President Chris snared his drum, rang his bell, and another meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood got underway. Our trumpet man (Morris) wasn’t with us, so President Chris got us all on key with his communication device (aka cell phone), snared his drum once again and the National Anthem was sung.
Today’s helping VIP’s were Duncan Cook on set-up, Rose Stevens at the Paul Harris table, Rod Ladd taking care of the drawing tickets, Walt Richardson was the photo guy, and your humble servant acted as scribe.
Our leader's quote today was a bit edgy and thought provoking. It went something like this….actually, it went exactly like this:
I can’t stand to see the slaughter but still I eat the meat.
I can’t stand dishonest people but still sometimes I cheat.
I can’t stand the air pollution but still I drive a car.
Maybe them’s the reasons why things is like they are.
-Tower of Power from their 1976 song Can’t Stand To See the Slaughter
The ever-present, ever-busy Rod Ladd introduced visiting Rotarians. There was one – Ron Bowman from Centralia – Chehalis. (aka First Man).
There were a couple of guests. Claire Korschinowski introduced her guest, Seung Young, and Mike McGowan introduced the esteemed Jane Shanaman.
John Forkenbrock reported that there wasn’t any sunshine and offered to pick up\drop off any Rotarian that needed help in coming to the meetings.
President Chris made a pitch to the members to sign up for the Rotarian Spotlight – a weekly opportunity to spend two minutes talking about yourself. How fun is that!
Speaking of quotes….the famous Hollywood movie producer, Samuel Goldwyn, was almost as well versed in the English language as Yogi Berra, Casey Stengel or, for that matter, Dan Quayle. Mr. Goldwyn once said “if you can’t give me your word of honor, will you give me your promise?”
Claire Korschinowski, Chair of the Vocational Services Committee, made a pitch for a co-leader. Phil Eng talked up the Monday Night Football events and made a “last call” for the Roadster Romp. President Chris, standing in for Eric Quinn, noted that the Publicity Committee has one member (that would be Eric) and could use some help!
Rob Erb and Claire Korschinowski received their blue badges after handing over the appropriate bribe, er…..donation. Congratulations!
Gayle Selden announced the eminent arrival of our newest Exchange Student. We’ll meet her at the next meeting.
No one wanted to confess, well, except for President Chris. He confessed as to the lack of fine money and so got busy and called on several members to step up and pay for their dastardly deeds, vacation time, awards and various other activities. Gayle Selden was spotlighted for her 40 Under 40 recognition and her trip to Walla Walla. Evidently Gordy Quick paid her fine and received some Walla Walla sweet onions as repayment. I don’t know Gordy, I think a least ONE bottle of wine should have been included in the pay back. Jay Mayer took a vacation but didn’t go anywhere – that cost him 20 bucks. Larry Saunders took a 2-week, 5-country jaunt in Europe. He gambled and lost to President Chris so he doubled his fine! Thank you Larry.
Old man Magnuson turned 75 on meeting day. He paid a dollar for each year and got a new uke as well.
Congratulations John and thank you for the $$. Perhaps you could accompany President Chris and strum the national anthem on your uke?
District Governor Rose had the honor of awarding Ted Weir with a ruby Paul Harris pin. There was some confusion as to how many Fellowships Mr. Weir has, but the consensus is that it’s at least ten! Thank you Ted.
Curtis Thiel of the South Hill club introduced District Governor Rose Bowman. DG Rose announced greetings from Rotary International President Ravi Ravindran and then asked the question “are you a member of Rotary or are you a Rotarian”. Interesting question…
Rose announced that there are now only two countries left in the world that aren’t considered polio free!!! Governor Rose then related a wonderful story about a bus trip to Mexico (that kind of reminded me of a movie called Two Mules for Sister Sara) and a dream fulfilled through Rotary with a trip to Africa, providing clean water to Africans, bus transportation to school kids in Mexico and administering polio vaccine drops to kids across the world – in person. I think that qualifies a person as a Rotarian.
After much reflection and the Governor’s story about the bus, President Chris’s mind was stimulated to link the concept of “bus” to the notion of a travel trailer and then on to a motor home. This in turn made him think of Rod Ladd who just had purchased one. I don’t know what Rod paid for the new rig but I do know it cost $100.00 more before our meeting came to a close.
Another $241.00 was added to the Foundation. Thanks to all that chipped in.
Once again I must mention Rod Ladd as he won the drawing. There was $250.00 in the pot. Rod drew a white chip and got $5.00 for his effort.
How about another Goldwynism as a parting shot – “a verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.” And how  about one more thing: Whose Rotarian head is this, anyways? Guess correctly and win two American dollars.