Posted by Donn Irwin on Mar 09, 2018
President Daniels opened the sparsely attended meeting by banging on the bell with something other than his gavel. Seems as though the setup crew had neglected to provide the gavel used to ring the bell. Our esteemed President then threatened citations (aka fines) to the VOLUNTEER set up crew because of the oversight. It was all in good fun and this reporter did not witness any actual money change hands.
Clint Johnson gave the invocation and Gary Fulton led us in the pledge.
 Meeting set up (sans gavel) was taken care of by Duncan, Ward, Rob and Troy. Ward Fletcher handled the Paul Harris table and Kendra Riconosciuto took care of the raffle tickets. Donnnnnnn Irwin wrote things down and the man with the camera and jaunty hat was Walt Richardson. Mark Edgecomb was named Sergeant at Arms, mostly by default, and we were greeted by Christine Vu as we grabbed our badges.
Somehow, during the Pledge, Mary Marlin’s friend had their phone go off. Mary’s “friend” turned out to be member Barbara Spriggs….oops! I didn’t catch what that cost her.
Rob Erb introduced visiting Rotarians Bert from Sumner and Leon Linbloom (this writer apologizes if these names are spelled incorrectly) from Pasco – Kennewick.
John Forkenbrock reported the “Sunshine” – Jerry Williams had by-pass surgery and Mary Lou Sclair is in rehab after back surgery. Vaughn Hoffman also updated us on his brother, Wynn – he is still in the hospital and still in rehab.
Bob Peterson introduced the Student of the Month, Grace Livingston, and the principal of Harrison Preparatory School, Kevin Rupprecht.
Above: Lakewood Rotary Student of the Month, Grace Livingston
Grace has graced our presence before as a presenter and as a guest of her proud father Dan (one of our own) at past rotary meetings. She is a sophomore at Harrison Prep and is a high achieving student who is always going above and beyond to learn and further her educational experience. Congratulations Grace!
ANOTHER PHONE went off – this time Ms. Donna Phillips was the victim. Again, I don’t know what that cost but in my former club that little mishap cost anywhere from $35-$50.
Mike McGowan presented brand new member Eric Warn with a Paul Harris Fellowship. Evidently Eric paid his initial Club fees AND wrote check for $1000.00 for the PH Fund. Thank you Eric and congratulations.
After looking at only the few faces in attendance President Don lamented to us that, evidently we weren’t invited to a secondary Lakewood Rotary Club meeting at another location. Sun River appears to be an alternative Lakewood Rotary meeting spot.
Gayle Selden let us know that we are one third of the way to reaching last year’s total procurement numbers. She also reminded us that the end of March is the cut off for getting our procurements to her and her minions.
I’m curious though, for some reason Gayle singled out Kim Prentice when she spoke about the WSU Cougars and drinking??? What’s that all about? Gayle also thanked the many sponsors that have signed on to support the Sportsman’s Dinner.
Next up, Eric Warn (he of the newly minted Paul Harris Fellows) was tasked with announcing our fellow Rotarians' birthdays, wedding anniversaries and club anniversaries. The birthday boys and girls for March are: Chris Easter, Kendra Riconosciuto, Michael Lewis, Eric Quinn, Vaughn Hoffman, Walt Richardson, Peter Marsh and Joan Strait.
Wedding anniversary celebrants were: James Guerrero and Susan (22), Lowell Johnson and Rondi (26), Mark Edgecomb and Nicole Ann (30) and Dave Coleman and Joyce (49).
Rotary anniversaries: Larry Clark (2), John Forkenbrock (3), Melissa Missall (4), Jim Sharp (8), Stephen Enquist (8), Morris Northcutt (12), Denise Yochum (12), Greg Horn (22), Charlie Hyde (25), Jim Rooks Jr. (28), Bud Montgomery (30) and the honorable Mike McGowan (51).
President Don mentioned that several of us attended the Boy Scout’s Breakfast on March 7th and that one of the speakers at the breakfast was the man that was one of the first to rush to the aid of the passengers on the Amtrak train that derailed near DuPont a few weeks ago. He is an Eagle Scout and wonderful human being. Those in attendance were: Don Daniels, Donn Irwin, Greg Rediske, Greg Horn, Barlow Buescher, Mark Blanchard, Rick Selden, Jan Gee, Charlene Miseli and Jim Sharp. At the close of the breakfast they announced that they had raised $54,000.00.
Mark Edgecomb paid a "citation” for being married for 30 years. He paid $30.00. You know, being the accountant that he is, he was able to come up with a formula to figure out how much to pay. Magnuson take note.
Jan Gee introduced our speaker – Paul Davies, VP of McLane Northwest. Paul started his professional career in sports medicine, working with high school, college and professional athletes from California to Florida. Paul had an opportunity to get into supply chain and grocery/foodservice business and went to work for Sysco. He moved to various states and is now here in the Pacific NW with McLane. Paul enjoyed sky diving, hunting and deep sea fishing but now has 9 year old twin daughters and enjoys spending time with them and their extracurricular activities.
Above: Presenter, Paul Davies
The history of McLane Company dates to 1894, when Robert McLane opened a small retail grocery store in downtown Cameron, Texas.  In 1903, he expanded into wholesale trade, supplying grocery stores in neighboring towns via rail and horse-drawn wagons. During the 1920s through the 1940s, with the advent of the automobile and a robust highway system, his business grew rapidly to encompass much of the Central Texas region. In 1966, McLane Company moved its operations to Temple, Texas and began tailoring its warehouse operations and distribution methods to better accommodate the retail market, including the rapid growth of the convenience store market.
McLane Company pursued a plan of expansion beyond Texas beginning in 1976 under the leadership of Drayton McLane, Jr. the third generation of family leadership. By 1990, the company had established a national presence.
In December 1990, Drayton McLane sold McLane Company to Wal-Mart, Inc. for 10.4 million shares of Wal-Mart stock and an undisclosed amount of cash.
McLane Company entered the food-service business in December 2000, when it acquired certain assets from AmeriServe Food Distribution to create McLane Foodservice.
In May 2003, Berkshire Hathaway acquired McLane Company from Wal-Mart for $1.45 billion. Today they do 28 billion in revenue and are debt free. They have 46,000 retail customers, 1600 tractors, 2700 multi-temp trailers, 9 million square feet of warehouse space nationwide and process 6 billion pounds of orders.
In the Pacific NW and Alaska they deliver to 1500 stores (in 6 states) and occupy 3 buildings that total 350,000 square feet in the Lakewood Industrial Park. Their biggest challenges locally are hiring employees due to the fact that McLane doesn’t allow drug use even though marijuana is legal in Washington State and the cost of deliveries between drop points. McLane Northwest uses a lot of fuel! They drive just under 5 million miles a year.
Locally, they are huge supporters of Seattle Children’s Hospital. They use local sources for goods and services whenever possible and support veterans – 25% of current teammates are vets.
All in all it was an impressive presentation and much appreciated by this writer as the program focus was on a local company and how they get things done.
President Don asked us to email him if you can help with the food prep at the District Conference. May 3rd from 8:00AM-10:00AM or 10:00AM-noon.
The Foundation gained $477.00. According to my calculator, if we keep that average up we’ll have put nearly 25k into the Foundation! You guys are the best!
Ward had the winning ticket and pulled out a……white chip. Congrats on the $5.00 winnings.
 By the way: If you read this bulletin, inform Greg Rediske and it will count as attendance at a meeting. Also, if you do some online shopping, consider doing so on Amazon Smile because a portion of the money spent can be donated to Lakewood Rotary:
Oh yeah, an update from Judy Hosea:

