Posted by Donn Irwin on Jan 12, 2018
Welcome back to the Country Club! Our first meeting of the New Year back in our home.
President DD got us going, Bob Peterson did the invocation and Ward Fletcher led us in the Pledge.
The cast of characters working for you today:
Ward, Duncan and Bob H (aka MR. Hammar) on set up. Mary Marlin did the Paul Harris table while Leon Titus sold us raffle tickets. Bob Z. took pictures whilst Donn I. scribbled down the happenings. The honorable John Lowney stood as Sargent-at-Arms.
Mr. Lowney called for guests of Rotarians. Dr. Rooks introduced Alejandro Sanchez and Charlene Miseli introduced her husband, Jason.
Visiting Rotarians came from several places but there is no guarantee this reporter got all of their names nor that he spelled the ones he did get correctly (apologies in advance). From Downtown Puyallup came Mark Whitman and from South Hill we were visited by Steve Shoemaker. Dennis Bushman came from Sunrise and Malcolm Russell visited us from #8 and doubled as our speaker. Barb Perry from Gateway joined us as well.
After a year of suffering through some rather interesting tweets from our President Trump, I think it is time that we stop and reflect that, in the past, we’ve had such eloquent political orators to be entertained by. One that comes to mind immediately is a man that never made it to the Presidency but was close. We could have has “President” Quayle who once said: “Republicans understand the importance of the bondage between parent and child”.
We got no (love the verbiage here) sunshine from John F. - what a blessing. A brief note from our President said that PP Rose is recovering from hip surgery and doing well.
Bob Peterson introduced January 2018’s Student of the Month. Here is the write up:
Lakewood Rotary Club’s January’s Student of the Month is Albert James.
Above: Lakewood Rotary Student of the Month, Albert James, accompanied by Bob Peterson
His principal, Karen Mauer-Smith, says the Lakes High School junior is truly one of the most talented, kindest, hard-working young people she has met in her 21-year career in education.  He simply walks through life being gracious and helpful and committed to making the community of which he is a part a better place. 
He has served in ASB at Lakes, where he is currently the junior class president, and is an active member of the Lakewood Youth Council.  He maintains a 3.96 GPA while also being an active member of the Lakes High School band, holding a high-ranking leadership role in Lakes’ JROTC program, and he is a current member of Lakes High School’s site council. 
Albert is service-oriented, dedicated and humble.
There is a quotation that reads something like this "...don't make your presence known, make your absence felt." Albert is the kind of person who makes you feel that way. He makes Lakes a better place and leads by example, whether it is as a student in the classroom or in any one of his other leadership roles. His humble nature draws other students to him from all walks of life. He has faced his share of struggles and exhibits an amazing amount of resilience; he is an inspiration to students and staff alike. 
Albert delivered what several of us at the table I was at thought was the best acceptance speech for that award….ever. The young man was gracious, complimentary and seems to truly believe in service above self. Congratulations Albert!
Tuesday the Larry Saunders Service Award was given to Diane Formosa at the Lakewood City Council meeting.
Mr. Quayle also responded to an inquiry about his admission into law school with “I deserve respect for the things I did not do.”
Rick Selden was called upon by President DD to say something about membership – specifically get new members. Obviously the whole thing was planned as Rick was totally surprised to be called upon. However, being a master craftsman at making stuff up as he goes, Rick noted that it is a new year and that we should get going and get some new members. Pack and application and pick some new members!
I’m not sure I was seeing things correctly but I could I saw someone that looked a lot like Morris Northcutt in the room passing out Auction forms……
It was noted that there is a Board meeting Thursday (Jan. 18) at 6:30 here at the Country Club. Any member can attend and if you are Puffin and need to make a meeting, this is a great opportunity to get that requirement for a blue badge out of the way.
Charlene M. Called up the birthday boys and girls and expertly extorted money from them. The birthday boys and girls for January are: Gary Fulton, Johnny Walker, Steve Enquist, Clayton DeNault, Sonia Martinez, Bill Potter, Greg Horn, Steve Mazoff, Ralph Johnson, Jim Bisceglia, Troy Wilcox, Donna Phillips, Cheri Loiland and Joltin’ Joe Quinn.
 She then announced club and wedding anniversaries:
Club anniversaries:
Barlow Buescher (2), Jason Whalen (12), James Guerrero (22), Dave Betz (15+), Kal Kushen (25), Wynn Hoffman (25), Leon Titus (26), Jim Bisceglia (38), Bob Hammar (40), PDG Gordon Quick (47), and Richard Simmons (54).
Wedding anniversaries:
Sonia Martinez (2), Mary Covelli Johnson (20), Mick Johnson (20), Jim Rooks (29), Phil Eng (33) and John Forkenbrock (46).
Eric Quinn then stepped up to the mic and rapped a song touting the Sportsman’s Dinner & Auction – who knew that Mr. Q could rap? Nice job Eric.
Gayle Seldon followed up with an announcement and nudge about the dinner. Sponsorship\Donation\Ticket order forms were passed out and we were all encouraged to get them filled out and turned in. The big day this year is April 14th – mark your calendars.
On his decision to join the National Guard Mr. Quayle stated “Well, growing up in Huntington, Indiana, the first thing you think about is education”………
Johnny Walker was called upon to come get his lost Puffin. Somehow it managed to escape him but is now safely back where it belongs – after the owner paid $50.00.
Dr. Rooks introduced our speaker for the meeting. As mentioned before, it was Malcolm Russell, ED of Tacoma Youth Marine Center.
 Above: Presenter, Malcolm Russell
Malcolm’s family has deep roots in Lakewood. His ancestors came to American Lake in 1903 from Scotland so the Russell family has been around for over a hundred years. (Does the name Russell ring any bells)? Malcolm’s grandfather was the architect for the original Country Club building.
Malcolm has worked many years in the non-profit world and, as stated earlier, is the current Executive Director of the Tacoma Youth Marine Center in Tacoma. This is where the Sea Scouts reside. The Sea Scouts are part of the Boy Scouts of America. Their mission is to get kids on the water
In the Sea Scouts, being a Quartermaster is the same as an Eagle Scout in the BSA.
Some interesting facts: Tacoma produces 15% of the Quartermasters in the country. It’s a coed organization – 40% of the members are female. In 2014 the good folks of TYMC accumulated 6,000 hours of community service.
The Tacoma Sea Scouts have the largest (power) ship in the country – the Curtis. The Curtis at one time was used by the Coast Guard to chase down rum runners.
Their other ship is a 90’sailboat called the Odyssey that was once owned by the Vanderbilts.
Both vessels have crews of 60. The Curtis can be chartered (I didn’t catch if the Odyssey could be).
TYMC has a partnership with Metro Parks to swap between land activities and water activities in order to broaden the education of the members.
Many thanks to Malcolm for an informative and fast-moving presentation. I think we should have Mr. Russell back to do a program on the history of Lakewood and the Russell family.
The Foundation gained $215.00. The raffle had about $250.00 in the pot and lots of white chips…now there is one less.
As Mr. Magnuson says….who reads this stuff, especially the day before our next meeting?