If a person isn’t suspicious, it will have little effect on your luck….good or bad.  After all, the superstition is really an urban legend and not universal at all.  The Hispanic and Greek cultures consider Tuesday and especially the 13th, to be unlucky.  And in Italy….popular culture calls Friday the 17th as a day of bad luck. Italians even think the number 13 is lucky!  So…what is the answer?  Just to be on the safe side, I threw a little salt over my shoulder.

Throwing caution to the wind, Duncan Cook set us up for the meeting.  Mick Johnson collected $540 at the Paul Harris Desk, Tom Crabill served as our Sgt-at-Arms, and Gayle Selden and Judy Hosea collected items and reservations at the Sportsman’s Dinner table. Rod Ladd delivered the invocation and Bill Allen led us in the pledge.  All went smoothly, without incident, although President Dave quoted Sgt. Phil Esterhouse and cautioned us…“let’s be careful out there”.



Today’s Presidential Quote was from George Herbert Walker Bush:  “We are a nation of communities…a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand points of light in a broad and peaceful sky”.  41st President (1989-1993)

Our lone visiting Rotarian was Clover Park member, Judge Grant Blinn.  Dave Covey was introduced as a guest, having not attended for some time….but we know you, Dave!  Welcome back!

Wynn Hoffman, Chair of the Sportsman’s Dinner and Auction, announced that we are “moving along” and have collected 128 items, valued at $30,000+.  For the curious, that is about 1/3 of what we need to do.  The good news is that this was accomplished by 43 participating Rotarians and we actually have 116 members of our Club.  So, if the remaining 73 step up the pace and turn in procurement items, forms, or cash….we can still make it.  Gayle Selden reminded members that we will be accepting auction items for the next two weeks….our cutoff is March 27th.    


Additionally….members need to sign up to help pull off the event.  We need volunteers for set up, working the event and tear down/clean up. All hands on deck!  You can sign up online on our Rotary website, or at our meetings.  Call or email John Lowney if you have questions.

President Dave and PE Chris talked about the DLTA and suggested if interested, contact one of them.

“Acre for the Arts” will be discussed at Ft. Steilacoom Park on March 24th at 5:30.  Please come and join the conversation.

The YMCA is building a playground funded by Kaboom and Disney.  Volunteers are needed on March 19th, “Prep Day” and you are urged to bring corded drills if you have them.  This will be the power tool day.  March 21 is the Assembly Day.  Volunteers should plan to arrive around 8am.  Call Clayton DeNault for more information.

John Forkenfrock

John Forkenbrock (left) was installed as our newest member.  He has assumed Cindy Thompson’s previous position at Mountain View Funeral Home.  He is a 4th generation Funeral director, born in 1940…on Christmas Day.  Tom Sadler was a fraternity brother at UPS and his wife worked for the Clover Park School District.  John was formerly a Clover Park Rotarian in the late 1980’s-1990’s.  Welcome to Lakewood Rotary, John!

Jason Whalen had a lot to be proud of.  He opened a new law firm on January 1st called Ledger Square Law on 710 Market Street in downtown Tacoma.  He shared that the open house was Saturday the 14th at 3PM and if President Dave showed up, he would pay $100 fine.  He also dropped the names of many other Rotarians who were called to help prepare the new space.  Although not fined, blatant advertising was shared for James Guerrero (architecture), Gayle and Rick Selden (flooring), Morris Northcutt (Marketing)….and others that went by too fast for me to catch.

Ron Messenger was nailed for appearing in the News Tribune on an article about the closing of the Chambers Bay Dog Park during the US Open (and perhaps beyond).  Ron suggested that New Tacoma Cemetery had plenty of space.  I didn’t get the details, but am a little concerned about a dogs respect for headstones.

Last week, at the sparsely attended meeting, it was brought to our attention that many of our members had escaped to Sun River where they declared the outing to be an official meeting, and that a quorum was present.  As such, they elected President Dave to a second term citing his lack of progress to date.  They also gave themselves a make-up for the meeting missed.  Members present that self-identified with the aforementioned actions were: Larry Saunders, Greg Rediske, Ted Wier, Rick Selden, Joe Quinn, Steve Mazoff, Phil Eng, Bob Zawilski…if I caught them all.  John Lowney was also among the Sunriver culprits, but not present at today’s meeting.

Before things turned ugly, President Dave turned the meeting over to PE Chris Kimball to introduce our speaker.  Andy Landis is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on Social Security and Medicare, as a nationally-known author, speaker, and consultant.

Andy has guided tens of thousands to abundant retirements while working at the Social Security Administration, AARP, multi-national corporations, and his own practice, Thinking Retirement.

Through Thinking Retirement, Andy educates both individuals and financial professionals through live workshops, books, articles, webinars, and professional education courses.

He is the author of the books Social Security: The inside Story and When I Retire, available from Amazon.  He is a regular blogger for the Wall Street Journal’s “MarketWatch” site.  On TV, he has appeared on Fox Business News and PBS, and is a frequent guest on radio.

Andy lives in Seattle with Kay, keyboards, camper, computers, cars and sometimes kids.  

He delivered a fun and informative session on decisions made in regard to Social Security and the ways that many of us could save a lot of money with preplanning.  He welcomes all to a free workshop to be held on April 29th from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm at the TC&GC.  Contact Chris Kimball if you would like to attend.

Andy can be reached at: andy@andylandis.biz or visit his website at www.andylandis.biz.

Following his presentation Rick Selden drew the white chip for the $5 payout (he may have blamed Friday the 13th) and our newest Rotarian won a copy of Andy Landis’ book (he obviously doesn’t believe in the urban legend surrounding the date).

Salt did the trick for me…..safely through, unscathed.

But before I go…a poem for my fellow Rotarians…at least 73 of you:

Rotarian’s Ode to The Sportsman’s Dinner

As I go to sleep this night

I think about what next I might

Put together, before it’s too late,

An auction item that will really be great!

Of course, I may have to spend some cash

And spend some more to buy it back!

But that is what we do fulfilling our test,

To build goodwill, and all the rest.

For Lakewood Rotary is on a quest

You’re either with us or can join Kiwanis!


Respectfully submitted