 “Dear Greg [Rediske] and Friends in Lakewood Rotary,

We have wrapped up our first month in Biloxi on the “Third Coast”!  It has been so fun as the weather has been cooperating and we have been able to see a lot of the area.  What a surprise!  Who knew we would both fall in love with Mississippi? 
In trying to get a little more feel of the area, we both read “Mississippi Mud”, a story of a 1980’s murder of a prominent Biloxi couple....she a City Councilperson and he a prominent local attorney.  Before we were through, we were introduced to the Dixie Mafia, floating casinos and the darker trades that mark the seedier side of Biloxi’s past.  Luckily, we also toured the local Seafood Industry and Maritime Museum to learn more about the hardworking immigrants that fueled shrimp, oyster and fishing trades.  Shipbuilding was also important to the coastal commerce.
Tuesday we plan to visit the Biloxi Rotary Club.  We are curious about Biloxi today apart from last month’s Mardi Gras seems there is something they celebrate with parades and bead-throwing on a regular basis. (St. Patrick’s Day is next!)

The temperature today was 85 degrees....that is the highest since we arrived.  Mostly it has been in the 70’s.  It has rained a couple times and when it does, the entire sky opens up and it all comes down at once leaving pools and lakes everywhere. disappears in a few hours and the sun comes out again.  There is a mild coastal breeze so the very slight humidity is very bearable.  Locals tell me that everything we are enjoying now would turn us against our favorable opinion if we stay through the long hot and humid summer.  No problem as we are out of here in 28 days.

We joined the KROC Center....a community center run by the Salvation Army.  It is wonderful....Tom uses the fitness center daily while I do water aerobics in a class.  Both of us are getting good workouts and Tom’s hip-leg injury is getting much better....abet slowly!  (One reason why we extended our stay another month!). Oh....and the cost is $37 total for both of us and we go 4-5 days a week!  Can’t beat that!!!

The park is fun and I am having fun with dishes for group get together!  That is good because the local fare is fried, fried and fried.  I went to five grocery stores before I found one with an acceptable selection of good fresh produce.  We mostly eat in....but enjoy the occasional splurge.  Fried okra, fried squash, fried pickles....just a few appetizers.  Gumbo, Jambalaya, and Etouffee are everywhere and Catfish, Crayfish, Oysters and all kinds of fish are prepared grilled, boiled and of course....fried!  It is fun, but only one day a week.

I hope you are are well and that the Sportsman’s Dinner has inspired all club members to get’s so important!  I wish you great success!

Until my next update.....take care y’all!