Posted by Greg Rediske on Aug 04, 2017
Dave Barry said, "When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one individual who perceives a solution and is willing to take command.  Very often, that person is crazy."
I'm not sure why I said that, but anyway, President Don Daniels started the meeting at precisely 12:30 p.m. Which is not, in and of itself, a sign of craziness, just to be clear. Dave Coleman gave the invocation, and John Warner led the pledge to the flag and we were off and running. It should also be noted that the only reason we were off and running was due to the excellent set up of facilities by Troy Wilcox and Duncan Cook. Not to mention the Paul Harris arm-twisting of Steve Enquist ($892!) and drawing ticket sales by Barlow Buescher, who also served as Sgt at Arms. This despite President Don's statement that Tom Crabill would handle said duties. You can't fool those bulletin writers, though. Not only can you not fool us, but we are also full of facts, and full of other stuff too. For instance, did you know that the dot over the letters "i" and "j" is called a tittle? Well, it is. And not only that, the glue on Israeli postage is certified kosher.
But enough about the immense knowledge lodged in the collective brains of the bulletin staff: Visiting Rotarians included Sally Bose from Sunrise, and Ken Bose from North Tacoma. Ken is a two-time Rotary president, like our own President Don, but he one-ups Don by being past District Governor, during the last century. To be fair, it was late in the century. Mike McGowan introduced 1/3 of the Horn siblings, Brandon Horn. And Bob Cammarano was also present, still technically from Tacoma 8, but soon to be a Lakewood Rotarian. It was then that the man in command, President Daniels, relayed a quote from Past RI President Glen Mead (1912-13), extolling the virtues of business people being able to promote world peace.
Please note: The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic background, is that we all believe we are above-average drivers.
Jay Mayer, newly minted chair of the Community Concerns Committee, asked and received unanimous approval for spending $2000 for Caring For Kids.
Chuck Hellar filled in for Phil Eng, who was AWOL, to promote the Floating Board meeting on Tuesday, August 8. Hopefully, this bulletin writer will remember to email the boat assignments for those that might not have been at the meeting.  Chuck also asked for more volunteers for the Ride for Courage, Saturday, August 26 near Roy. Two shifts: 9:30 to 1, 1:30 to 5. Or do both shifts, as you please.
Sally Porter Smith needs volunteers for a Springbrook Park camp activity, a trip to Pierce College on Friday,  August 11, 11:50 to 4 pm. Three chaperones needed. (Subsequent news: Mary Horn is going, and maybe Rose.)  There is a NW Trek trip on August 15 for which help would be appreciated, and August 26 is the End of Summer Celebration at Springbrook.
Meeting date change: the meeting that was to take place at Springbrook Park on August 25 on our regular Friday date and time is now changed back to the Tacoma Country and Golf Club. 
More Announcements.....
Rick Selden says "think about it!" In this case, the "it" is asking people to join Lakewood Rotary. Everyone in the club is on the new member committee. Remember the poster popularized during WWII of Uncle Sam pointing and saying, "I Want YOU!" Rick, Chris and all other club members want YOU to help build our membership.
Speaking of Chris......he reported on the Great Disappearing Sign mystery. The Country Club said we could no longer put our identifying sign on Gravelly Lake Drive. So Chris went across the street and got permission from the individual who lives there. Not good enough! It seems the IRS has rules about publicizing private events at a private club. 75% of the members of our club would also have to be TC&GC members, for the sign to be legal. We only have 38, not 85. So no more sign out front! Try not to get lost.
Bill Potter: our club's budget for 2017-18 was approved, thanks to the hard work of the board, and to finish it off, President Don, Treasurer Bill, and board member and legendary accountant, Mark Edgecomb.
The United Kingdom just donated $130M to the eradication of polio effort. Nice!
Oh, and let's not forget John Forkenbrock's Sunshine Report, which was almost forgotten by someone. Jim Sharp's father, Maurice, passed away. The service is Tuesday at 10 am at Mountain View. Additional sympathy goes to Jim, who recently had hip replacement surgery, and now has torn his rotator cuff. Not fair.
Snowboarding is an activity that is very popular with people who do not feel that regular skiing is lethal enough.
Citations: Are they good, or bad?!?
Joe Quinn mentioned in passing in last week's bulletin that President Don Daniels should consider shortening things to "D D", or "Dee Dee." Joe reasoned that it is not offensive to be called a woman, or be called a woman's name in this case. Joe refused a citation, citing freedom of the press, but volunteered $20 just because he wanted to.
Charles Heberle has a new Mercedes Air Stream motor home for his upcoming travels, named "Sadie." $50
Tom Crabill had a dog named Dee Dee. He donated $$ because he wanted to.
Bill Potter missed some board meetings, but it wasn't because of a vacation, but because of a horrid amount of work. Not that his work is horrid.....just super busy sometimes. He did camp at Horn Water Park, and so paid $$
Chuck Hellar has a 50th wedding anniversary August 5. $50.
Jan Gee has a new granddaughter, thanks to her grandson's marriage. $20
Greg Horn was super proud of Charles Heberle, who recently was a keynote speaker in Russia at the dedication of a new statue of Gorbachev and Reagan. It was indeed an excellent speech.
Wouldn't you like be cited by President Don? Who wouldn't! Don suggested that everyone should look at being cited for a total of $100 through the year. Do something, and honor yourself with a citation!
As the late economist Ezra Solomon once remarked, “The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.”
 Above: Presenter, Sally Bose, Executive Director of Palmer Scholars
Dave Coleman was a former director for Palmer Scholars, and he took that knowledge and insight and introduced our speaker, Sally Bose. Sally has been the Executive Director at Palmer Scholars for 4 years, and one of her first acts was to implement the student selection one year earlier, in the junior year of high school. There were 27 in that first class, 32 this year, and 158 in total being supported by Palmer Scholars. Rather than give a rundown on all that they do, Sally introduced two from their most recent class, Vilma and Carolina. Both girls moved with their families from Mexico when they were young because their parents wanted them to have a better life. Both gave great credit to Palmer Scholars for the mentoring which is allowing them to fulfill their dreams, and their parents' dreams. Vilma started at Southgate Elementary, where she had lots of help from other Hispanic students to help with translations. She graduated from Clover Park High, and will be going to the University of Washington, hoping for a career in pediatric nursing (along with a second major in Japanese). Carolina started out in a trailer park in the U.S. after leaving violence and corruption in Mexico. She is receiving her IB diploma from Harrison Prep (a program Lakewood Rotary started, of course). She believes in servant leadership, and has an impressive list of volunteering. She graduated with a 3.92 GPA, and credits Palmer for allowing her to prosper. She will be majoring in business at the University of Washington in the fall.  Palmer Scholars are all about "creating hope and opportunity through education.”
Above: Vilma and Carolina, Palmer Scholars
The winner of the raffle ticket was.......Brandon Horn!  White chip, though; $5.00.
And so Ole the Swede was walking with his brother in the park one day, when a bird flying overhead splattered poor Ole all over his head. Ole's brother looked at the mess on Ole's head, and immediately offered to run over to the restroom to get some toilet paper.  Ole shook his head, and said, "Von't do no good. By the time you get back, dat bird vill be four miles away."
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