Posted by Mary Marlin on Apr 13, 2018
                With the thought of Friday the 13th looming over many minds, Rotarians took it on!  President Don Daniels was back from wherever he had been working hard.  The well-organized 48th Annual Sportsman's Dinner and Auction was soon to begin. By the way, the Sportsman's Dinner and Auction was a smashing success. The Lakewood Police Chief came fully equipped.....for his speech, and the team had once again convened to celebrate collegiality and, of course, lunch. No worries. All was well!


             President Don Daniels rang the bell, welcomed fellow Rotarians, visiting Rotarians and Guests. He reintroduced himself........."I am the real DD!" in case folks had forgotten these last three weeks. With a warm tan glow he admitted his wife sometimes called him a chameleon. (It's part of their charm!). The invocation was given by Bob Peterson and the flag salute was led by Charles Heberle. And here's the hard-working team:

Set up:  Duncan Cook, Ward Fletcher, and Bob Hammar

Paul Harris:  Mick Johnson

Ticket Sales: Mark Edgecomb

Bulletin Writer: Yours truly

Photography: Walt Richardson

Sergeant at Arms: Andrew Kruse




            No visiting Rotarians were present. John Forkenbrock mentioned that Ted Wier had fallen and injured his leg, but he was doing well. John Korsmo is still being a warrior.

Visitors included Mo Sarram's friend of fifty two years, a gynecologist. Mike McGowan introduced his daughter, Megan. Johnny Walker introduced his friend, Ross, and Tom Crabill introduced his wife, Fae. Don then thanked his substitute presidents, Greg Rediske, Dave Coleman, and Rose Stevens for helping him out while he was gone. He suggested that things probably went more smoothly with them at the helm and some spunky folks affirmed. I think there may be some citations here!! Gayle was offered an early time at the podium but politely declined. Don then recognized several members with thoughts to share.....


            Chris Kimball suggested that we recruit and talk with friends about the power of Rotary and the worldwide influence. He even said, "Remember we're the greatest Rotary Club in the Galaxy!" Dave Coleman encouraged members to continue donations to the Pavilion. Apparently, 50% of members have participated personally and we'd like to see that percentage at 100%. Dave is "excited" and there are at least a million people who come to the park every year. "Count yourself to be one of them!" Thursday is a special day and the slab is in the ground. Summer Fest is the goal for completion. Be sure to be there! Steve Enquist then presented awards to three members: Mike Zaro received his first Paul Harris, Troy Wilcox received his second Paul Harris, and Chris Kimball received his sixth Paul Harris.  Well done!




              Gayle Selden then took the microphone and offered several things to think about.  Yes, tomorrow the auction will have many opportunities of new things to take home. There are more tickets available. She suggested we buy now or wear an apron tomorrow. Some dates need to be considered: July 14 with the Sea Scouts, Sept. 15 will be a boat trip and lunch, and June 3rd is an art class. Bricks will be laid in October. And more money raised will help all committees with their goals. Gayle is "really excited!"


               Bob Zawilski suggested the Required Minimum Distribution when one turns 70 and a half can be used for charity without being taxed. The Pavilion is something to think about. If you are thinking about a safari, Dave Betz has stories. On his trip to Africa with his daughter, they encountered 22 elephants while they toured in an open van. As one friendly elephant raised his trunk, Dave slid under his seat. A day to remember. He agreed, "You'll never have a day as memorable as this!" Donna Phillips encouraged us to "Bid often and bid high!" Don then asked for a volunteer to help transport the liquor and soon Alejandro raised his hand. All is coming together...........


    Then the citations began. Andrew Kruse has been visiting youth centers and talked with them about how to improve their lives. Time well spent. He offered a donation.

Joan Strait paid up for being in Montana and having fun visiting her daughter. Don Daniels gave $20 for both Rose Stevens and Greg Rediske for their presiding abilities. Oh, and he also suggested that if you have expensive eye needs or dental work needing done, go to Yuma.  Who knew?



           Johnny Walker had an Aha Moment in Oahu with his family when he realized rushing about was no comparison to stopping and knowing how blessed he was to be able to savor the island life with those close to him. He donated as an appreciation for such a great experience (a lesson to us all.....).


          Sally Smith then introduced the speaker of the day, our own Lakewood Police Chief, Mike Zaro! Mike humorously suggested he really didn't need an introduction since he had a name tag. Then he more seriously suggested that much of the information that he would be presenting today could be found on the police website. They've had a tough time this year with losing two officers to suicide and two other professionals passing away as well. With difficulties also came changes. Here are some innovative changes that Mike told us about during his talk. The Phlebotomy Program, the first in the state, allows officers to take blood samples at the scene under certain circumstances. A drone is also being used to aid in accidents, and locating missing persons and officers involved in situations. It is an excellent law enforcement aid that also respects people's privacy. Chief Zaro also mentioned that calls for service keep them busy. Last year there were many, including 9600 traffic stops. Arrests are down from 2400 to 2200. The Behavior Health Contact Team is going strong addressing individual needs and coordinating appropriate assistance. The SWAT Team had 25 missions last year, all handled successfully. The Assault Unit works with domestic issues, children and misdemeanor safety issues. Personal crime issues usually are 75 to 80% people who know each other.  Property crimes are fortunately down. Training for officers in Lakewood is a devoted 121 hours. The state requires only 24 hours! The use of force is down from last year and, fortunately, no officers have been shot this year. The perceived norm of force in situations is highly touted on TV. The intention of the police here is to take time and make good decisions. Good community relations is essential and the internet presence is expanding more on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.




             Distracted Driving is a real issue, as we all know. Tickets are becoming more prevalent and drivers need to be aware. School shootings are a concern to the community, but the police have had only one incident. No one was hurt. Nicole knew a student in Youth Council who was elated to have a picture with Chief Zaro. Nicole suggested we need to celebrate what is working! The Lakewood Police Dept., Tacoma, and JBLM all work well together. (The train derailment is certainly an example.) As to evidence from a crime scene, it must be kept often for decades before the case may be solved. There is a special area for this evidence. As Police Chief Zaro ended his presentation, he thanked the members of Lakewood Rotary for their personal support and how all the good work that the club sponsors helps everybody.




           Don made the bell ding. Ed Shannon was excited.....until he only got $5.  Oh, and a correction about last week needs to be noted. Eric Warn did not win the $600+. He did win $5.  Sorry, Eric! Paul Harris Fund earned $1145!! There is now $687 in the raffle.  See you at the Auction!!  May the highest bidder win!! Til next time........

Yours truly, Mary Marlin


            Oh yes: Read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske, and this will count as attendance at a meeting (a make-up). Also, if you are doing online shopping, try doing so at Amazon Smile, where you can allocate a portion of your purchase to a charity of your choice, which happens to include Lakewood Rotary.