Before we begin an exposition of our latest meeting, please enjoy this video demonstrating the great work of Etta Projects:
The Lakewood Rotary meeting began precisely when President Chris called it to order. Scott Buser gave the invocation and then the musically minded magnate, Chris, led us through the National Anthem with the aid of a snare drum and YouTube.
Our Rock ‘n Roll quote for this week is taken from Paul Anka and his 1975 Album “Times of Your Life”.
            “Gathering moments while you may, collect the dreams you dream today, remember, will you remember, the times of your life”?
Once again we want to thank that cast of characters that help put our meeting together: Duncan Cook and Bob Hammar on set-up, Bud Montgomery was at the Paul Harris table while Virginia Hillyer sold us drawing tickets. Tom Crabill was the “heavy” acting as Sergeant-at-Arms.
Walt Richardson took the pictures and yours truly acted as scribe.
The spotlight of the week fell on Jim Bisceglia. Jim let us know that he grew up in “garlic gulch” (Sprague street where the freeway is now). He went to work for Puget Sound National Bank in 1969 but I didn’t catch when he left there. Jim has been a Rotarian since 1975.  From 1975 to ’81 at Fircrest and ’81 until present day at Lakewood. His wife is Carol and they have 8 children, 7 grand and 2 great-grandchildren. Jim encourages everyone to retire. He thinks that we should all get a doctor’s prescription for it. Thank you Jim for stepping up and giving us this insight into your life and for finishing with 15 seconds left on the clock!!
Our speaker, Debbie Ranniger, was the only visiting Rotarian. She is a member at #8.
There were a few announcements – Chuck Hellar left info on the tables regarding new members. Greg R. reminded everyone about the Great Indoor Golf night that the Tacoma South Rotary puts on at Harkness Furniture. Janie Frasier gave the club a gift in appreciation for our help last year with the influx of kids in need toward the end of the year. The gift turned out to be a self contained video about the Goodwill project – very clever.
Sunshine: Ellen Mazoff is home and doing well. Donna Feldman is going through her second round of chemo and Mike McGowan mentioned that he paid a visit to Norm Tremaine.
Dave Coleman came forward to give us an update on the major project we are trying to undertake at Fort Steilacoom Park as well as present us with notes regarding the major project motions passed by our Board on September 25, 2015. A copy of the memo that Dave passed out is at the end of this newsletter.
The amphitheatre is on the Lakewood City Council’s agenda on Monday. Mayor Anderson clarified that this is an agenda item for action, to see which of the proposals the City Council should accept. Mr. Anderson stated that he will endorse the “Barn” proposal and further stated that if we are going to do this it should be done right. He further mentioned that we need a business plan and that there is discussion about using funds from the Hotel\Motel tax. The Hotel\Motel folks have to vote for the specific use.
There was much further discussion\questions and commentary including some facts and figures about money. The bottom line is that things are moving forward and there are still items that need to be addressed.
I know that our President has a penchant for quoting lyrics to songs but sometimes “once (a week) is never enough for a “group” like “ours”. So, in keeping with the spirit of some of the fine lyrics we have had quoted to us, I’d like to add additional ones for your consideration.
Great lyrics like: “Sho-Dot’n Shoby-Doh, Sho-Dot’n Shoby Doh” from the Five Satin’s “In the Still of the Night” or, “A-Wop-bop-A-Loo-bop-A-Bop-Bam-Boom” which we all recognize from Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti”. And one of my all time favorites:
I met him on a Monday and my heart stood still
Da do ron-ron-ron, da do ron-ron
Somebody told me that his name was Bill
Da do ron-ron-ron, da do ron-ron

Yeah, my heart stood still
Yes, his name was Bill
And when he walked me home
Da do ron-ron-ron, da do ron-ron
                                                                                                          Above: Debbie Ranniger of Etta Projects
Rose Stevens introduced our program and speaker – Debbie Ranniger. Debbie is the Executive Director of Etta Projects, which is a non-profit organization named after Etta Powers that is dedicated to honoring her short life and tragic death, by improving the lives of the folks in Bolivia.
Debbie put on a great program that gave us all a brief overview of what Etta Projects is doing and how it is benefitting the needy folks of Bolivia. The Project is focusing on bringing clean water and sanitation to poor villages in the rain forests as well as training “Health Promoters” in First Aid and in acting as first responders (even delivering babies)! Underlying all of this is their focus on education and training. They even have a US program that is called “It Starts Here, Now.” Tacoma Public Schools fifth graders are getting informed through this program as to what is happening in Bolivia.
For more information on Etta Projects, you can go to
Speaking of Rock band names…..well, maybe you weren’t but nevertheless, after reading all of the aforementioned lyrics I’m thinking that you might want to learn even more inane facts about good ‘ol rock-n-roll.
The Grateful Dead – named after an Egyptian prayer that Jerry Garcia spotted in a dictionary.
Iron Maiden – this was actually a medieval torture device.
Jefferson Airplane – slang for a roach clip.
And lastly, Jethro Tull – Jethro invented the seed drill in the 18th century.
Tom Crabill had the winning ticket. He drew a white chip.
Have a great week!