LAKEWOOD ROTARY BULLETIN (The Lakewood Key) for February 3, 2017:  President Rose Stevens  gonged us to order right on time.  Bob Peterson delivered the invocation and Jim Weinand led us in the Pledge to our flag.  In charge of set up again were the reliable triumvirate (that means "three amigos" in English) of Duncan Cook, Rob Erb and Bob Hammar.  Steve Enquist collected a respectable $628 at the Paul Harris table.    Tom Crabill served as Sergeant-at-Arms; Barb Spriggs sold raffle tickets.   Troy Wilcox was the AV wizard, Joe Quinn is scribe and Bob Zawilski (not Za-wall-ski, pleeuz) was our erstwhile photographer.
ROTARY MOMENT:  Greg Horn told us of his participation at the Zone 25-26 Institute in Santa Barbara, California.   He and Mary attended a class on "Best Practices" so he called on Mary to tell us (probably because his memory failed him or because Mary is smarter--oh no, that is me and my wife--I forgot, or misspoke).  Greg then started to interrupt and Mary said, "Go sit down", so he did.  Maybe he is not so dumb after all!  Anyhow, Mary told us one trick they pulled was an interactive exercise so she proceeded to pull that on us.  She asked each Rotarian present to stand up and introduce himself/herself to two other people that they were not acquainted with yet.  This gave us all a chance to shake hands with two Puffins or some folks with less than perfect attendance!  Every LR Rotarian should know every other member's name and something about them.  We are not that big a club.
VISITING ROTARIANS:  Rob Erb said no one signed in but if anyone was really a visiting Rotarian and shy they should now stand up but no one did.  Probably because they were shy but maybe cuz there were not any.  We will never know for sure.
GUESTS:   Although their names are phonetic herein, Ralph Johnson introduced his friend, Saundra Raynor.  Also at the head table with our speaker today was Marguerite Richmond of Greater Lakes Mental Health.
SUNSHINE:  John Forkenbrock had nothing new to report, but John Warner said Mike McGowan is in good spirits despite undergoing chemotherapy right now.
BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES:  Greg Horn announced many February birthdays and anniversaries so here are just "the highlights": Mo Sarram and Fereshteh just celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary, and Mo also hits his Rotary 30 year anniversary this year.  Most years in Rotary club this month was Dave Reames with 39 (he must have joined when he was about 6!).  Tom Crabill was on the birthday list and he fined himself over $125 for a couple of things including that. 
PETS AND TRAINING THE TRAINERS:  Bob Zawilski spoke about attending training in preparation for the upcoming President Elect Training, which is done annually.  He also mentioned the Million Dollar Dinner, to celebrate Lakewood Rotary reaching the million mark on Paul Harris contributions recently.  I believe the President of RI will be in attendance, just as it happened when we hit the half million mark several years ago.  Quiz:  Who can tell us the name of our current President of RI?  Answer at end of bulletin but do not peek!   And do not go to RI web site either.  That is cheating.  Bob also put in a plug for Every Rotarian Every Year, a program aimed at getting every Rotarian in the Club to donate something to the RI Foundation every year.  Believe it or not, we are NOT at 100% (ever). 
LR AUCTION:  Rick Selden got up to motivate us to procure and buy tickets/sponsorships to the Auction, which is only a few weeks away.  Well, several but who is counting?  Gayle Selden, that's who, so watch out you slackers. 
But first Rick mentioned the District Conference, which is at the Clearwater Casino in early May.  Go sign up and get a room while they last.  I just did and rooms are going fast.  Register online at and LR will help with that registration fee.  We will have a hospitality room according to Rick and John Lowney.
As for the Auction, Rick said procure now!  An informational letter explaining how we will use the money is being prepared by the committee for you to give to prospects.  Rick showed us how to fill out the form for the (nonexistent) tickets and table-sponsoring clubs.  Individual "tickets" are $75 each.  The committee really needs the info on your guests including their address as that is how they generate the thank you and tax deduction letters.  Rick also splained how you can give cash instead of a sponsorship, but at that point he was getting a little long in the tooth or long in the wind, whereupon Gayle Selden basically said "Shut up Dad" ... and he did.  Are we seeing a theme at this meeting with the women in the family telling the men to button their lips?
 Above: Educators of the Month, Melissa Roach and Carl Jones
EDUCATORS OF THE MONTH:  Dave Covey really is pretty funny.  He introduced our two educators of the month from the two local school districts.  He first introduced the Vice Principal from Steilacoom High School and the principal of Woodbrook Middle School in the Clover Park School District, who were there supporting their honorees.  Carl Jones has worked in Steilacoom School District for five years.  He built the Lead the Way engineering program from the ground up.  His principal describes him as dedicated, creative and caring.  Carl was obviously moved by this honor and you can readily see how his personality and fun attitude would be contagious with students.
Melissa Roach is a big part of the music program at Woodbrook.  She came there in 2010 when the music program was a fledgling and  amateurish program.  She is a hard worker who has built the program, setting goals with clarity and confidence  With the tremendous mobility of the military students, she still welcomes each new student into the program.  She always makes accommodations for the special needs students, regardless of the complexity of the accommodations needed.  Woodbrook students relish the opportunities she finds to perform publicly and then positively represent Woodbrook to the community.  Much applause for these two great educators of our children and grand-children.
FINES:   Not much time left for this, but Dan Livingston stepped up to tell us about his new job and how his boss recognizes the advantages of Dan staying active in Rotary.  He now works for Flying Colors Painting in Lacey, which focuses on both residential and commercial painting projects.  He gave a Greenleaf ($20) we think.
THE PROGRAM:  Sally Smith introduced former LR member Terri Card, the CEO and President of Greater Lakes Mental Health.  The organization, founded in 1965, serves more than 12,000 persons annually.  Terri said today her talk would center on Homelessness and Mental Health.  But first she thanked LR members Mike Zaro (and Lakewood Police Chief) and Jay Mayer, both of whom currently serve on the GLMHF board. 
Terri said about 20% of Americans at some point in their life suffer some sort of mental health issue.  She said mental illness breeds poverty and homelessness.  Blend in a bit of substance abuse and you have a deadly cocktail that often leads to bad outcomes for people, she said.  Mental illness shortens life by about 25 years on average.  Many of the mentally ill also suffer from metabolic syndrome and miss appointments simply because they are so disorganized.  There are so many children and youth with mental health issues that Greater Lakes even has a Youth Suicide Prevention Team.
On a positive note, Terri said that recovery from mental illness is possible.  She described the various locations and programs that Greater Lakes offers.  She noted that there now is very little involuntary treatment, although we know involuntary commitments do occur.  Greater Lakes is active in about 45 schools in the county. Some of the staff even started up a practical sort of "store" and give away snacks, hats and gloves to the homeless.  She described the two person team that goes out to the homeless, including a police officer and a mental health professional.  The PAC team sees about 120-150 homeless persons per month.  She described the changes that they anticipate in some of the Greater Lakes programs, given the probable repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Those changes do not seem to favor the chances of the mentally ill or the efforts of Greater Lakes to help them.
THE DRAWING:  Someone got only $5 out of a possible $250 drawing,  but darned if I can remember who won.  Ask Rick Selden or Greg Horn as my wife just yelled and told me to shut up and come get dinner! 
THE QUIZ:  Aha, you thought I forgot didn't you.  The Prez now is John Germ  (next week maybe you can guess what country he hails from).  The prize was $5 but sorry Rose gave that by mistake to the winner of the drawing.  Besides, you all got it right and $5 divided about 80 ways is not much moolah anyway.

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