Posted by Joe Quinn on Aug 10, 2018
President Gayle Selden called the meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood to order promptly at 12:30 p.m. on an August day that did not seem that windy.  But just wait.    A somewhat sparse but vociferous crowd of Lakewood Rotarians was on hand, which just proves that “it is an ill wind that blows no good.”  (Just wait for it.)
HELPERS:   Daily Thought:  Mick Johnson               Pledge:  Gordon Quick
Setup:  Duncan Cook and Rob Erb (Ward Fletcher was sick, Bob Hammar absent)
Paul Harris Desk: Mary Marlin
Sergeant at Arms:  Barlow Buescher (also sold raffle tickets)
Photographer:  Eric Quinn
Greeter: Rick Selden
Visiting Rotarians:  Rob Erb introduced Steve Shumaker of South Hill Rotary Club and Monica Cordell of the Covington Club in Laramie, Wyoming
GUESTS:  I may have missed some guests’ full names but here goes: Janine ______ of Washington State,   retired Major Tom Slee, Sharon Selden (mother of Gayle and wife of Rick), Lavonne Northcutt (beloved spouse of Morris N.), John Rothenberg [also of South Hill Rotary], John Miseli (Colonel John and hubby to Charlene M.) and John Allen.
SUNSHINE:  "Ain't No Sunshine When You're Gone" by John Forkenbrock, who just had spinal stenosis surgery.  Ron Adkins’ memorial service will be held at Mountain View at 1130 hours Saturday.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Past President Greg Horn announced that Pints for Polio will be tomorrow (Saturday August 11) at 2:00 p.m. at his Orting Ski Lake, so if you are reading this and did not go, you are too late.  In other words, you just did not “get wind” of this event despite our repeated efforts.  Instead, maybe you can make this Fellowship Event on August 19, 2018 in Issaquah:  RSVP to Eric Warn please if you want to go Fox Hollow farm, a beautiful and well known respite from busy life that many of us LR Rotarians will visit and which is owned by Eric’s daughter-in-law, I think.  Gayle blew through the announcement so fast we could not get it all.
SAILING FOR FUN:  Charlene Miseli urged us to consider a sail on Puget Sound in the Odyssey, a Sea Scouts vessel with a storied history.  On September 15, 2018, from noon to 4:00 p.m. you can enjoy (for a reasonable $50 per-person donation) appetizers, beverages and a full meal.  The Odyssey was used in World War II; re-painted US Navy gray of course, the vessel was commandeered by the Navy.  It sails with fair winds from the Foss Waterway Seaport.  30 LR Rotarians are signed up already but there is still room for a few more.  3.5 hours of fun.  Come see those Sea Scouts in action.
Charlene also mentioned a September 15th opportunity to shoot clays in a team event also sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America.  You can take part in the Thunderbird Challenge, where teams of four compete.
MILITARY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: Military Affairs guru Rob Erb said our M.A. Committee just gave $1500 to the Civil Air Patrol, which sent a thank you letter for the gift.  This goes to support a cadet scholarship for five worthy cadets to attend the Flight Academy in July, where they benefit a lot such as learning to fly solo and become licensed pilots.
VETERANS BRICKS:  Major Tom Slee (U.S. Air Force, Retired) said that in 2002 there was a contest to select a Veterans Memorial artist to place art work at City Hall in Lakewood.  Most of us did not even know that the artwork was located there.  Did Lakewood Rotary sponsor that?  The answer is blowing in the wind.  Well-known Oakbrook area resident Bob Arndt and our own General Jack Gamble (USAF too) were huge in that effort.  Did you know:  bricks are still for sale for $50 each?  Tom passed out forms upon request after the meeting.  Of 700 commemorative bricks 242 remain for sale and engraving with your name on it.  We picked up one of the forms so if interested contact this writer and I will email it to you.  $50 each, payable to City of Lakewood.
Above: Major Tom Slee
FLOATING BOARD:  Rick Selden announced the Floating Board Meeting to be floated on Lake Steilacoom starting at 4:30 Thursday, August 16th from the Holly Hedge dock (7201 Holly Hedge Lane).  Email Phil Eng if you want to go.  Remember this is not really a board meeting; it is just fun, fellowship, and Lakewood Rotarian wind bags bloviating and telling stories.  (I know, you still haven’t gotten any explanation for all the wind clichés. Stay tuned, i.e. keep reading.)  This only costs $20 per person and if you get seasick whenever you go out on the water just come for dinner at Holly Hedge at 6:00 p.m.
