Things started with a loud horn, and I'm not talking Horn, as in Greg, but as in some very loud device powered by compacted air, and I'm not talking about Captain Reames exactly, either. But it was, in fact, the aforementioned Reames who orchestrated the loudness, followed by the bell, followed by the customary "aaaargghhhh".

And so it began on the first day of February, 2013, which is also the 112th anniversary of Clark Gable's birth, not to mention a date which lives in the heart and soul of Joe Quinn: the first meeting of the US Supreme Court was held on this date in 1790. (Wait: do lawyers have a heart, or a soul?!?) But anyway, the meeting started, and there were WAY more facts than that to come as the meeting "progressed." 

Responsible Parties:  Gary Fulton and Steve Enquist on  the Paul Harris desk (and speaking of the PH Desk: let it be known that today's take was $440.  Not bad!  And as Gary stated, "Thanks to all!"); Mary Lou Sclair collecting bunches (we hope) of procurement forms; Tom Crabill collecting for the upcoming play and selling raffle tickets, while Bill Young took the glory spot on the Sgt at Arms committee by announcing the visitors and delivering the microphone.

Invocation and Photography: Rod Ladd

Pledge:  Don Daniels (and we have it on good authority that he DID NOT lip sync!)

 Do you know what one snowman said to the other snowman?  "I smell carrots, too!"

Visiting Rotarians: Roger Fennell from Alta Dina, CA (twice in a row!), Heidi Wachter from Clover Park (twice in a row!), Richard Foster from Parkland/Spanaway, and Keith Galbraith and Jack from Parkland Spanaway.

Sunshine: Dave Covey decided to do some stationary bike riding when the Seahawks were so bad against the Redskins in the first playoff game.  The 'Hawks started doing better, so Dave felt obligated to keep pedaling.  And he pedaled himself into a Seahawks victory, and a stress fracture of his foot.  A true fan, willing to do anything to help his team win!  And with crutches to prove it!  Rod Ladd reported that his Dad, Ottie Ladd, is accepting visitors but only with a phone call to Clara first.  His pulmonary fibrosis is tricky.  Phone calls are most welcome.

And then the facts arrived in a torrent.  Bob Boblaw of Boblaw Industries arrived on the scene.  I swear, if it wasn't for the outlandish black hair and the moustache that fell off, I'd have guessed it to be John Lowney.  But maybe not, as this Boblaw character was really smart......And the subject for the day was "64".  Joe Quinn said he was impressed by the number 64's various numeric qualities, with several more added by Bob Boblaw.  Greg Rediske said 64 always brought back memories of his history class, which of course meant the burning of Rome in 64 A.D.  Dave Coleman said it reminded him of Gary Fulton's frequent golf score.  Bob Boblaw added several other incredible facts, with Rick Selden telling us all that 64 reminded him of the 64 bit computer systems of today, while B.B. finished with a complete history of computers.  Smart guy, that Boblaw.  And quite a singer, as he belted out the chorus to Sonny Bono's "I Got You Babe".  But the real meaning of 64:  there are but 64 days left until the Sportsmans Dinner.  Whoa!  Are you procuring yet?  Ticket buying yet?  Signing up for duties yet?  Working on getting table sponsors yet?  Well, you better, for Bob Boblaw threatens to come back and deluge you with more facts and figures.  Only they'll probably have to do with the number 57 by then.


Bob Boblaw, Master Fact Knower, in action

It was then that President Reames blamed Bob Boblaw as the reason he forgot to ask for guests of Rotarians, and finally did so:  Choi Halladay, Asst. City Manager, guest of Andrew Neiditz, and three beautiful wives of Rotarians:  Sharon Rediske, Judy Eng, and Pam Lowney.

