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The Rotary Club of Lakewood
July 10, 2020
Ed-jeh-comb and pulling your leg * with idiomacy
It is a New Year for Rotarians in Lakewood. We welcome President Edgecomb to the podium for the next 50 weeks or so.
Many, many years ago there was a Lakewood Rotary President named Zawilski – some of you may remember him. Too many people called him Zawolski. It took some insistence from a few people that his name is pronounced Za-will-ski not Za-woll-ski. If for no other reason than just plain courtesy we are getting Off on the right foot* with President Ed-jeh-comb and not Edge-comb. Practice makes perfect: * all together now: Ed-jeh-comb,
Ed-jeh-comb. Good job everyone.
So, President Daryl Edgecomb began the meeting exactly on time through the Zoomisphere. Everyone who was there was present but not everyone who was there was there to present. In fact, there was no presence of anyone to gift any presents either. There is a pretty strong precedent for gifting the new president as a show of goodwill. But Zoomesque meetings make that a Tough row to hoe. *  You can just relax about my misnomer of President Mark – it was a JOKE!
These, straight from the horse’s mouth *
President Mark Soldiered on * being the Big Fish in the small pond * of Puget Zoom. The invocation offered by Judge Clint Johnson mentioned gratitude for the peaceful transfer of power in Lakewood Rotary, forgiveness for our weaknesses and an admonishment to share and serve. Thank you Your Honor! Bob Hammar led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag. He offered some history on the Pledge, having word changes a couple of times since its authorship by Francis Bellamy, a Socialist Minister! Irony, no?
What do Duncan Cook, Bob Hammar, Rob Erb do on Friday mornings between 11:00 and 11:30 AM during the quarantine? Leanna Christian Zoomulated us.  John Lowney carries a large satchel of moolah. Ole wrote the Bulletin after a long hiatus. Can you picture this? President Mark says you all can.
Lakewood Rotary Squares
Visiting Rotarians included someone special in that square usually occupied by George Gobel – District Governor Greg Horn.  Phyllis Diller’s box held visitor and program presenter Karissa Thompson. And in that square customarily occupied by Dr. Ruth was young Gabriel Martinez. Off in the top right corner box where Charo routinely wiggles was Mike Murtha.  Charley Weaver’s square held Tom George. A guest of EIC II Quinn was Ed Zittel in Dick Van Dyke’s regular square. Paul Lynde sublet to Charlie Hancock in his square. Charles Nelson Reilly had to vacate his square to make room for First Lady Nicola Edgecomb. And finally, Rosemarie made room in her square for Scrotch Man. All told: 52 persons attended Friday’s meeting.
The Declarations of Normalcy
John Forkenbrock offered a sunshine report with some mystery about PDG Gordy Quick. John Warner Cleared the air * with the report Gordy was doing fine but unable to fathom the Zoomiverse. Rumors abounded that he had back surgery from a strain carrying around his renowned wallet – unsubstantiated at this writing. Jack Benny turned 39 on his last birthdays and so did Rose Stevens!  Robert Weyrick of Network Tacoma sent a thank you to Lakewood Rotary for the financial support from this club. Network Tacoma feeds and houses the needy.
Perhaps abnormal is that both Jim Rooks and Steve Mazoff had their computers hacked. Hmmmm, suspicious no? In spite of that, please send both Steve and Jim lots of money; they will be most appreciative! Peter Marsh witnessed a burning bush in his yard and proclaimed it a miraculous event. You can come to Peter’s yard and witness the aftereffects of the burned bush. Admittance is $100 per person but upon departure you will be awarded a giant tomato! Now I’m not saying two Doctors and one attorney make Strange Bedfellows * but If the shoe fits…. *
District Governor Greg Horn demonstrated a muted video that requires you (not me) to engage your brain to vividly envision what it was about. Submit your supposing’s to Greg and Mary. Limit your imaginings to 50 pages, single-spaced, no later than yesterday. Greg did note that the District Training and Conference would be at the Great Wolf Lodge on 5/14, 5/15/2021 – Centralia. Greg can be forgiven considering Friday was his 12th Rotary meeting since July 1st.
