Posted by Greg Rediske on Nov 10, 2017
“Without heroes, we are all plain people, and don’t know how far we can go.” – Bernard Malamud
Today was all about our heroes, those among us and those gone before.
This Veterans Day meeting, beginning 23 hours before the official Veterans Day (at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month: the armistice with Germany ending World War I in 1918). President Don called the meeting to order before a full house of Rotarians and guests, eager for the treat of celebrating this day. Helping Don to keep things in tight order:
Jim Weinand, Paul Harris desk ($352 collected)
Barb Spriggs collecting drawing money
Tom Crabill, Sgt at Arms
Set up, Duncan, Rob and Bob
Eric Quinn, picture taking
There were no visiting Rotarians, but lots of guests:
Bob Hammar: wife Mary, and daughters Taryn, Paige, and Darcy
Wynn Hoffman: wife Margie, and DAR representative Lee, and Donna from JBLM
Chris Easter and Eric Quinn: Geoff Nelson (who will be a groomsman at Eric’s upcoming wedding)
Ed Shannon: wife Jane, and Lynn & Mike
Gary Fulton: wife Sheri
Above: Veteran and Lakewood Rotarian, Ed Shannon. Thank you for your Service, Ed.
--Tom and Fae Crabill will be leaving us in December, moving to the Olympia area to be closer to family. Happy for them, sad for us....what great Rotarians they have been!
--Johnny Walker reported that this year's gathering of Puffins is hard at work under the tutelage of Clint Johnson, Bill White, Barlow Buescher and John Korsmo. The food program will not be held until after the first of the year, quite a departure from the last 3 decades. (By the way, "gathering" is what a group or flock of puffins is called. Fact for the day. You learned it here in the Rotary bulletin.)
--Rick Selden: We are distributing 30 bikes this year (5 each to Custer, John Dower, Lakeview students; 15 to JBLM). Bike assembly will be December 2, and bike delivery will be December 16.  Details to follow.
--Taryn, Bob Hammar's daughter, works for the Veterans Administration, and she asked for signups from vets to help with input on their new website.
--Board meetings are now the third Thursday of the month at 5:30 PM at the Tacoma Country and Golf Club. Next meeting: November 16.
--Books for the literacy program: we have about 180, need 50 or so more. Bring them to the next club meeting!
--No club meeting the day after Thanksgiving, November 24.
--Rob Erb brought up Margie Hoffman, and her guests Lee and Donna (see above). The three were given a check from Lakewood Rotary to support the Wreaths Across America project: a wreath will be placed on every American veteran's grave in the U.S. and around the world. The wreaths for JBLM will be placed at the Camp Lewis cemetery on December 16, and they would also appreciate volunteers for that. (The Camp Lewis cemetery turns 100 this year.)
--Larry Clark did his best Greg Horn impression and named all the Rotary anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, and birthdays for November. Congrats to all, and to Larry for a 97% success rate on his name pronunciations.
--Don't forget to help bring 10-12 concerts to Ft. Steilacoom Park for free this coming year by voting on line. Log in to:
Register, then click the link at the top of the page "Log in or sign up to vote."  The winning locations have the concerts financed by the Levitt Foundation
--John Forkenbrock: Denise Yochum is, thankfully, doing much better in her recovery from cancer, and is working half time again. Fantastic!
Above: Three Veterans who managed to fit into their uniform (Gary, Ed and John). Thank you all for your Service.
--John Lowney said, "Be there!" "There" being the social event of the Lakewood area Christmas season, the Lakewood Rotary Christmas Dinner-Dance. Please RSVP by next Friday, 11/17. Only $60 each! There are so many reasons to attend, but here is a short list of some key ones:
The Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Attending The Christmas Dinner/Dance:
10. The sight of Rotarians line dancing. Some even doing it right.
9.   Steak or salmon, cooked by Jamie, the magnificent chef at the Country Club
8.   So many Lakewood Rotarians and spouses, all in one place!
7.   The thrill of waiting to see if Troy Wilcox finally finds a beverage that whispers those magic words to him, "Yes, you can dance! Trust me!"
6.   You'll get to see Carole Wier try out her new hip
5.   You get to be a part of the extended history of Lakewood Rotary: this is the 59th annual Christmas dinner/dance.
4.   An Ole joke is sure to be told.
3.   President DD will be Dancing DD for a night: Yes, Triple D!
2.   Good food, good company, good music, and no one will make you dance if you don't want to.
....and the number one reason to be at the Christmas Dinner Dance on December 1st:
1.  The wonderful treat of seeing John Lowney do the gator!
Can you identify these Lakewood Rotarians and spouses from quite a few years ago? Seems like a good time was being had by usual. And, as Groucho Marx famously said, "Let there be dancing in the streets, drinking in the saloons, and necking in the parlor."
