PP Rick Selden surveyed the room like the veteran leader he is. Shaking hands, kissing babies, you know the routine. But why? Some think he’s going to run for State Auditor. My sources tell me that President Dave heard someone yell “FORE!!!!” and he took off. As he scrambled from the room he asked PP Selden to run the meeting. And command the meeting Rick did.

A pair of quotes:
1. When asked how his golf game was going after his presidency, Dwight Eisenhower said, “I don’t win as often as I used to.”
2. No less eloquent, PP Selden quoted PP and PDG Gordy Quick who was talking about Rotary service… “Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way."
Rod Ladd invoked the meeting. Eric Quinn led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Tom Crabill sold raffle tickets. Bill Young introduced visiting Rotarians and served as Sgt-At-Arms. Gary Fulton collected money at the Paul Harris Desk.
Guests: Virginia Hillyer brought the only guests of the meeting: her niece Jessica and friend Laura.
Sunshine: Gayle reported it was nice to see Bob Peterson at the meeting. Sadly, Morris Northcutt’s mother passed away Thursday, June 18 from cancer.
Acre for the Arts: Another Parks & Recreation Advisory committee meeting will be held at 5:30 on Tuesday, June 23 at City Hall.
Exchange Student I: Selen leaves Sunday, June 28. Tuesday, June 23, a going away party will be held at Korsmo’s home. Everyone is welcome to come. 
Exchange Student II: 16-year-old Christina from Italy will be here in three months. The first host family is set up, but the committee is looking for others. Contact Clayton Denault if you are interested.
Exchange Student III:  As a safety officer for the Exchange Student program,Gayle Selden reported it was a wonderfully fulfilling job but also very time consuming. She would like someone to step up and take over the Sunshine committee so she can focus on the Exchange program.
Installation Banquet: Friday, June 26 at 6 pm at the Tacoma Country & Golf Club. RSVP to John Lowney by Monday, June 22. 
Military Appreciation: The Rotary Club of Lakewood will be back at the July 16 Tacoma Rainiers Game. Tickets are $30.50.
Blue Badge: Former red-badge attorney Nicole Hancock received her Blue Badge. Congratulations Nicole. That’ll be $5.
U.S. Open: With nothing else to do at 6 am on Thursday, June 18, Don Daniels, Greg Rediske, and Rick Selden and Virginia Hillyer showed up at the Rotary tent at the U.S. Open. Apparently they worked REALLY hard and were REALLY tired after. So tired that when their shift ended… they went home. Too tired to watch golf.
Congratulations: New bulletin editor Eric Quinn and Rod Ladd conspired to create a new bulletin contest. Congratulations to Greg Rediske who correctly identified (first) the back of PP Ron Irwin’s head in the June 12 meeting bulletin. $2 to the club and $5 from Irwin for being in the bulletin.
Happy Birthday PE Chris Kimball. The club sang the Happy Birthday song to Chris and performed pretty well. Turns out Chrsi just returned from New Orleans and skipped the office so he could show up at Rotary on Friday. $20. 
Bud’s Back. Bud Montgomery is back in the Pacific Northwest. He has been down in Arizona. Marilyn is recuperating well. Bud spent some of his daughter's inheritance by buying a new house. $100. 
Been Everywhere: Steve and Ellen Mazoff have been to Dubai, South Africa, Botswana, Boston and a few other places. The longest leg of one of the 100 flights they’ve taken was 14.5 hours. $100.
New Car. John Magnuson has a new “used” red Camaro SS. Will the new Camaro replace the truck on the Reeder Roadster Romp this year? It depends on how the truck feels when time comes to roll. Some undisclosed funds changed from John’s hand to Bill’s hand.
Nice Hat. PP Selden then asked who owned the Fedora sitting at Walt Richardson’s table. Turned out it was Walt’s hat. PP Selden dropped a hint to daughter Gayle that Father’s Day was coming up soon and that was a really nice looking hat.
Dancing Queen: Because of an unforeseen illness of a friend, Gayle slid into a Foundation Party in Bellevue recently. Turns out a number of Seattle Seahawks' players were in attendance. A video of Gayle dancing (well, I might add) with Earl Thomas can be seen on the interwebs. $20. 
More Golf. Ed Shannon fessed up to four-days in Pinehurst, NC. Then Coeur d'Alene. $150 for the foundation. PP Selden then encouraged Ed to transfer some of his largesse to club operations. $10 to Dave’s fine budget, $140 to The Rotary Foundation. 
$1. Pulling an old trick from his sleeve, PP Selden insisted that all members not wearing a Rotary pin had to stand and pay $1.
Speaker: Chris Aubertin is Group Sales Manager for the Tacoma Rainiers. Chris – a die-hard New York Yankees fan – is on his second tour with the Rainiers. Chris is responsible for ensuring a positive experience for all organizations that attend a game at Cheney Stadium or book the facilities for any other event.     
Chris noted that Cheney stadium was built in 100 days back in the 1960’s. The light towers and some of the seats are from a stadium used by the San Francisco Seals. 
The Tacoma Rainiers have been the Player Development team for the Giants, Cubs, Yankees (1 season), Indians, Oakland A’s (15 years) and the Mariners (for 20 years).
Cheney Stadium was renovated after the 2010 season. That year the Rainiers made the post-season so got to play their first series at Safeco. The next series was in Memphis (even their ‘home games’). Memphis won the PCL in a three-game sweep.
The Cheney Stadium renovation brought lots of improvements and a lease through 2030 or 2035. 
Questions: How do they manage their flexible ticket packages? Season ticket holders have lots of flexibility. Only three games are not switchable. The other 69 games tickets can be moved, doubled up, dropped or whatever combination that allows the ticket holder to maximize enjoyment. 
Question: How does Major League Baseball (MLB) affiliation work? Minor league teams are involved with Player Development Agreements with an MLB team. They do shift alliances. Six PCL teams changed affiliation this past off season. The Mariners do assist with travel, insurance and player costs. But they give no assistance for front-office staff.
Question: Salary range? Rainiers earn $10,000-$20,000 on low end. $50,000-75,000 on the high end. MLB  minimum is $400,000. Minor league player has to be on MLB roster for 90-days before he can sign a major league contract. 
Question: How’s attendance? Cheney Stadium has an 8,500-seat capacity. Season long average is 5,500-6,000 attendance, which they are very happy with for the 144-game season that runs from April to late August or early September (depending on post-season).
Question: How many non-player employees? Roughly 100 employees for game operations and 25 full time staffers. 
Drawing. Ticket #8778 was held by Gordy Quick. White chip worth $5.  FORE!!!
And one final question: Whose Rotarian head is this, anyways? Win two dollars if you guess correctly!