Posted by Greg Rediske on Aug 31, 2018
Dancer with the football stars. President/Queen of Lakewood Rotary. Is there nothing she can't do?
Note from the Editor: There was supposed to be a pic of President Gayle in an Easter Bunny costume, some years ago at the Rotary Pancake Breakfast, but the photo could not be cropped due to its age.
Why, she even talks loud and into the microphone for the multiple hearing challenged Rotarians. Plus, she starts meetings on time, this Friday with Scott Buser doing the invocation, and Dave Betz leading the pledge to the flag.
Others in the limelight:
Mary Marlin and Ward Fletcher: Paul Harris desk ($465!)
Echo Abernathy: ticket sales and Sgt at Arms
Erb to Fletcher to Cook  team for set up
Sally Porter Smith: technology set up
Phil Eng: Photography
Gregg Rediske, writing the bulletin in place of Donn Irwin. (I know you were all anxiously awaiting Donn's descriptions, but too bad. You get Greggg, who has been writing these bulletins since the mid-'80s. Gregggg's motto is, as would seem obvious: Persistence is a great substitute for talent.)
Visiting Rotarians:
Larry Treleven, Tacoma 8
Sally Glover, Tacoma 8
Tom George, Tacoma Sunset
Monica Cordell, Covington
Guests of Rotarians:
Jerry and Maren Dunlap, Clover Park Kiwanis
Tim Lewis, candidate for a judgeship, with Jason Whalen
Colleen Cook, with Johnny Walker
Jim Bisceglia's guests: wife Carol, &  Judy & Jessie Bloom (videographer of the meeting)
Sunshine: Greg Horn had a knee replaced, experienced some problems with a pain med, while Mary is experiencing plenty of problems with Greg. Apparently, he's not the ideal patient. Anyone wishing to help out is encouraged to do so by Mary.
As everyone is probably aware, last Monday, 8/27, was movie producer Samuel Goldwyn's 136th birthday. The celebration was quiet, as he has been dead for 44 years. Donn Irwin, who you were hoping was the writer this week, loves to quote Mr. Goldwyn (Pride of the Yankees, Guys and Dolls, Wuthering Heights, etc.). Greggg will too:  "If I look confused it is because I am thinking."
"I don't think anyone should write their autobiography until after they're dead."
1. Kiwanis Dinner Auction: Jerry Dunlap (also a board member of our Lakewood Community Foundation Fund) noted the date of Saturday, October 9. They hope to raise $50K for playground equipment at Kiwanis Park. Rick Selden is arranging for a Rotary table: see Rick!
2. Rob Erb: Work Party!!! At the Pavilion to spread topsoil and plant plants. Saturday, September 8, 9 am.  Bring a shovel.
3. Eric Warn: Another promising fellowship event: Saturday, October 13, 3 to 6 pm at Diamonds by Design. $10 gets you drinks and some food. $$$$ gets you diamonds.
4.  Monday Night Football. When? Monday nights! In the evening. During football season. Principal hosts are already in place. Join up to be a co-host once, and you're welcome for every game, eating eats and drinking drinks. Women are encouraged to attend. Someone asked whether women would have to be comfortable with swearing, to which the witty Queen responded, "It doesn't matter. Half of them couldn't hear you anyway."
5. Queen Gayle with a Y recollected her dancing with the great Earl Thomas.
The above may or may not take you to the dance. The song was "Brickhouse", which segued into calling on her consigliere, Rick Selden, to remind all of the need to get the bricks for the Pavilion project done. If you've paid, tell Rick what you want on the bricks. If you haven't paid, go to our website ( and click the link on the left to buy one or more.
New Member:
Kendra Riconosciuto and Rick Selden served as sponsors for Monica Cordell, who has been making up at our club for months. President Gayle did a marvelous job of inducting her, except that a murmur went through the crowd ("What!?! Gayle had to READ the 4-Way Test!? She doesn't have it memorized!?!"). Monica first joined Rotary in 2012 in Wyoming, where soon thereafter she BECAME a Rotarian by doing a clean water project. She moved to south Seattle, where she was a member in Covington, and has now lived in Lakewood on Lake Steilacoom for 2 years. She has five boys, four of whom still live with her while she hints to them that she has no fear of empty-nesting. She owns her own private capital firm, where she helps people with investment strategies and such. Her stated goal in Lakewood Rotary: "Be worthy."  Welcome, Monica! And then came Leanne Christian, tearfully passing the Puffin to Monica, who wondered about roast puffin.
Above: New Member, Monica Cordell, with sponsor Rick "Consigliere" Selden
"The reason so many people turned up at his funeral is that they wanted to make sure he was dead."
"If people don't want to go to the picture, nobody can stop them."
"Here I am paying big money to you writers and what for? All you do is change the words."
You probably assume Sam Goldwyn was Swedish, but not so! He was Polish.
Tiara Time!!
--Ted Wier turned 87 yesterday, and Ward Fletcher turns 87 on Saturday. Not sure about Ward, but Ted gave a Selden, formerly known as a Fulton, and always amounting to $100.
--Dave Betz went to Oregon, saw his granddaughter perform in "Mary Poppins", and fished in B.C.  All represented by $25.
--Nicole Hancock's Facebook account showed her being in Disneyland with her 9-month old daughter. $20
--Charlene Miseli turned 40, or maybe she rounded down, but she looks like she rounded up. $40 in any event.
--Gordy Quick was impressed that Walt Richardson dared to leave the house in his loud shirt, and gave $20 in sympathy.
--Don Daniels went to Omaha, Nebraska, where he dined with Warren Buffett. $20
--Echo Abernathy turned 35 years old, went to Leavenworth where she went zip lining, and froze on a river float. $35
The Program:
Jim Bisceglia introduced Sally Glover, Executive Director of the South Sound Care Foundation, who introduced our speaker, Dr. Frank Senecal. The subject of the presentation was "Shining a Light on Cancer Research", and Dr. Senecal did just that. 1.6 million cases of cancer in the U.S. every year, with 600,000 deaths. There has been a 15% improvement over the last 30 years, with deaths from cancer down 1.5% every year. Why? Better screening, risk reduction (i.e. smoking), and better treatment from better understanding of the biology. But it should be more improved than this. Why not? Failure of screening (cancer is very complicated; lack of access; compliance failure) and most of the effective treatments impact only a few. The South Sound Care Foundation has launched CARE for this purpose (Cancer Awareness Research Expansion).  Technology is well ahead of clinical care. Using all the information at our disposal is a challenge, not the least reason being the many variations that cancer takes. Which driver mutations are the ones to treat? Dr. Senecal and his staff interact with professionals all over the world, trying to identify the right treatments, interacting to solve the challenges. They have results: 25 percent of "triple negative" breast cancer patients are showing no evidence of the disease.
Above: Presenter Dr. Frank Senecal
Upcoming fundraiser for their efforts: Beer & Bites, Saturday, October 13 at the Narrows Maritime facility.
Great presentation, great questions. Come to Lakewood Rotary, where we learn stuff.
The Drawing: $980 potentially, which quickly evaporated for poor Jim Sharp when he drew a white chip. The room was so very sad for Jim and his misfortune.
Next week: Liz Heath, Interim Executive Director CIS Lakewood  "Making A Difference for School Kids"
And did you make it this far, or more likely you followed Sam: "I read part of it all the way through."
We writers for The Key sympathize with Mr. Goldwyn's misery: "Don't pay any attention to the critics - don't even ignore them."
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