BLACK TIE AND BLUE JEANS BALL!!  "Viva Las Vegas" is the theme, and Ted Wier assures me that Elvis will in fact arrive to prove that he's not  really dead, just 78 years old and walking with a limp.  So don't miss it!  Saturday, February 23 at the McGavick Center.  NO AUCTION!  Only gambling, so you'll lose your money more gradually.  This of course benefits Partners for Parks.  Call Ted at 588-4805.  And speaking of Ted, he told me about a local pastor who was doing his children's sermon one Sunday morning.  Having asked the children what they knew about the resurrection, a little boy raised his hand. The pastor called on him and the little boy said,  "I know that if you have a resurrection that lasts more than four hours you are supposed to call the doctor."  Ted's got lots more like this, so join him at his table at the Black Tie and Blue Jeans Ball!


PACKWOOD RETREAT:  '64 graduate Rick Selden had his own promotional message:  February 8,9, 10 is the Packwood Retreat.  He says, "ski, eat, and look at elk."  23 so far have committed, including our own Nick Athia, now 22, arriving just today from Brazil.  He was our exchange student 5 years ago.  So "retreat" from all that yard work, and chow down on Rick's pancakes!  Call Rick: 677-3837 or 531-4239.

You know, a lot of times I'll drive for miles with the emergency brake on.  That doesn't say a lot for me, but it really doesn't say a lot for the emergency brake.

More announcements:  ADG Greg Horn (Assistant District Governor) would like some Lakewood Rotarians to join him for lunch with Past RI President Richard King on Tuesday in Puyallup: 228-0134.  And, don't forget the DLTA (District Leadership Training Assembly) in Victoria on March 22-24, "continuing education" for Rotarians.  And required attendance for incoming Board members, I might add.

I bet when they discovered the radish, everyone was like, "Let's name it Rad!!"  and one guy was all, "Let's dial that back a bit....".

Dave Reames himself noted the recently completed board meeting,  at which Treasurer Bill Potter again reminded everyone that there is no "slush fund."  And, we are "not broke yet."  Everything you could ask for in a Treasurer, and more.  Next board meeting: February 28.  Joe Quinn segued onto all this business talk with a thank-you letter from St. Leo's Food Connection, recipient of $1000 from the Community Concerns Committee.  The money helped provide 60 kids at three schools with meals from their "backpack program."

 A worried man goes to the vet with his goldfish.  "I think it has epilepsy," he says.  The vet takes a look and says, "It seems calm to me."  The man responds, "Well, wait a second, I haven't taken it out of the bowl yet."

Joanne Crane is so very, very proud of granddaughter Joey, who was a 4-year veteran of the Peace Corps in Africa, and who got a (still-functioning) school in Niger built with the help of our $5100.  Now, she is a research scientist in New York, recently won a prize, and has been published in scientific journals.  All that (deserved) bragging resulted in $100, adding the births of two great-grandchildren, Bailey and Eli.


Bill Young being the gentleman holding the mic for the very proud Joanne Crane

And Dave Covey took a cruise with Florence and his crutches, which cost him two Mighty Fine Liberation Front expenditures of $17.95 each.  Keith Galbraith chimed in with some beaming pride for a new grandson.

Right now, I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time.  I think I've forgotten this before.

PROGRAM:  Dave Coleman introduced Kathy Hall from Vadis, who works on getting employment for people with disabilities.  Other things they do:


1.  They provide housing.  They own some homes.

2.  They rent out their rotunda for events to raise money.

3.  They work for the GSA, detailing government vehicles

4.  They work with the homeless, too.

Kathy noted that there is 7.8% unemployment in Washington State, but 46.5% unemployment for people with disabilities.  For every $1 spent on getting employment for these folks, there is a $7 return to the taxpayers.  Kathy recounted numerous stories of successes, finishing with one about Doug, an autistic person who found employment with Randall Allen Design.  The wife of his supervisor there told Kathy how the experience with Doug has made her husband a better boss, and a better husband.  And that, Kathy says, is what the program is all about: making a difference.

And to finish the meeting off, much more quietly than it started, was a drawing toward a potential goldmine of $256.  Gregory Horn had ticket #8234, but his fingers found a white chip.  $5 was his reward.

I went to the bookstore and asked the clerk where the self-help section was.  She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose.

Oh, and Ole had one last pun left over that he couldn't fit into his bulletin two weeks ago:   "I read the puns you sent me in the mail hoping they would make me laugh, but no pun in ten did."