Unsung Hero and Matters of Import
Storey Quinn’s Grandmother Kris Quinn announced the second The Unsung Heroes Award to someone who goes the extra mile during challenging times. Awardee Ed Zittel, a retired CPA from Tacoma and former Tacoma 8 Rotarian, has produced PPE equipment by the auspices of his business, Matman. Formerly deemed a non-essential business Ed changed courses for his manufacturing business and was able to secure the return of all laid-off employees. A most deserving instance of Good Karma. *
Above:  Ed Zittel of Matman Wrestling
Dues Invoices are out. Bugsey Lowney and Hoss Rediske are in charge of collections, If you get my drift! *  RI Convention is set for Taipei June 12 – 16, 2021. Write an article for District 5020 magazine August Edition; deadline July 21. See what it’s like to work against a deadline with a Perry White-esque EIC hovering over your Internet shoulder! What’s that? Who is Perry White!? You’ve got to be kidding me!
By the time you get this you will have missed out on specialty cocktails made by Seamus Phillips of London. Oh well. Ask Kendra Riconosciuto about next time. Donning a proverbial green eyeshade, President Mark announced the upcoming symmetry of fines for the coming Rotary year. Some will be debits and some will be credits. I hate to say it but he was absolutely glowing when he talked about debits and credits! The winner of something or other (I didn’t hear what because he swooned) will be treated to dinner with President Mark and First Lady Nicola at the Adriatic. Note: that is AT the Adriatic not ON the Adriatic.
President Mark inducted new members Tom George and Mike Murtha. Boy, if he does this every meeting Lakewood will be a really big club!  Welcome Mike and Tom at your earliest opportunity.
The very top of the bottom line
Scott Buser spent $100 worth of time at Lake Chelan. Then Judge Clint Johnson scratched a Bucket list * item off by rafting the Colorado River for 7 days and 226 miles. The vultures and scorpions were free - $100! Jim Rooks must be doing all right with that internet hack scam because he gave $100 “just because.” Greg Horn also set the bar very high at $100. Hopefully we got all the High rollers *  out of the way.
Setting the Bar very high with outstanding programs
Jan Gee introduced Karissa Thompson, past president of Puyallup Rotary. Conflict resolution – working with diverse personalities and being the peacemaker pretty much sums-up her presentation. At the heart of her thesis is training people to be able to recognize D.O.P.E. No, not that kind of dope and certainly not the old-fashioned playground pejorative hurled at Raymond! You remember Raymond?
D – Dove: precise, quiet, peaceful, conformist, non-threatening, pleasant, etc.
O – Owl: all knowing, thorough, steadfast, precise, systematic, logical, etc.
P – Peacock: preening, friendly, out-going, adventurous, bold, leader, etc.
E – Eagle: dominant, audacious, self-actualizing, very confident, boss, etc.
Whom do you know as an example of each?
Once a person is able to recognize themselves as to their personality characteristics they then learn to distinguish same in others. Certainly the next important step is acknowledging methods for dealing with the various traits people express. How to and how not to is the key. This step requires precise listening to and observing of people. It is essential to be non-judgmental because the behavioral characteristics are neither right nor wrong; they just are. There are rarely absolutes. Peacocks and eagles many times act alike just as doves and owls often share traits.
Carl Jung stated many years ago human consciousness has developed slowly over time but is still clouded and much is yet unknown. As our old friend Bob Moawad used to ask, “Are you consciously competent, unconsciously competent, consciously incompetent, or unconsciously incompetent?” And thus in knowing yourself with brutal honesty you begin to appreciate others and how to deal with them. Sadly, it is skill lacking in many. Oh well, maybe we learned something. One can hope.
It was an outstanding presentation by a well-prepared woman who is much to be admired for her knowledge and willingness to share it. Thank you Jan Gee for inviting Karissa Thompson.
It’s a Wrap *
The next board meeting is on Thursday July 16. But the time is a closely held secret!
Next week in the Lakewood RoZoomatary we will hear from Randy Black of Lakewood Water District to address an important issue (read that as it is going to cost you money so show up and listen)!
If you noticed some familiar and trite phrases marked with an asterisk it is because they were inserted as idioms or euphemisms. If you noticed some unrecognizable words or phrases it is because your reporter made them up. Such is life *.
Any misspellings in this particular bulletin were left intact as they were deemed to be intentional!  Ye Editor.
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