I confess….in this week’s bulletin, I have fear of omission.  So, if you find it an information “overshare,” that is the reason.  If you find important data omitted….well, you talked too fast or I listened too slow.  If you sense there are interesting additions that may or may not have come up….well, I had to say something….right?  Proceed at your own risk.
President Chris opened the meeting and announced Club Service as follows:
Eric Quinn took photos, Lowell Johnson and Duncan Cook took care of set-up for the meeting, Tommy Crabill was our Sgt-at-Arms and handled the raffle.  Leon Titus was schooling Chuck Hellar at the Paul Harris desk and PP John Lowney stopped everyone entering about the December 4th Lakewood Rotary Dinner Dance.  Oh yes, Hoseb is on the bulletin.
The National Anthem Drumline (sans Morris’s trumpeting), was performed by YouTube and Lakewood Rotary Drummer Boy, President Chris Kimball, with back-up singers from the club.
President Chris quoted from the 1978 “Life’s Been Good” album by Joe Walsh, a song entitled “I Can’t Complain.”  He talked a little faster than I could write, and having been taken out of context a time or two, I decided to include a snippet of the lyrics that (the editor) liked the most:
Lucky I'm sane after all I've been through
 Everybody says I'm cool (He's cool)
 I can't complain but sometimes I still do
 Life's been good to me so far
They say I'm lazy but it takes all my time
 Everybody says Oh yeah (Oh yeah)
 I keep on going guess I'll never know why
 Life's been good to me so far
Drew Reeder from Tacoma South was our lone visiting Rotarian, introduced by Tom Crabill.  PP Dave Covey later pointed out that in the early days of the Reeder Roadster Romp, Drew was always along for the adventure!
Astrid Arola introduced her nephew (I think it was her nephew), Anthony Bateman, who was job shadowing at Kelly’s Tax Service.  He might be a Rhodes Scholar, about to graduate, and a candidate for our RYLA program.  Or not.
Tom Sadler has rejoined the club, which he does 3 or 4 times a year.
This week, our spotlight was more of a FLASHLIGHT.  And, talking without notes…there was nothing I could take with me.  (Steve…could you have talked any faster???)  So here is the recap:  East Coast (raised), including NY.  Ellen was 14 when Steve married her (that can’t be right….but it’s what I heard).  North Carolina – Chapel Hill (college), Maryland Law School, and two daughters.  Daughters came to Pacific Northwest.  Steve was hired by oil companies who either merged a lot or he couldn’t hold a job.  The Getty then Texaco Corporate Office in Los Angeles, turned into Denver and …..
…2002 Steve moved to Lakewood and one of the best things he did was to join Rotary.  It gave him the opportunity to get involved in the community.  He is forever grateful to Ted and Carole Wier and Rick Selden, who were Rotarians that he admired.  Rotary involvement led to mentorship in schools, working at Emergency Food Bank and Habitat for Tacoma, CASA and Lakewood Community Foundation Fund.
Personal note….many Rotarians now look to you as an example, Steve.  Thank you.
John Forkenbrock’s Sunshine Report included word that Mark Blanchard’s Mom passed away.  (Moms are irreplaceable….Mark.  We are sorry for your loss).  Ed Shannon is recovering after his surgery.  Golf season is a short 4 months away, Ed!
John Lowney is looking for a dance partner!  Actually, his wife Pam is looking for a dance partner.  They both have the opportunity at the December 4th, Rotary Holiday Dinner and (optional) Dancing.  Please sign up right away and send your payment to Ellen Mazoff (aforementioned 14-year-old bride).  The event will take place at the TC&GC and you will have to commit and declare your dinner choice.  Don’t delay!!!  John tried to tell me there was a “Drop Dead Deadline”….but he took that back.
BICYCLES:  This year, Lakewood Rotary was distributing 30 bicycles to YMCA children, Boys & Girls Club children and Military families, according to Community Concerns Committee Chair, Rick Selden.  The committee needs volunteers to make deliveries on December 12th after the Emergency Food Network Break Bag Packing Morning. 
(Here are the names so far of those Lakewood Rotarians willing to deliver a bike after he EFN project is done on 12/12:  Ted Wier, Greg Rediske, Sally Smith, Terry Roarke,  Rick Selden, Chris Kimball, Bud Montgomery, Joe Quinn, Eric Quinn, Troy Wilcox, Steve Mazoff, Mick Johnson, Chuck Hellar, and John Lowney, but we may have missed hands on Friday.  Any others?  We cannot have enough help, and if possible we would like two-person teams to deliver bikes. We do have 30 bikes to deliver!
Rob Erb announced the PUFFIN BREAK-BAG PACKAGING FOR EMERGENCY FOOD NETWORK:  December 12, gather at Carr’s at 8AM for breakfast.  Following breakfast fellowship, everyone will drive over to the EFN warehouse on 92nd to put together BREAK BAGS from 9:00-11:30.  This requires many hands and Rotarians are encouraged to bring family members.  Children must be 12 years or older. 