Rick and Bricks:   Buy a brick for the Pavilion in the Park says [B]Rick Selden!  A nice 8 X 8 brick was displayed on the podium to demonstrate what you would get.  But wait just a darn minute.  Gayle had noticed that the brick she ordered and paid for said in fact “Gale Selden”!  The committee had committed the unpardonable sin of spelling the now-President (dare we say Goddess Gayle?) Gayle Selden’s name wrong.  (Apparently in March the Key writer spelled her name as “Gail” so she is touchy, touchy.)  And for posterity too?  Well, this sin could not go unpunished so Gayle summoned Dave Coleman out of his chair and unleashed Gayle-force winds upon the hapless committee Chair!  It was all in fun though, as Dave paid a $20 Greenleaf for this egregious error.  So now you know how the windy theme was launched for this iteration of the Lakewood Key.  Blame the theme on Editor Eric Quinn who suggested the title above.  Of course, this cub reporter took that theme to its logical conclusion by googling “wind clichés” and finding hundreds of possible idioms, clichés, and metaphors that involve the word “wind”.  So now you know the reason behind this nonsense.  As Ole Magnusson used to say, “Who reads this stuff anyway?”   (The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind:  We secretly know that many Lakewood Rotarians do read the bulletin as they know if you miss the meeting it can count as a makeup!)
Concerts:  Don’t forget the Pavilion concerts on three successive Tuesdays in August starting on the 14th.  We still need volunteers for the brick-selling table at the concerts.  We have not blown away our goal as of yet.
Goddess Gayle Time:  Uh oh, Gayle is putting her crown on.  She called upon Jason Whalen for various offenses.  Jason and company spent family vacation time recently on Maui and Oahu, then England for a week, with a trip to Montana thrown in for good measure and some birthdays. He was lucky to escape for all that good stuff with a healthy $100 fine.  Rose Stevens was caught on Facebook for spending time at her family spread in upstate New York, near Cooperstown, famous for the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Gayle was kind to her because Rose brought back a good bribe—a bottle of Maple Syrup that looked like a Crown Royal bottle.  
Bud Montgomery was caught going to Campbell River, British Columbia and also spending time with grandkids. Bud reported, however, that Marilyn broke her arm in a bizarre accident so Gayle mercifully fined Bud only a Greenleaf.  Sharon Selden rose to admit this is her first guest appearance since her daughter was crowned, er installed as President.  Sharon confessed to a trip to Victoria and Friday Harbor up in the San Juan islands, which was a bit adventurous since the Clipper blew an engine so they had to limp back in to Friday Harbor on one engine and got home in the wee hours.  She paid at least $50 for all that and maybe induced Rick into giving more since he went too,  but it happened so fast we really could not tell.  No doubt Rick will not escape the ignominy of fines this year.
OUR PROGRAM:  Jim Rooks announced our program for the day.  Our speaker was Lisa Hallett, this year’s non-Rotarian of the Year, who received a Paul Harris Award for her community service.  Lisa started a nonprofit called “Wear Blue – Run to Remember”, in honor of her late husband, an Army Captain who was killed in Afghanistan.  Lisa, who has a Master’s degree from the University of Hawaii, has three children and is an avid runner.  She has run at least five ultra-marathons.   (Those are more than the usual 26 mile marathon distance, and often are 50 miles or even more.)
Lisa said she formed the nonprofit to get through the difficult process of grieving and adjusting to her life after the loss of her husband.  She told us the story, the difficult story, of her journey of healing.  She knew her future husband from the age of five, as they grew up together in Northern California.  During a High School trip to Mexico with their Youth Group she resolved they would someday marry.  Graduating from West Point, he became Captain John Hallett.  He commanded a Stryker company in Afghanistan.  Their youngest child, Heidi, was born three weeks after he deployed to that foreign land, so Heidi will never know her father. Lisa told us of how painful that “tap on the shoulder” can be, when you first learn that something has happened to your military spouse that you cannot bear to hear.  He died in an IED attack on August 25, 2009.  Her life and that of her children changed forever that day. 
But this program was more about how she coped, how she survived, and how she became the leader that she clearly is today.  For more on that story, go to
She went on to tell us about the programs of Wear Blue – Run to Remember.  Although they sponsor weekly runs in Dupont every Saturday morning, you can come and walk too, and the nonprofit has “gone national” in a big way. There are 1,000s of runners in this group at 50 locations all over the U.S.  Lisa said running helps us all.  While 20-mile runs are tiring, getting through those helps us persevere in life. (I bet they are in such good aerobic shape now, they do not even get winded.) She said the service and sacrifice of our military members and families should not be forgotten.  All are welcome to Powder Works Park in Dupont at 9:00 a.m. every Saturday.  I don’t know about you, but I found this program was a real tear jerker.
Lisa added that, although John knew the risks of military service during war time, she was not prepared for the sacrifice that even the children are forced to make.   These Gold Star kids need mentoring and also replacement, if possible, for the parenting that they obviously lost due to these deaths.  She said there are 10,252 Gold Star children in America.    There have been 6,954 military deaths since September 11, 2001.  We need to remember those lives, especially for the living and the children who are left behind with only one parent.
Gayle Selden thanked Lisa for her talk and also Charlene Miseli for bringing us this story we needed to hear.
Drawing:  Dave Reames was the lucky unlucky person today as he only won the $5 after having a winning ticket.  We suspect they never remove the white chip after the drawing so the odds remain 15 to 1.  Not really. 
I guess that means the meeting is over—aka “winding down”—and therefore this complete coverage of the August 10 events must end.  Sorry, no more wind clichés (just be happy I did not talk about “breaking wind” as this publication is a family newsletter!). Remember to make many of your online purchases on Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.