Posted by Gayle Selden on Oct 18, 2019
      The October 18th Meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood was called to order by President Bill Potter after a rousing round of walk up music.
      Clint Johnson led us in the thought for the day and Don Anderson led the pledge.
      President Potter was excited to welcome back Bob Bruback and Duncan Cook. Nice to see you both!!
      Set up crew was thanked for their work. Jim Rooks collected $247 for Paul Harris and a tag team of Mark Blanchard and Chuck Hellar were on raffle ticket sales and Sergeant at Arms-ing. Pinch hitting for the bulletin team is Gayle Selden on the keys and Eric Quinn on the Iphone.
      Visiting Rotarians included Randy Pote from Las Vegas and Jamie Gregory, Assistant District Governor, from Puyallup.
      Guests included Nicole Hancock’s little brother Mike Brown, part of the Executive Leadership team at Lakewood Dominos; Donna Phillips's husband Andy and Jacob Cuthbertson from America’s Credit Union.
      Assistant District Governor,Jamie Gregory presented Lakewood Rotary and Past President Gayle Selden with the Presidential Citation, with Silver Distinction, from Rotary International. Our club earned the distinction by having a net gain in membership, net gain in female members, conducting a significant international project in Nepal, having more opportunities for service in the community (planting that pavilion), sponsoring students to RYLA, having a story in the news media, and posting a story about a project on Rotary’s website. The members did all the work, President Selden entered it all into a computer and Jamie Gregory fixed all of President Selden’s errors ,so we got the citation!  Good work as a team, Lakewood Rotary. President Bill and the Board are working on earning the citation for 2020!
      Randy Pote came from Las Vegas to talk about the Rose Bowl Parade Float for Rotary International. That float you see in the parade every January 1st is funded completely by the committee; it is not a project of Rotary International. He came to tell us about an opportunity to win a ride on the float with the purchase of a $100 raffle ticket and also to ask for donations to the event. Did you know that the Rose Parade ends with bringing together the International Presidents of Rotary, Soroptimists, Lions etc. It is the one time of year they meet.  Check out ways to help at
      Rob Erb made an announcement that the Set Up/ Clean Up Crew could use some additional help. If you can make it early or stay late, they would appreciate some official helpers.
      Eric Quinn announced that we have an Outbound Exchange Student for next year, which means we will also have an inbound one. Start thinking of host family options now. The exchange program is Rotary’s best way to promote peace and understanding throughout the world. Let’s support Lakewood’s reentrance into the program.
      On Thursday, October 24th we will be promoting World Polio Day with Pizza for Polio. Domino’s Pizza at 10112 Bridgeport Way will be donating 20% of their gross sales to Polio Plus (which will then get matched by the Gates Foundation). Nicole Hancock reminds us they also have chicken, sandwiches and salads. Call for delivery or take out 253-581-3531.
      Thursday, October 24th is also the day of the Board Meeting. We have moved the board meeting to Gayle Selden’s house to enjoy the Pizza for Polio (Eradication should probably be added here). Board meetings are open to all members and a requirement to lose your red badge for new members. All are welcome on Thursday just give Gayle a heads up if you are joining:
      Mark Blanchard gave a report on the South Sound Wildlife rehab project by Clover Park Rotary. He highlighted Greg Rediske’s work identifying indigenous trees and Gordy Quick’s work last Saturday. Next work party is in December.
      Greg Horn asked speaker Senator Steve O’Ban to help with Birthdays and Anniversaries. Rotary Anniversaries included Charlene Miseli with 2 years; Rose Stevens with 9 years; Ed Shannon at 10 years; Duncan Cook quietly serving for 19 years; Bob Zawilski at 22; Scott Buser at 27; Ted Wier at 28; Skip Stephan at 31 years and Super Star Rotarian Greg Rediske at 37 years. Marriage Anniversaries included Colleen and Craig Cook (18 years), Dave and Barbara Reames (18 years), John and Pam Lowney (20 years) and Skip and Jeannine Stephan (49 years).
      Steve O’Ban introduced our Birthdays of Charlie Hyde, Barb Spriggs, Tom Sadler, Gordon Quick, Mary Horn and Mike Zaro. Barb, Gordy and Mary were all asked to share their most embarrassing moment.  Steve started by sharing an incident with ripped suit pants fixed with 50 staples. Barb talked about a nearly stalled flight. Mary blamed all her embarrassment on Greg and Squint (if you do not know what that is do not ask—ever). Gordy talked about getting a D in school but later being that teacher’s principle.
      Jan Gee introduced our 28th District State Senator Steve O’Ban. Steve came to share his view on homelessness in Pierce County and how local and state governments are focusing resources to address the challenges associated. Senator O’Ban serves as the ranking minority on the State legislative committees on Health and Long-term care committee, Behavior health subcommittee and the Human Service, reentry and rehabilitation committee. He also works as senior counsel for behavioral health for Pierce County.
Above: Presenter, Washington State Senator Steve O'Ban
      Senator O’Ban gave a lot of information on the homeless population in Pierce County, one of which was that 60% of the homeless population have a mental illness or addiction problems, or both. That is why a lot of homelessness prevention work is to provide outreach services to the population and work on the failures on the mental health side.
There are 33 homeless encampments in Pierce County, most of which are small 1 person encampments. (Encampments means a built structure/tent.) The police and outreach workers have broken up most large ones in Pierce County. But there still are people who refuse help and prefer the street life.
      Steve says we have 3 C’s to look at the homeless problem—Be Clear Eyed, Be Compassionate and impose Consequences.
     To be clear eyed we must realize that not all homelessness is the same. 15-20 of homeless are newly homeless and experienced a lost job, a domestic issue-its those people on the brink. We have 60% that are addicts or have mental health problems. And then we have 15% of the homeless population that are predators to the population—they are the dealers, the pimps, those who prey on the less fortunate.
      Pierce County is building a mental health crisis facility in the Parkland-Spanaway area, providing an alternate place to the emergency room or jails, to take those suffering from a mental break or addiction. It would provide a two week stay before finding more permanent solutions for care.
      For Compassion realize that we have enormous human potential that is being wasted without help. Providing more services for those on the brink, more beds and lending a hand to build the homeless up instead of letting them flounder.
      The third C is imposing Consequences form criminal behavior. Property crime must be prosecuted. Also,  those who refuse services who are harmful to themselves or others could be forced to comply with a mental health plan created in the court system. This is currently being piloted in Pierce County.
      There are 1400-1500 Homeless in Pierce County, and it's good our government is working on ways to help those less fortunate than us. The homeless population has been a top topic for many meetings the past couple years. We have a problem in our society and it looks as if plans and process will hopefully help the process.
      Rick Selden ended up drawing the white chip for Astrid Arola.
Oh yes, please inform Greg Rediske if you read this bulletin so you can get a make-up for a missed meeting; and if you shop online, do so at Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.