Board meeting….following meeting (too late)
Next Board Meeting is December 11
THERE IS NO MEETING NEXT WEEK, BLACK FRIDAY. (Of course not….after all, one has to SHOP!)
INVITATION:  Boys & Girls Clubs are winding down the celebration of their 75th Anniversary.  On December 3rd, at the Titus Will NEW Ford Showroom, there will be a reception to honor donors and their 75th Anniversary sponsor, TITUS WILL.  Music, appetizers and beverages will be served and times are 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.  Valet parking provided.  Please RSVP to Judy Hosea (253) 229-9008 or email: hoseaj@bgcsps.org/   ROTARY HAS BEEN A WONDERFUL SUPPORTER.  I HOPE MANY OF YOU WILL COME!
Tac-8 PP Chuck Hellar, Membership Committee Chair, honored Larry Saunders and Tom Sadler for bringing in new members last quarter.  They received some kind of ribbon or badge to go behind the current pin or badge or medallion or some kind of hardware or Rotary International paraphernalia…or something really great!
Robert Peterson introduced us to Maggie Thompson, the Harrison Prep Student of the Month.  She was accompanied by Principal Lisa Boyd and Maggie’s parents.  This young woman is a senior with a 3.9 grade point average, taking many Advance Placement classes and 5th year Spanish.  She is a member of the National Honor Society and the Knowledge Bowl Team.  She is also a student representative to the Family Involvement Center and more.
President Chris lamented his sad state of fines.  Then, he mumbled something I missed…until he said Mark Edgecomb’s name.  (What did I miss?)  Oh….Mark must have delivered to Chris a triple chocolate milkshake with 6 sugar packets in lieu of a fine.  That must be it.

Don Daniels stepped up to present two club flags from Ecuador Rotarians, obtained on his recent trip to that country.  He was to travel with PP Mark Blanchard, until his mother fell ill and Mark had to cancel.  Don said he had a really great time and that Ecuador would always remember Lakewood Rotary.  Wow!
I don’t think he meant the whole country, only the Quito Latitude Cero (phonetic) and Los Quitos Munitoes (again…phonetic) Rotary Clubs.  Right Don? 
Charlie Hyde and Denise Yochum are on notice by President Chris.  I think he has some wonderful news to share with you the next time you are at the meeting.
With Rose Stevens still in Nepal, President Chris introduced Ed Dopp, the Director of Retail Operations for Habitat for Humanity to present our program.  Ed is from California, Los Angeles actually.  He was with the Army for 10 years and is a veteran of Desert Storm.
Ed believes that Habitat for Humanity is a great place for him to have come after his military career.  It is a great place to work and to volunteer.
Habitat started in Georgia in 1976.  Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry that partners with families of all backgrounds and beliefs, in need of safe, decent, affordable housing.  To date, Habitat has built over 1 million homes helping 5 million family members.
Tacoma/Pierce County Habitat for Humanity has been building and partnering with families in Pierce County since 1985.  Locally, they have constructed 250 homes and a very high percentage of those families are still in those homes.  Habitat builds communities.  Local projects are in Midland, 40th and Portland Ave in Tacoma and Tillicum.
One way that Habitat raises funds to build houses is from their retail stores.  They have two in Pierce County, one on South Tacoma Avenue and one in Lakewood Towne Center.  They accept donations at the South Tacoma Location, of furniture (in good shape), building supplies, doors and windows, etc.
In the Lakewood Store, the focus is on home goods.  Retail stores contain everything you would need to build or furnish a house.  These are open for sale to the public and funds raised support the building of about two Habitat homes annually.  More support comes from grants and individual and corporate donations. 
Volunteer opportunities include individuals who sign up to work on hands-on home construction, along with group “day of caring” activities from various companies, and affinity groups and organizations.  They also use volunteer help in their retail stores.  Total annual volunteer hours top 22,000 annually.
For more information on Habitat for Humanity, look them up online:  http://www.tpc-habitat.org/
IN CLOSING:  President Chris reminded everyone that if you need something, call upon a Rotarian!
Whoops….Don Daniels almost had this omission:
The Puffin Committee Chair, John Korsmo, asked Don to seek a motion for the $3,500 needed to fund the Break Bag grant to EFN.  Rick Selden made the motion and it was seconded by Steve Mazoff.  The unanimous vote was cast to authorize the expenditure.  These funds will be matched by a Rotary District Grant of $3,500 also going to EFN. 
13 WHITE AND 1 RED…..and the winning number was held by Tom Crabill.  He thoughtfully drew a white chip and although he didn’t win the $502, he did make the odds better for the next winner.  Tom pocketed $5.
Leon Titus collected $204 at the Paul Harris table this week.
Oh….what else?  I know there was something else.  Uh…….uh………uh….OH!!!!!
As we express our gratitude in the season of thanksgiving, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!