According to our table calendars, our President’s new moniker is "Uncle Ben", either an allusion to a fascination with white rice, or perhaps because his name is Ben. In any event, Uncle Ben called us to order. Little did he know the disorder that would come soon thereafter…..but why wait?! It was during the birthday announcements, when Chris Kimball told the last joke. He told it more like Red Skelton than Jack Benny, meaning lots of laughing at his own joke before it even got told. It went like this: Greg Horn’s car was running very poorly, so he took it to his car repair guy, Steve Mazoff (apparently trying to make ends meet after a career as a lawyer. Or else it was his birthday, too.). Greg was very concerned about his car’s health. After a couple of hours, Steve told him that it was now purring like a kitten. Relieved, Greg said, "How on earth did you get it running so well?!?" To which Steve replied, "Just a little crap in the carburetor." Eyes wide in surprise, Greg responded, "How often will I have to do THAT?!?"

 Dignity, always dignity at Lakewood Rotary.

But before that highlight/lowlight, Uncle Ben observed Gayle Selden and Mary Lou Sclair working at the front desk for the Sportsman’s Dinner, Mick Johnson was running the Paul Harris collection, while Bill Young was the Sgt. At Arms. Mary Covelli Johnson, our future Secretary, gave the invocation, while Don Daniels led us in the Pledge. Greg Horn was the official photographer.

Bill Young announced Larry Treleven from Tacoma #8, and Del Livingston (Dan’s dad) from Parkland Spanaway. Bob Zawilski introduced Bob & Marsha from Seattle (part of the program); Mark Blanchard had the lovely Joan along, Bill Price treated Pat to a free lunch, and Dale Hirz was Gordy Quick’s guest, moments before becoming a new member.

Sunshine: Wynn Hoffman had eye surgery, which went well. Bill Potter is on crutches, possibly in a sympathy grab: unknown ailment. And Judy Hosea was queasy. Seems she is getting nervous about Sportsman’s Dinner procurements. More later.

Then came Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, and Club Anniversaries by Laurel & Hardy, aka Chris Kimball and Greg Horn. Lots of stuff in there, but let’s highlight Rotary service: Jim Early & Richard Simmons, 48 years in Lakewood Rotary; Jake Jacobson, 43 years; Joe Ghilarducci; 42 years; Gordon Quick, 41 years. 222 between the 5. That’s a lot.

And we got $67 for Greg Horn’s birthday #67. Not sure what the others paid….

The Sportsman’s Dinner: perhaps you’ve heard of it? #42 is approaching fast. But in fact, it’s only #18 as the Sportsman’s Dinner. Prior to the 1995 edict of then-President Cindy Thompson, it was the Wild Game Dinner. "In the history of Lakewood Rotary, there have been many functions dedicated to the ideals of class, virtue, and the pursuit of excellence. This was not one of those functions." (50 YEARS OF SERVICE & FELLOWSHIP, LAKEWOOD ROTARY 1956-2006) For many years, Norm Tremaine was the Master of Ceremonies at the event. Many years. And every year, he would begin his schtick with the pronouncement that "the girls were on their way; they just loaded onto the bus," referring to women of questionable virtue from the Ponders area of Lakewood. And every year, the all-male crowd would hoot and holler, or shouts to that effect. As the evening wore on, Norm would report on the bus’s progress. And then, lo and behold, near the end of the evening, disaster would strike! It was a flat tire; the bus ran out of gas; something calamitous. "Awwwwww….", went the crowd. And then one year, much to Norm’s shock and amazement, the girls actually did arrive! Sadly, no photo footage survives of that Wild Game Dinner. But the "girls" weren’t really "girls". They were Rick Selden dressed as "Little Bo Peep", and former member (and Past President) Dennis Shade, also in drag. Shudder. And there went Norm’s routine…..

Of course, his routine would have gone away in 1995 anyway, thanks to Cindy. We still have the great "wild game", a distinguishing asset of our auction. And we’ll have great auction items to raise oodles of bucks, if everyone does their part. NEXT FRIDAY IS THE PROCUREMENT DEADLINE! Lakewood Rotarians, you no longer need to aspire to be fashionably late. You are, now, fashionably late. So PLEASE beat the deadline. Get your ticket orders in as well.


