Covey (seventh one), and Bill Price (eighth one). Steve mentioned that we are first in the district in contributions and have over $1,000,000 in total donations!! Well done!



      Several members have been busy with life and travel and one was Clint Johnson. Clint acknowledged he had not been to many meetings and had missed Gayle's "regime.” He now has two homes and a married son. And he contributed $100.  Don Anderson has been traveling to Charleston, Georgia and Eugene for a wonderful football game. (Some boos from the opposing crowd!) He also generously donated $100. Mary Covelli Johnson owes John Lowney big time for installing a new hot water heater after theirs exploded in the middle of the night. Some questions arose about what he was doing there in the middle of the night, but the confusion was cleared up when the truth evolved that he showed up the next day....not night! Mary donated another $100. Greg Horn donated $20 to pay up for his beautiful wife Mary's birthday.  Colleen Cook gave $20 as celebration for her anniversary of 18 years! Mary Moss was so surprised at the $1000 plus she won for the raffle last week that she offered $20 in case her screaming hurt those with hearing issues. Jim Bisceglia who so sadly had to go to Greece, Malta, Sicily and Rome among other places and mentioned he had to row everywhere and it was "arduous, esp in Venice" (you can imagine!) donated a Greenleaf ($100) to whatever fund needed it. Eric Wren toured Europe in the worst drought and had to switch boats four times.  He should have had Jim paddling! Not sure what the donation was, but it was good he didn't have the back surgery.


     Jim Rooks then introduced the speaker of the day, Susan Russell Hall, a friend and fellow runner as well as a teammate in the medical field. Here are some adjectives that reveal the hard worker that Susan is:  joyful, happy, artistic, medical illustrator in encaustic art, UW grad, president of Tacoma Art Museum, member of many societies, a Woman to Watch Award winner, been published in many publications, participated in 6400 congenital heart operations, a marathon runner and goal setter who will run a marathon in every continent.....soon the Marine Corps Marathon in New Zealand.  In 2021, it's Antarctica with the penguins!! Susan then approached the microphone to a round of applause when she shared that public speaking has been a challenge for her.  Marathons not so much. But it was not an easy beginning to running.  Susan's friend nagged her to start running. After 3 minutes and 6 months, she had completed 300 miles! Her life has been a combination of giving to others and to self as we all do. But her legacy is quite extraordinary. Let's look at the medical field first. Her medical illustrations ….encaustic a special style of art that enhances a surgeon's work by highlighting areas that don't always show up in an MRI or other methods. "With art you take away the distractions.” "Either you draw fast or the surgeon is slow.” Wax and a blow torch can eventually be part of the process, although not, I think, during surgery! It seems exotic with medicine but Susan has participated in 6500 surgeries to assist doctors by seeing things others might not. She has been selected as one of only 79 people published in this medium in the 21st century.



Above: Presenter Susan Russell Hall


She has been highlighted in 100 exhibitions. And then there is the running! From the beginning she has held onto the words of her mother..."Don't let anybody steal your dreams!" And she certainly has not! Some other comments that Susan mentioned also mold the spirit and inspire the work: "Strength and focus equal running. Expect great things from yourself. Dream really BIG. If it doesn't scare you, you need to dream bigger. If dreams are not worth fighting for, they aren't worth doing. Put limits on road signs, not your life. There is power in putting one foot in front of the other. I paint when I have no words and run to find them. When we move, we encourage the ability to do. When I paint I get out the emotions. When I run I find the language to wrap around it. Have joy and compassion for others and yourself. You learn about yourself every time you show up. Focus on one day at a time. Every time you show up you learn something."  And, Susan, this Lakewood Rotary was inspired by your willingness to share.  We showed up! And we learned a lot! You have been there for families and patients.  And today you were there for us.   We thank you!  



      Then came the raffle. Monica Cordell got $5 and the Foundation Desk made $1897!!! Is this club generous or what? Next week's program will be from Joel Ard, presenting on "Federalism, Originalism and the Supreme Court"!!! And all is well.....till next time...……..yours truly, Mary Marlin 


      Read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske so you can get a make-up. Also, do your online shopping on Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.