Ted Wier, $20 for letting Clover Park Rotary steal his badge, only to be retrieved through the painstaking efforts of our beloved President Don.
Bill Potter, $20 (?) for a son who got more A's than C's in his first semester of high school, a middle kid who actually called him for advice, and an oldest child who hasn't called for money. Yet. Plus, he was released from jury duty for saying all the wrong things.
Dave Reames, $100 for being on his phone, and feeling generous.
Jan Gee, $20 (?) for being a second time great grandma!
Dave Covey, $74, which just might be his age this month, and for his move with Florence to Auburn.
Above: Cheers to our Lakewood Rotary Veterans! Thank you  all for your Service.
The Program:
Rob Erb and his Military Appreciation Committee put on a heck of a show, beginning with the annual slide show of our Club's veterans. This year, they called on three of our own to recount an experience from their military years. First up: Ed Shannon, US Army, 1963 to 1991. Ed was in aviation logistics, specifically repairing helicopters and being a test pilot for the UH1. With only one engine, loss of same could be quite unfortunate. But they have a thing called "auto rotation" which prevents them from dropping like a rock. Ed's talents were required to test a copter that seemed to have auto rotation problems. So they went a ways, tested it, and it worked fine. But on the way back, the one and only engine went out. Over the dense jungle. Fortunately, they found a very small strip that wasn't forested, and Ed brought it down safely. And more fortunately, a Chinook copter was right in the area. They picked up the UH1 and returned it home. Just in time for Ed to head to a planned leave in Hawaii with his wife. Close call.
Next up was John Magnuson, 5+ years in the Air Force as a navigator. John followed his dad (Army) in service of our country and John's youngest son Kyle just got out of the Navy. John flew over 150 combat support missions in Vietnam, in "Old Shakey", the C124 prop plane, and the C141, a four engine jet. He recounted the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from his military days. The Good included exceptional training. Even "the stupid" were trained well, proud and patriotic as they were. John and his compatriots shipped the 5-B's: bullets, bombs, body bags and beer. Among other things. The Bad: "It was war." There were no work weeks, just non-stop work: hard on relationships back home. Getting shot at was not fun, either. But the baddest of the bad were the politicians of the period. The Ugly: Bringing bodies home, so very sad. Aluminum coffins, each accompanied by an honor guard. The ugliest of the ugly: his McChord commander, who insisted that they change into civilian clothes when leaving the base so as not to stir up trouble.
Next up: Gary Fulton, Air Force B-52 navigator. He recounted the praise he received last year from several people for fitting so nicely into his uniform from so many years ago. Fae Crabill said, "Big deal! I still have some earrings from high school that fit perfect!" Gary was involved in the Cold War, doing combat patrol missions armed with nuclear weapons, for deterrence. His commander wanted to see where he lived, so they flew to Lakewood. After alerting his parents, working at their store in the Villa Plaza, they flew this massive plane a mere 200 feet above the ground in a fly-by, including a little wing-wave. Rumor has it they blew out some windows in the infamous Tiki restaurant, which might have scared some of the topless girls there, who knows.
Great program! Our best are often from our own members. And thank you for your service.
The drawing: $990, 4 white and 1 red.  Winning number: #5753 belonged to Mike McGowan. He may be Irish, but this wasn't St. Patrick's Day, nor was it his lucky day. $5.00 was all he managed.
This being my second bulletin in as many weeks, I find that I can no longer control myself. I thought I could, but....
So those famous Swedes, Ole and Lena, got married. As they neared their destination on their honeymoon trip to Ballard, Ole put his hand on Lena's knee. Giggling, Lena said, "Ole, you can go further than that!" So Ole drove to Bellingham.
And Ole and Lena lost their dog, so their Norwegian friend, Lars, suggested they run an ad in the paper. Ole said, "Von't do no good. Da dog can't read."
Lena's best friend came running over with such good news: "My boyfriend Lars has been telling everyone that he is going to marry the most beautiful girl in the world!" And Lena said, "Oh, what a shame. And after all da time you haff been going vid him....."
"Ole,  I hear you had to shoot your dog! Was he mad?"  Ole said, "Vell, he sure wasn't happy about it...."  Wanting a portrait with which to surprise her husband, a beautiful woman asks talented artist Ole to to paint her in the nude. "No," Ole replies. "I don't do dat sorta ting." "But what if I double your fee?" asks the woman. "Nope, sorry. Von't do it." replies Ole. "How about I give you five times what you normally get?" pleads the woman."Oh, okay den," says Ole, "But I'm keeping my socks on. I need a place ta put my brushes."
Next week's program: Captain Rob Erb, on the Civil Air Patrol. Don't miss it!