240 years later, and what do we have to show for it? Well, powdered wigs are no longer seen as a fashion statement, for one. Pants, formerly known as “breeches,” have come a long way. And electric cars are replacing horses, or should I say, horsepowered cars - especially ones with 425 horsepower!
But, what about Lakewood Rotary? We are 60 years old. According to Treasurer Bill Potter, we are solvent. We are growing; thanks in no small part to immediate Past President Chris Kimball. Probably most notably, we finish what we start and do it well. We now begin a new Rotary year and we have our third woman President at the helm. Cindy Thompson, 1995 - 1996 was our first, Mary Lou Sclair, 2004 - 2005 our second and Rose Stevens our brand-new, woman President.
What lies ahead for Rotary? Rotary International is in good hands. We finally have a Navigator guiding the organization. Dave Covey, Gary Fulton, John Magnuson and Harold Carlson – Lakewood Rotary USAF Navigators – heartily endorse the selection of John Germ, Chattanooga, Tennessee as RI President for 2016 – 2017. It’s about time! His theme is: Rotary Serving Humanity. Lakewood Rotary’s leadership will take the club in some new and exciting directions while maintaining a solid course of our efforts already underway.
The Rotary Club of Lakewood
July 1, 2016
Out of the Gate…
As her first official act, Rose Stevens gonged us to order right on time. Mick Johnson led the invocation and Walt Richardson recited the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. A Rotary moment ensued: Falbrook California Rotary raised $40,000 for medical equipment to be used in Uganda – an example of Rotary in Action.
President Rose thanked Duncan C., Rob E., Bob H., Nicole H., Bob Z., Tommy C. and Ole for their assistance. By the way, Nicole landed $700 in foundation contributions.
Above: Look what the cat dragged in: Rod Ladd!
Visiting Rotarians were our very own ex – Rod Ladd from Gig Harbor Rotary. We also welcomed Paul Waterstreet from Forest Grove, Oregon. Guests were Sharon Rediske – more about her later, and new member Sonia – more about her later, introduced by her husband Kevin. John Forkenbrock had no bad Sunshine news.
Down the Back Stretch…
PP Chris Kimball gave Kim Prentice an appreciation award for her board service last year. And in turn, Rose gave Chris his Past-President pin and a banner. Bob Zawilski donated $1000 to the Paul Harris Foundation Society. His firm donated a matching contribution. Rose has done likewise. Richard Simmons rose and announced, loudly and clearly, that more donations for the Courage Classic were needed. These can be done online. He will bring a bicycle from the Latvia Hospital project to be auctioned next week. PP PAG Dave Covey made a cash contribution and reminded all that cash contributions can be made every week to the Courage Classic.
Into the First Turn…
PP PAG Greg Horn related the birthdays, wedding anniversaries and club anniversaries. In no particular order (just kidding): they are: James, Astrid, Don, Kim, Mary Lou, Jason, Chris, Mo, Andrew, John, Don and Jan. Those folks are all older.
Wedding anniversary people: Mary Jo – 15 years, Andrew T.  - 20 years, Jay - 24 years, Joan – 26 years, Jason -29 years, Joe – 48 years, Ed – 50 years, Steve – 51 years, Bob L. – 57 years, Bob H. - 59 years, Duncan and Joan Cook – 60 years!
Rotary Anniversaries: Virginia – 2 years, Mark – 4 years, Mary – 6 years, Bill W. 15 years, John Caulfield – 16 years, Mary Jo – 18 years, Phil – 22 years, John L. – 28 years, Judy – 29 years, Mick – 30 years, Tom S. - 39 years, John Mag. – 41 years and Bob Lordahl – 42 years!
Out of the second turn and into the third furlong….
Rose inducted Sonia Sanchez Ramos Martinez – our newest member! Welcome Sonia – she who is carrying the Puffin as handed to her by less-new member John Shaffer. Other new members present were Jan Gee, Barlow Buescher, Larry Clark, Mary Marlin, Peter Marsh, Barbara Spriggs and Jon Swanson. Get to know these new Rotarians!
