Posted by Donn Irwin on Oct 27, 2017
President Don, aka DD, convened the meeting with the ringing of the bell and got right to it. The invocation was led by Clint Johnson and Mary Moss (she of the jaunty hat) led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Acting on impulse, and freaking out anyone in the room that is OCD, President Don asked for guests of Rotarians to be introduced BEFORE visiting Rotarians were introduced.
Guests: Greg Horn led off by introducing Kendra Recono Schuto—not sure if that is spelled correctly, my apologies—followed by Chris Kimball who introduced his guest – Charlene Miseli.
Visiting Rotarians: Mister Erb introduced visiting Rotarians: Riley Wyatt from Clover Park, Steve Schumacher from South Hill Puyallup, Mark Woodman, the esteemed President of the Downtown Puyallup Club, and Monica Cordell, a former Rotarian from Wyoming looking for a new club – I believe she became bait for Chris Kimball and the Membership Committee. When I thanked her for coming and exchanged pleasantries with her following the meeting, Mr. Kimball was standing right there trying to entice her into joining the club (I believe he offered a combination of lunch AND a milk shake). Right behind Chris was Greg Horn…I wonder if she got away without joining the club...
Above: New Lakewood Rotarian, Charlene Miseli
Since it is Halloween, how about some epitaphs:
Here is one from Hatfield MA – Arabella Young, 1771. “Here lies as silent as clay, Miss Arabella Young. Who on the 21st of May, began to hold her tongue."
And now back to our regularly scheduled program.
Under “The Folks That Made It Happen” today column were: Duncan Cook and his “minions” (dubbed so by “DD” – see above), Larry, Moe and Curly….er, Rob, Bob and Troy.
Paul Harris table was manned by his eminence Chuck Hellar. Mark Edgecomb took our raffle ticket money and doubled as the Sergeant-at-Arms. Donn Irwin recorded the goings-on whilst Troy Wilcox played relief photographer for whoever it was that was supposed to be there but wasn’t.  
We were treated, not tricked, to the introduction of our newest member of the club (and newest Puffin) – Charlene Miseli. Don Anderson sponsored Charlene but, for this occasion, Gary Fulton was an Anderson stand in. Charlene has been here since June and works for the Boy Scouts of America. Her husband is stationed at JBLM.  Welcome to the club Charlene!
Just a quick note: Bob Cammarano missed his chance to pass the Puffin on. Bring it next time Bob.
From a headstone in Lincoln, Maine we get: "Sacred to the memory of Jared Bates, who died Aug. the 16th, 1800. His widow, aged 24, lives at 7 Elm Street, has every qualification for a good wife, and longs to be comforted." (Could this be a sequel to Nightmare on Elm Street)?
President Don made an announcement about the Lakewood clean up this weekend. He encouraged everyone to clean out their junk. Gayle Selden gave that motion a second by recommending that we do that instead of donating it to the Sportsman’s Dinner and Auction.
Mo Sarram made an announcement about some students going somewhere or doing something that he or some organization had a budget for three students to do, but this reporter couldn’t make out what was said.
Greg Horn thanked “DD” for the introduction as Mr. Horn came forward to tell us about polio. 2014 – 340 cases worldwide. 2015 – 24, 2016 – 37 and so far in the year 2017 – just 12 cases are all that are known! Greg stated that it will take approximately another 1.3 billion dollars to kill polio. Pakistan and Nigeria are the 7th and 8th largest countries population-wise in the world and they are two of the countries that have reported cases of polio. The gates Foundation is offering a match so donate! (I think we will hear more on this real soon).
Mike M told us about Next Step – a program developed by Lakewood Rotary to kelp kids coming out of high school with college applications and finding money. There is a cadre of Lakewood Rotarians that are helping these kids out.
President Don reminded us once again of the tree planting event happening on Saturday at Ft. Steilacoom Park. The Prez also thanked us for bringing books and asks that we keep them coming.
Welcome to Lakewood Rotary’s new clothing store! Mr. Hammar has used his extensive knowledge of clothing sales and embroidery to come up with signature clothing for us to buy: Golf shirts and vests available in a range of sizes and colors that are sure to catch your eye. More on this endeavor coming up.
Puyallup Downtown Rotary announced that its annual crab feed is coming up and our very own Chris Kimball extolled us to keep membership in mind.
From Kent, England: "Grim death took me without any warning. I was well at night and dead in the morning."
It was a citation-free meeting day but we were warned that “citations” would be double next week. (Just an observation here but aren’t fines usually doubled – not “citations”)?
Peter Marsh lauded a book – The Fear Factor” by one Abigail Marsh – hmmm, wonder if they are related.
Sally Smith introduced our speaker, Pierce County Assessor\Treasurer Mike Lonergan.
Above: The editor did not receive a picture of Mr. Lonergan, so here is a picture of Mr. Lonergan on Pierce County TV.
In the country, Washington ranks 31st in property tax costs. New Jersey is the most expensive while Hawaii costs the least. There are some 330,000 properties that have to be evaluated each year in the county and then have the appropriate tax assessed. Mr. Lonergan employs 5 cartographers and 30 other people that go out and physically inspect the outside of buildings.  The Assessor’s office has to determine tax exemptions and personal property taxes (now just on business equipment). Mike pointed out that Pierce County allows 60 days to appeal even though the law allows for 30. He wants appeals if the property owner thinks that the got the assessor it wrong. This year $1.25 billion is being collected. He also cautioned us substantial tax assessments. Mike also mentioned that, if we know someone over 60 that makes 40k or less, we should have them go to his office to talk about their taxes.
With the conclusion of the Assessor\Treasurer’s presentation, President Don announced that it was no longer necessary to ring the bell before we did the drawing – so he didn’t. There were 6 white and 1 red chip in the bag. Rick Selden won the opportunity to draw the red chip for $861.00…..he drew a white one for $5.00.
The Rotary Foundation was $574.00 richer once all of the $$ were tallied. Thank you!
Here is something special for Ole:
How many syllables in: Tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-aaa-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo? (This is end of a line from a doo-wop song done by a group called Vito and the Salutations. The name of the song is Unchained Melody. Oddly, the words in the title are NOT in the song. Vito & the Salutations scored a success in the summer of 1963 with an up-tempo version of the song "Unchained Melody," which reached number 66 on the Cash Box hit parade).
Enjoy your week and asked Ole id he reads this stuff.