Posted by Greg Rediske on Oct 26, 2018
Jumping Jehosophat! Gayle started off at 12:30, balls to the wall and armed to the teeth with her presidential gobbledygook. By hook or by crook, she showed us her moxie by once more trying to lick us into shape.
It was touch and go for a moment, but she managed to thank more people than Carter's got pills: Steve Mazoff (greeter) Mick Johnson and Kendra Riconosciuto (Paul Harris, $499 today), Barlow Buescher (Sgt at Arms and ticket seller), Bob Hammar and Rob Erb (set up) and Phil Eng (photography). She could have passed the buck or turned a blind eye to her responsibilities, but heavens to Murgatroyd, no! Even though Gayle was only knee high to a grasshopper when Dave Coleman started his career, she didn't give him the cold shoulder, but asked for his thought for the day, which was a wonderfully presented prayer. With everything proceeding just hunky dory, Gayle didn't rest on her laurels, but took the bull by the horns and coaxed Jim Weinand to lead us in the pledge to the flag.
Gee willikers, if you think that's easy to write, then you are barking up the wrong tree.....
Charlene Miseli introduced Jason Cavness. Welcome, Jason!
Richard Simmons is at the UP Care Center on Bridgeport, room 404. Go see him! Don't bring a McDonald's apple pie as Gayle did.
There were SO many Rotarians at Mike McGowan's memorial service last Sunday. And if you were there, you were enchanted with the poem that his 12-year granddaughter Matteson wrote and recited. Mary Horn did the honors for us today:
"Reflections”   by Matteson Epstein
 The sapphire sea
 bright as a gem
 crashing once more.
 It’s sparkling sea green hue
 transforms to a pearly white.
 Remembering the time
 when I felt free
 set upon those majestic waves.
 Grandfather and I were sailing
 our small and humble boat
 afloat on the vast ocean.
 I look through
 the reflection of the glass
 and notice
 two trees dancing in the wind,
 below them
 stand bushels of lavender.
 One towering over the rest
 like a single skyscraper in a small city.
 Thinking of my grandfather’s stories,
 he is the true skyscraper
 still rising.
 If only time were everlasting.
In honor of the many things Mike did for Lakewood Rotary (and the world), the Club has decided to rename our "scholarship" awards the Mike McGowan Educational Incentive Awards. Mike was instrumental in changing our scholarship awards to financial gifts, so as not to impact other scholarships. There has been at least $1500 come in so far to add to the $7000 the club budgets for these awards. Chuck Hellar followed this announcement by reading a letter from Cassidy, one of the Next Step students (Mike worked with over 30) who is excelling at Princeton, taking astrophysics among other classes.
World Polio Day, October 24:
Greg Horn regaled us with polio facts and figures in honor of World Polio Day. The whole Polio Plus thing started in the early 1980's, when a doctor in the Philippines decided he would wipe out polio on all the islands of that country. He succeeded, and the model was established. In 1985, 350,000 cases of polio broke out. After the polio initiative began, the number dropped to 2971 in 2000. By 2010, it was 1352 new cases. 2014, 359 new cases. This year so far: 20 new cases (4 in Pakistan, 16 in Afghanistan). Pretty amazing.
Don Daniels still has some 1-gallon pots of laurel trees (not used at the Pavilion), $6.00 each. Also, Don and Rose Stevens are looking for nominations for the officers for 2019-20. Contact him if interested (President-elect, Secretary, board member).
Rob Erb says wear your military uniform, or any part that might fit, for the Veterans Day meeting in two weeks.  Some of you may be long in the tooth, but don't let Rob have to read you the riot act. Kilroy was here!