Above: New Member, Sonia Sanchez Ramos Martinez
Treasurer Bill Potter gave a fascinating report on the state of our finances. Dry subject you say? It is all in the presentation and Bill’s skills make for a wonderful report. I can’t remember a thing he said but what he said was very entertaining. Suffice it to say, we are in good shape and if you want more details, attend a Board Meeting. Seriously, we are in sound fiscal condition and well prepared to meet our obligations and our plans for all contributions to the community, the world and major project. Thanks Bill!
Down to the 8th Furlong…
President Rose got a slam-bang taste of generosity! John Warner began the fine-fest for his Grandson’s graduation from high school – was that a C-note John? Rod Ladd came in second place with $100 to start the year off right! Duncan Cook ponied $100 for his years with Joan and Rotary. Let’s see which is it you’re married to? Oh, wait – that was just plain the wrong thing to say! Peter Marsh dropped the hurdle height for a daughter’s professorship and  - was that Johns Hopkins, Peter? $10 was a bargain, but then Peter may have been paying some tuition, so cut him a break! Donn Irwin and Rob Erb have been goofing off but for some reason it only cost Donn $10 and Rob $50. I guess his new Great Grand Daughter and some flying caused his inflation. Congratulations Rob! Ed Shannon paid $20 for being married to Jayne for 50 years – Ouch! I hope she doesn’t read this bulletin. PP PAG Dave Covey negotiated the mighty-fine liberation front $17.95 but Rose complained she couldn’t make change so he dropped the whole $20. He reported improving skies for Florence too. Our hopes, thoughts and prayers for this wonderful lady – Florence Covey!
And into the Home Stretch…
President Rose took the occasion to tell us a little about her life that we wouldn’t otherwise know. Rose is originally from the Hamlet of Schenevus, New York, population 551, 2010 census.  She was raised on and worked in a dairy farm during her young years. Thus was formed her work ethic. She inherited and still owns a farm in upstate New York where she takes great pleasure in spending time each year. Her Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather fought in the War of Independence – or as it is also known, the Revolutionary War. She attended and graduated Cum Laude in Sociology from State University of New York at New Paltz – Go Hawks! At one point, the farm girl escaped Mid New York winters and travelled to all the National Parks with her boyfriend – didn’t get his name. Let’s just call him Jim. Jim sounds like he was a very nice lad. Dairy farm boys usually are. But I digress.
Rose has travelled doing many, many worthwhile and good deeds. In Fiji she has worked on Habitat for Humanity projects 6 times. She started a women’s Empowerment Group – no small task in a paternalistic society. She worked earthquake recovery and repairs. She worked in the Ukraine and mentored a young woman who is now an attorney there. She worked in India in what she called “health camps.” So, no greater representative of Lakewood Rotary to the world than Rose Stevens; may she have our collective newfound respect and admiration for her generous global work. Farm girl indeed! More like Ambassador Farm Girl Extraordinaire!
We will hear more of an upcoming event by RI PP Rick King on Relating Rotarian’s Service to Humanity. Clover Park and Lakewood Rotary Clubs sponsor this event. It is Saturday September 10 at 12:30 PM, McGavick Conference Center, CPTC. Cost is $25, which includes lunch. At the recent District Conference, Lakewood Rotary received an Honorable Mention Award for International Service and an award for club growth.
And the winnah is….
Drum roll… where’s the drum? Oh, that’s right. What’s his name…? Anyway, one red, one white; ticket number 8191. Certainly sounds like a winner. Sharon Rediske, go up there and pull out that red chip! What? Wait! White chip!!? Oh my, I am so sorry - $5. So, next week the raffle ticket winner is the pot winner. Word is, Greg Rediske is buying $500 worth of tickets.
Do you wonder about Jim? I do.
Who reads this stuff?