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Oh yes….the Bulletin!


Friday, February 15th, President Dave sailed through calm seas!  He welcomed us aboard at precisely the right time.  (Reminder to self….reset watch).  He announced that February is World Understanding Month…but never told us what we were to understand.  Oh well, no one noticed and we forged ahead. 
The invocation was delivered by Mary Covelli Johnson and Pledge by John Korsmo.

Greg Rediske served as the Club Photographer.  (Reminder to several members…time for a new photo, self included).  Leon Titus manned the Paul Harris desk and Bill Young kept order as Sgt at Arms.

Yours truly was and is your scribe (remember to write the bulletin and turn it in Hoseb).

No visiting Rotarians appeared, so President Dave asked for guests.  PEE Dave Coleman introduced Alicia Chapman and Frank Colarusso from Multicare.  Mo Sarram introduced his friend of more than 50 years, Dr. Abbas.

Bill Young introduced a longtime missing Rotarian, Cliff Rubert back to the Club.  Nice to see you, Cliff!

By way of announcements, to remind all of us:

Mo Sarram mentioned that the World Affairs Conference would take place at Carroll College in Wisconsin.  It is a great opportunity for teens (nice if they are members of a Rotarian’s family), should complete application now to be considered.  Talk to Mo if you want an application or need additional information.

Ted Wier nudged our recollection about Partners for Parks Las Vegas Night.  It will take place on February 23rd at the McGavick Center.

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Then came classic flashbacks with Diver Dan and Ranger Rick.  The 43rd Lakewood Rotary Sportsman’s Dinner and Auction is coming up in 50 short days.  Friday, February 15th, was the last day to pay and received the early booking bonus of $10 off per person.  The rate is now $75 per person, but there are lots of extras this year, like a couple bottles of wine on each table as part of the dinner, so $75 is still a great bargain for the incredible spread that Carr’s puts out! 

 Other improvements will be express check out and the addition of a dessert dash by Rotary Partners and the CPTC Culinary students.  We again will offer the ½ pot raffle along with other games of chance and skill!

We need loads of help to carry off this event and optimize our fundraising.  Here is how you can help!

Volunteer, either online or at meetings, for set up, working at the event, clean up, etc.  There are loads of options and all need to be done!  PROCURE items for the auction.  At this time, we are way below where we need to be.  Give yourself a $1,000 in value goal and go visit some merchants, build something, put a package together, buy something, or donate cash for us to purchase something for you.  But do it this week!  Or this weekend!  Sponsor a table!  Buy your tickets!  Invite friends!

Whew!  Thank you Diver Dan and Ranger Rick!  They don’t come any finer!

General notices from your fearless leader:

DLTA is coming up March 23-24.  District Leadership Training Assembly is a great weekend of fun and fellowship and an opportunity to learn more about Rotary.  Look into going!  This year, it is at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Victoria.  You can get more information online.

The District 5020 Conference is May 31-June 2, in Sydney B.C.  More information to follow on this, but save the date as a reminder!

Dave Betz paid for several more stamps in his passport.  He went fly-fishing in Argentina and met great people and ate great food and had a very good time.  But that wasn’t all, he then went skiing and then to Hawaii!  That was worth $100….a genuine “Fulton”!  Thanks, Dave!


Dave Covey with a slight of hand rarely seen in Lakewood Rotary, made the announcement that John Magnuson was a new grandfather, which he paid for, but that all the other proud Rotarian grandfathers should cough up a “Greenleaf” in honor of their living legacies!  Well done Mr. Covey!  There was grumbling and money changing hands all over the place!  (Editor's Note:  Dave Covey's middle name (and his son's first name) is Bowen, Ole's grandbaby's name is Bowen.  Not because of Dave, you see, but still, Covey's motivation becomes a little clearer.....)

Chris Kimball wanted to brag with his last two “Scurvy Irwins”, telling us that both sons made the Dean’s List at Northwestern.  (He didn’t say which list, and I know he keeps at least two…but it must be the good one!)

The report on the Packwood Weekend, if you missed it was AWESOME!  Special thanks to Bob Lordahl and Cindy Thompson and to all the Rotarians and Elks that showed up!

Jim Sharp delivered a message about the West Pierce Fire and Rescue’s participation in the 2013 Scott Firefighter Stairclimb up the Columbia Center Tower, in Seattle on March 10th.  The race is up 69 flights and 1,311 steps, in full protective gear (in excess of 50 pounds), and breathing masks.  Over 1,550 firefighters from all over the world participate, including 30 from WPF&R, to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s mission to cure these childhood diseases and improve quality of life for patients and families.  You can help by pledging one of the 30 firefighters from West Pierce Fire & Rescue at:


Once there, click on the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb link, click the Donate button in the upper right corner and search for the West Pierce Fire & Rescue Team.

Dave Coleman introduced our program….the Courage Classic.  It is only 6 months away!

Carlyn Jensen is the new Events Manager for MultiCare.  She will oversee all Multicare events.  Alicia Chapman is the point person for the Courage Classic.

The Courage Classic was started by Rotarians in six Pierce County Clubs and is now recognized as a top notch boutique ride.  It raises money for the Children’s Advocacy Center, a one-stop place to help kids and families through traumatic and abusive situations.  Every dollar goes to child abuse intervention programs.  The center saw 1,200 children in 2012. The Courage Classic last year raised $740K

Frank Colarusso is the Executive Director for the MultiCare Foundation.  He has spent over 30 years in Tacoma and in the spirit of fines, he pledged $100 to Dave Covey’s Courage Classic Team if Gonzaga makes it to the Final Four but only if (apparently Gonzaga alum) Leon Titus would put up $100 if Gonzaga doesn't make it.  (I say they should both give Dave $100, because we all know Dave will make it over 3 passes!)


In addition to Dave Covey, Bud Montgomery will be riding for his 20th year.  (According to John Magnuson, he has successfully escaped the doping scandal.  Hey, I just report what is said!)

That brings to close another wonderful meeting of the Lakewood Rotary Club.  After the gong, Rod Ladd holds up the winning ticket at a chance to pick the chip that will reign $310 of prize money down on him.  Alas….white chip!  $5

With a string around my finger, rubber band around my wrist…..I will remember to turn in the bulletin!

It’s my turn!