Without war, there can be no peace, right? Today is Veterans Day. On this day, we honor those who have fought for our freedom. We honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, to protect us from external evils, and preserve the integrity of our nation. We owe our veterans the utmost gratitude.
Above: Veterans of Lakewood Rotary, in addition to many other Veterans. Thank you. 
Jan Gee gave our invocation, and Donn Irwin led us in the pledge to our flag.
Rose gave us another Rotary Moment, speaking to us about a Rotary club in Juneau, Alaska. This particular club enacted a program entitled “Opening Doors Through Literacy." The program establishes various obtainable goals, to further the need for promoting literacy, on all levels. For example, such goals include reading to a child at least once a week, or reading personally for 20 minutes each week. Finally, the program donates money so that children have increased access to books. Thank you, Rose, for sharing the Rotary Moment with us.
Setting up our meeting were Duncan, Rob and Bob. Gary Fulton manned the Paul Harris desk, and collected $892 for the Foundation. Well done. Mary Marlin collected money for raffle tickets. Tom Crabill was Sergeant-at-Arms. Walt Richardson took photographs, and Eric Quinn wrote the bulletin.
Mark Edgecomb introduced Visiting Rotarians, which included Major-General James Collins, from Seattle Rotary Four. Mark also introduced Lew Sandal, from Parkland-Spanaway. For guests, Barlow Bueshcer introduced his niece, Michelle. Bill Potter introduced Keith Potter, a retired Major from the United States Air Force—this writer believes they are related. Dave Covey introduced Greg Horn’s guest, retired Commander Marshall Dawson. Dave suggested that Greg hire someone to schedule his various appearances. 
John Forkenbrock, for the Sunshine Report, announced that Larry Snell has passed away.
In terms of announcements, Mary Marlin informed us that we would be doing break bags for the Emergency Food Network, a bit early this year, prior to Thanksgiving, on November 19. The break-bagging will occur at EFN, in Lakewood, from 12-2:30 PM. There is a pre-break-bagging breakfast at the Old Country Buffet at the Lakewood Towne Center, at 10:30. The goal this year is to stuff 1000 bags. Only the club will be doing the break-bagging this year, although in the past we have collaborated with multiple groups on the same day. John Korsmo reminded us to bring friends and family, to take part in this valuable service to our community. Furthermore, John informed us that December 16 will be the Roast of President Rose Stevens. That promises to be stupendous. 
Rose announced that November is Foundation Month, and we will be trying to obtain $100 from each Rotarian, the money to be put toward the Foundation.  
And one final, very important announcement from Greg Rediske: Whenever you read this bulletin, which is delivered hot off the presses to you on a weekly basis, notify Greg and he will give you a free make-up. That’s right: If you read the bulletin, it is as if you came to the meeting! Please inform Greg when you have the read the bulletin, and he will process your make-up. His email: greg@videomanagementco.com.
Then came the fines….NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dave Betz was recently honored by the Lakewood City Council for his commitment to the Lakewood Community Foundation. Dave spoke to us briefly about the “barbell community” in Lakewood. There are those who are financially stable, and those who are not. To achieve a semblance of equanimity in our community, Dave suggested, we must think globally and act locally. Well said, Dave. He tendered $100.
Bud Montgomery spent ten days in Arizona. He gave Rose some cinnamon, brought back from his trip. He and his betrothed recently celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary. He provided $40. Paul Wulfestieg and his betrothed recently celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary, and their son was recently promoted to full Colonel in the United States Air Force. He tendered $100. Chris Kimball went to Vegas and looked at cars. He parted with $20. Additionally, Don Anderson spent a week in San Diego. He relinquished $40. Donna Phillips went to a conference in San Francisco, and her stepson got married. She surrendered $20. Finally, Rob Erb paid $20 for Troy Wilcox because he was astounded at how difficult setting up the PA system can be, in addition to other technological marvels.
For our program, Major-General Jimmy Collins spoke to us about the meaning of Veterans Day. Jimmy has approximately 35-years' experience in active duty Army and Reserve leadership roles. In his last active assignment, Jimmy was the Commanding General and Chief of Staff for I Corps at Fort Lewis, Washington. In that wartime role, he led over 30,000 soldiers and employees. He has led military exercises in Asia, and worked with America’s allies in Thailand, Japan, Korea and Singapore. Jimmy first joined Rotary at a club in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Above: Major-General Jimmy Collins. Thank you, Jimmy. 
He spoke to us about Veterans Day as a concept, and illustrated that Veterans Day is one of two holidays celebrating our military servicemen and women. The other is Memorial Day, in which we honor the fallen. Jimmy noted that of the Americans alive today, 10% have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces. He reminded us that the families of veterans serve as well, and continue to serve. He underlined his family’s military history, including his great grandfather’s service in the Union army. His father, in his junior year at the Citadel, was called to serve in WWII, after Pearl Harbor. His niece is also a veteran, and recently finished medical school. Additionally, his wife has a brother who is a veteran.
The ultimate question that Jimmy asked of us: What can we do to pay tribute to our veterans? First, we can hire them. Many veterans have great skills, and would be fantastic employees. We should use our connections to find employment for these great servants to our country. Finally, Jimmy underlined that 8 alumni at the UW, of multiple ethnicities, have been awarded Medals of Honor. Alumni at the UW have been awarded more Medals of Honor than former graduates of West Point!
Jimmy also provided us with a handout that marks the innumerable sacrifices which have been made to our country:
War                                                        Battle Deaths
American Revolution                                  4,435
War of 1812                                                  2,260
Indian Wars                                                 1,000
Mexican War                                                1,733
Civil War                                                       140,414
Spanish-American War                                385
WWI                                                              53,402
WWII                                                             291,557
Vietnam                                                         47,434
Desert Storm                                                  148
Total of Battle Deaths                                   651,031
Thank you Major-General Collins for the amazing presentation. We at Lakewood Rotary honor our Veterans, and thank them for their service.
For the drawing, Bob Lordahl drew the white chip.