Lakewood needs us to be successful in this event. Ranger Rick Selden, Paul Wulfestieg, Gayle Selden, and Judy Hosea had, remarkably, the same things to say: Thanks for what you’ve done, but we need more! 50% there, with one more week to go. More specifically, Rick said we need three things:

1. More stuff

2. Buy a ticket or table

3. Volunteer on the work schedule

In the Pancake Breakfast days, it was an excellent opportunity to introduce children and grandchildren to community service. This writer started at age 9. The Sportsman’s Dinner can be the same opportunity. Please go online to Go to the upper left item, Sportsman’s Dinner, click it. Then click Volunteer. Then click Volunteering. Then fill in when and where you can work. Or call Rick or Gayle.

Let’s git ‘er done!

(Late Announcement from Judy Hosea, and I quote: "
Many of our members have decided that they will wait and not bring items until set up day.  If the items are not too large, we prefer to get everything ahead of time so we can label and decide how best to display.  10am on Saturday is the latest ANYONE who has oversized items should plan to get the stuff there.  Anything not preapproved for Saturday delivery, should be delivered by this coming Friday if possible.  Gayle and I have organized everything that is in the storage area and there are LOTS of things missing at this point.")

Stuff: There was an open house to celebrate Harrison Prep becoming certified as an IB Middle Years School. Several Lakewood Rotarians attended, and Bill Price commented how enlightening it was to see such enthusiastic students and teachers and parents. Pat Price recounted a conversation with one student who was "so happy!" that Rotary helped bring IB to her school.

New Member: New/old member Dale Hirz was sponsored by Ted Wier this time around (Ralph Johnson the first time), and installed by Ben Sclair. Dale has retired from his orthopaedic surgery practice after 40 years. Dale was a member of Lakewood Rotary from 1972 to 1992, and we’re happy to have him back! And Jim Weinard was pleased to unload the Puffin after only a week.

Ted pinning Dale's Rotary pin on; he's not trying to strangle him, actually.

Program: Mark Blanchard and Rose Stevens got us up to speed on our World Community Service activities, past and present. Successful projects need: 1. A champion in the Club; 2. A Rotary-ish project; 3. Matching fund possibility; 4. Willing and in good standing international partner; 5. Active participation in the Club. Past successes include: 7 water projects in Thailand (Gordy Quick), Latvian Hospital Project, Las Palmas Sanitation Project, Ethiopian Water Project, Libraries and other stuff for Peru, Micro grants in Africa, and a Kenyan Water Filtration Project. Next up: The Etta Project in Bolivia. Etta was an exchange student from this District to Bolivia, who died when the bus she was on crashed over a cliff. Her mother started this project in her memory years ago, and this is the latest part of it. Purchasing a truck and micro grants are included in this $500 donation from us, $500 from Poulsbo, and various matching grants.

For 2012-13, the committee has a big project in mind. Ilalo in Ecuador is the location for a project of $44,000 total ($12,000 from us; $1,000 from a local Rotary club there, $12,000 from our District 5020, $12,500 from the RI fund, and another $6500 from the RI fund). Water management, sanitation, reforestation, and micro grants are included, all sustainable and transferrable. No Lakewood Rotarians NEED to go there, but are more than welcome. See Rose or Mark for more information.

Drawing: $692, 9 white and 1 red chip. Pat Price won the opportunity, but failed to draw the red chip. $5.00 only.

Exchange Program:

Patricia has been busy, but our Student Exchange Committee would like to involve more Lakewood Rotarians in her life. Dave Covey and Mark Blanchard will be calling Rotarians to set up some at-home dinners with Patricia (or you can contact them). And we need volunteers to take Patricia out and about to local hot-spots: The EMP, Forks, Mt. St Helens, Boeing Museum of Flight, Pike Place Market, and whatever. Think about it!