New member:
Bob Bruback became the newest Lakewood Rotarian, though he has more than 20 years in Rotary previously with Sunrise and Tacoma #8. He graduated from Bellarmine and UPS, going into banking with Puget Sound National Bank (and ending up with Jay Mayer and company at Heritage before retiring). He noted that he and Jim Bisceglia formed a good team at one point: Bob did all the work and Jim took all the credit. (Jim could be seen making comments, but couldn't be heard over Bob and the amplification system.) Bob is married to Karen, and has four grandchildren. Welcome aboard! And congratulations to all of you Rotarians who correctly recited the 4-Way Test upon Gayle's suggestion. You that didn't recite it correctly: a new member will be inducted again soon, so practice!
Above: New Member, Bob Bruback (center, you know the other fine Rotarians)
Crown Time:
Don't touch that dial! Gayle wouldn't miss her fine-time for all the tea in China. Jay Mayer was supposed to let the cat out of the bag and inform Gayle that her mom, Sharon, was to receive the Volunteer of the Year award from LASA. He didn't, and Gayle was hung out to dry. She thought she might hear it through the grapevine, but Jay left her between a rock and hard place. So she fined herself $50. Gayle's consigliere, Rick, paid Jay's fine of $20, as he is his banker, after all, through thick and thin.
Kim Prentice retired, and Gayle assumed that meant she was painting the town red. Instead, she ministered to her mother following her knee surgery, and hurt her back.  But don't cry crocodile tears for Kim: she also made it to Charleston, SC for a vacation with Tom. $20
Nicole Hancock lost her nanny right before a trip to England. She said, "Well, this is a fine kettle of fish!", but didn't let this fly in the ointment deter her. She made it where it often rains cats and dogs (and did for the Seahawks game she saw in London). And then.....she and her family bought 8 new Dominoes locations, bringing their total to 23. Now that they're in like Flynn, she can live the life of Riley. Or maybe not....
The rule of thumb is to never attack the President, but Rob Erb proceeded willy-nilly to do just that. Gayle left some tools behind, and Rob was looking for storage  and delivery fees. $20 from Gayle.
Ed Shannon had no interest in pulling the wool over Gayle's eyes, instead volunteering his trip to Charleston, WV, to visit grandkids for 10 days. It was a piece of cake to volunteer $100 for Paul Harris.
Above: Presenter, Joel Ard
Jim Bisceglia, he of banking fame, introduced Joel Ard, University of Chicago law grad, former clerk to the US 8th District Court of Appeals, trial lawyer for the Department of Justice, now a Seattle-based lawyer and President of the Federalist Society of Puget Sound. He explained that the Federalist Society is essentially a debating society, with the frequent topic of what is, what is not, and what should be the role of judges and the judicial branch. He spoke to the horizontal separation of power (Executive branch, courts, Congress) and also the vertical separation of power (states vs. federal). There are many things the Constitution says the federal government cannot do at the state level, but by the power of the purse, they do anyway (e.g.,education, Medicaid). Joel noted the influence of the late Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court, particularly his pursuit of originalism in terms of constitutional theory. The United States Constitution is designed as a restraint on government power, and originalism calls for the strict interpretation of statutory law. Policy making is outside of the stated powers of the court system. He said that the Supreme Court has evolved since Scalia's appointment to consist of all originalists: rule on what it says, not what it should be. But there are many ways to interpreting what is said, hence the debates and 5-4 rulings.
I thought I was back in school again, and I loved it.  Most informative.
The drawing: #1344 and the chance at $250: Barb Spriggs! And I hate to sound like a broken record, but.....she picked white.
Well I'll be a monkey's uncle! We're at the end! Hope this didn't rub you the wrong way, struggling through this knuckle-headed bulletin. Someday, maybe I'll explain the origin of some of these phrases. Until then, straighten up and fly right, don't take any wooden nickels, mind your p's and q's, and everything will be swell.
See ya later, alligator! (After a while, crocodile)
Oh yes: Read this bulletin and tell Greg Rediske and he will give you a make-up. Also, do your online shopping at Amazon Smile so a portion of your purchase can be allocated to Lakewood Rotary.
The presentation next Friday will be Georgia Lomax, discussing Funding Library Services for Growing and Changing Communities. Be there!