Posted by Mary Marlin on Aug 24, 2018
   And the meeting of Lakewood Rotary was called to order by the esteemed president, Gayle Selden (who gently encouraged yours truly to capture only the "Good News" that would surely, as usual, depict a fantastic meeting).

       Listening intently and committed to not just better news, but "Good News", fellow Rotarians were ready.  Giving the invocation was Bob Hammar.  Ed Shannon led the Pledge of Allegiance. Thanks to Ward Fletcher, Duncan Cook and Bob Hammar, the meeting set up was ready.  Ward Fletcher and Eric Warn welcomed members at the Foundation table. Leon Titus drew ticket sales and became the Sergeant at Arms.  Walt Richardson was the ever-ready photographer and Johnny Walker was the official greeter with the assistance of his guest, Colleen Cook.

     Visiting Rotarians were then welcomed.  Kim Prentice introduced Doug Kernutt, the Superintendent of Clover Park School District. Leanne Albrecht, the Director of Community Relations was also welcomed. Johnny Walker introduced his guest, Colleen Cook, a real estate agent. Barb Spriggs introduced her neighbor and RN at Madigan, Chris Satchko. And Clayton DeNault introduced Toby Roberts and Leanna Christian.  Karl Roth, General Harrison and Karen George were also introduced from Clover Park.

     Many things are happening in Lakewood Rotary. Here is some of the "Good News."  Eric Warn organized a fellowship opportunity at Fox Hollow Farms last Sunday. Many animals and birds, children and adults were enjoying meeting one another. There were some exceptions. Apparently Carole Wier is "deathly" afraid of birds.  Greg Horn's shirt got chomped on by a goat, and Eric said a baby pig went missing.  Gayle then volunteered "We had a great breakfast on Monday!!"  Yes......much laughter!  Other things happening near Lakewood are the following:  On Tuesday, August 2018 at 6:00 PM, there will be a free concert at the Pavilion and more bricks will be sold.  Will you be one of the buyers? Make a note that on Oct the 6th, members can support Clover Park Kiwanis at their dinner/auction at Clover Park Technical College from 5-9:30 at Bldg. 3. Only $40 per person. Rotary Tacoma South is sponsoring a Mini Golf Tournament on Oct. 12 at 6pm for only $75 per person. Gayle encouraged our membership to get their game on and win the challenge! Joe Quinn encouraged all members to complete the Youth Protection Training online and if help is needed to contact him. Bob Hammar took the test and mentioned his daughter could assist others if needed. The training takes about 45 minutes. The tutorial helps. All need to complete it. "Don't be afraid."  Charlene Miseli and Sally Smith encouraged all to join them for a boat ride with a fancy lunch on Sept. 15 as one of the auction items.    Then Leanna Christian was elected into Lakewood Rotary with everything from the Puffin to the Four Way Test. Welcome, Leanna!!  We learned she has been an executive at the YMCA for 8 years. She is married and has three fabulous boys, aged 3, 10 and 11. She loves to run and has completed a half marathon in July. She is "excited to be here and become a part of the Lakewood community." (And Gayle assured her she would have the shortest amount of time with the Puffin.)




Above: New Member, Leanna Christian, with sponsor Clayton DeNault


          Mo Sarran reminded us about the World Affairs Conference next June and three candidates will be selected in January and February. Children and grandchildren of Rotarians are encouraged to apply. Social Media will be a focus. (Seems to be a topic of note these days!)  Then Eric Quinn encouraged eager members who love to write or take pictures to contact him to help with the Bulletin. As you might have noticed, this is a piece of cake. can eat the cake while you are finishing the Bulletin....tougher to eat cake without fluffy frosting on the camera lens. Hmm.


Then...….let the Citation, okay Fines, begin.

Phil Eng:  Phil is now famous for having his picture in a magazine.....Time, Newsweek?   Not yet! Ranger or Rotarian....not sure.

Jim Sharp: He divulged to "Madame President" that he has been working really hard.  And he is a famous golfer who helped win a golf tournament. Fine!

John Caulfield: He admitted he has been absent a lot, but he has a legitimate reason for not being here. He got married!! And he happily paid $100!! Congratulations, John!



Mike Zaro: Apparently, Gayle and Mike need some intervention, because Gayle was "delayed" by an officer needing "information" and issuing a warning. (Wish I had been there!)  Mike admitted he was super busy and he and his daughters hiked Machu Picchu!! He and his wife are now empty nesters, so he generously paid a fine!

Sally Smith:  As usual, Sally is getting out there and having fun. Biking, kayaking and having fun in Hood River, she "paid up" happily.

Donn Irwin: He admitted having great birthday fun with his family and grandkids and was there at Mason Lake to learn about his granddaughter's wedding proposal!  

Gayle then ended the "Fine Time" by issuing a warning that if a phone rings during a meeting, one time will be $10, two times $20, get it. Just sayin'.....




Above: Presenter, Mike Sellers


          Sally Smith then introduced Mike Sellers, a Rock Steady Boxing Fighter who also happens to be a sales and marketing executive.  Mike was amazingly inspirational about this organization that helps those with Parkinson's. Rock Steady enables people with Parkinson's to fight their disease through non-contact boxing-themed fitness and exercise therapy that improves their quality of life, self confidence and independence. Recent studies suggest that intense exercise programs may be neuro-protective and work to delay the progression of PD symptoms.  Rock Steady started 11 years ago and now has over 575 locations and 1200 certified coaches serving over 25,000 Fighters. There are 12 Rock Steady gyms in the Seattle area and they're still growing. The therapy improves balance, flexibility, mobility and quality of life.  Mike is a prime example of the spirit of the Fighters of Parkinson's.  Grant money for research assists with a new app that is being developed.  Both men and women attend the gym, and NO WHINING is their motto!   Workouts take 90 minutes with an evaluation at the beginning of joining and each 6 month period after. The youngest member is 27 and the oldest is 92.  Mike suggested that lots of women have waited a long time to hit something. (Comedy may be part of the workout , as well!) The picture on a workout wall has  names such as Thunder, Lightning, and Rocky attest to the determination generated by this incredible organization. Rock Steady Sweaty Bucks are also contributed by team members to assist with community needs such as organic farms, veteran funding and special Olympics. Volunteers are always appreciated. The publicity is getting out there and the research is much more well-informed.  Dave Covey has been a champion for the organization. Mike mentioned that one day several years before he was diagnosed, he was watching a documentary on CBS and said to himself "You know if I had Parkinson's, that would be a pretty good deal to know about."  Yes....Rock Steady it is.  Thank you, Mike, for spreading the word!



Gayle then thanked our speaker, and Dave Reames had the winning ticket but only made $5.00. 

The good news?    The raffle includes $930.  The Foundation fund generated $282 today. And members are grateful to be a part of Lakewood Rotary.

Till next time.................................….Yours truly, Mary Marlin 


For next week's presentation, we will have Dr. Frank Senecal, presenting on "Shining a Light on Cancer Research."

Footnote: Read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske so you can get a make-up. Also, do your online shopping on Amazaon Smile so a portion of your purchase can go to Lakewood Rotary.