Posted by Gayle Selden on Jan 26, 2018
The January 26th meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood was rung to order by the pacing Don Daniels.
Dan Livingston gave the invocation and Bill Price lead us in the Pledge.
Below: J Lown

Visiting Rotarians were introduced by Sargent at Arms John Lowney and included Corey Lopardi from
Hawks Prairie (our District Membership Chair), Aaron Burbank from Tacoma South and Charlie Maxwell
from Clover Park Rotary.

Guests included future members-Kristin Lu, from the USO; Andrew Cruz from Oregon and Eric Warn. Eric
Quinn introduced his wife, Dr. Johanah Kang. Way to rub it in our face that you are married to a Doctor, Eric.
We know, you married up!

President Don thanks Duncan, Ward and Bob for set up and clean up, and Foundation Desk workers
Mary, Gary and Mike who collected $208. John Lowney was recognized as the Sargent of Arms. Gayle
Selden is writing the bulletin and Birthday Boy Troy Wilcox was the photographer.
John Forkenbrock shared that Richard Simmons is still at the UP Rehab Center.


Above: Frank Vangelder

Frank Vangelder spoke to us from the membership committee at the Tacoma Golf and Country Club.
Our meeting place gave an invitation to be a part of the club resident and social memberships are
available now.



Above: Grace Livingston

Dan Livingston’s daughter Grace, a sophomore in the International Baccalaureate program at Harrison
Prep, presented on her Biosand project. Grace has been working on a project to create Biosand water
filtration systems for Natural Disaster relief. After disasters, access to clean, drinkable water is a critical
issue. Grace came up with a filter system that could be made for a little over $5000 that would provide
water for around 60,000 people. She is looking for support to build a smaller scale model for $1300. You
can contact Grace at to see how you can help.
I was impressed with Grace’s presentation but was remiss: there were no Thin Mints.


Kim Prentice invited us to Clover Park School District's “Together, for Students” on Wednesday, February
7th from 6-7:30pm. Zach Banner from the Cleveland Browns and Jaimie Vollmer will be speaking about
the community and its role with student success.

Don was presented with an award from Shelter Box last Wednesday at Clover Park Rotary and shared
with the group.
450 books were donated to the Tacoma Literacy Council as part of a challenge by Laurie Carroll, wife of
District Governor Tom.

Some quick citations included Troy Wilcox for a Birthday and John Caulfield, who is no longer the most
eligible Bachelor City-Manager in Lakewood. Apparently, Laura said yes on Christmas Eve. Bill Allen
suggested incoming member Eric Warn perform the ceremony right at a Friday meeting.

Andrew Neidtz introduced our speaker, a man with 42 years in fire service-first as a dispatcher, then as a
firefighter, Assistant Chief and since 2013 as our Chief of West Pierce: Jim Sharp. Andrew also
highlighted the distinction that Jim is an Executive Officer with the National Fire Academy. So, Jim’s a big
deal but we all know that already.

I must say that Andrew Neidtz is the best introducer of people in the universe. If Andrew reads your bio
it feels as if there should be a statue being erected of you as he speaks. I do call to question the 42 years
of service. I think Jim is 47 so I don’t see him working as a five-year-old answering 911 calls.

Jim came to keep us apprised of one of the busiest fire departments in Pierce County. Our fire personnel
answer 16,000 calls per year. At the meeting, Jim wanted to highlight the other things the West Pierce
employees do in the community.


Above: Jim Sharp, Chief of West Pierce Fire and Rescue

West Pierce Fire personnel are part of Fall Safety Day, National Night Out and provide a community
pumpkin patch. Jim shared a picture of some firefighters visiting a community member on her 107th
Birthday. (I had a “fireman” visit on my 40th Birthday but he didn’t seem quite legit.) As part of a national
campaign, the Fire Department supports the Muscular Dystrophy Association with the fill the boot
campaign, which has raised over $554 Million. You’ll see West Pierce Fire at the Fallen Officers Food
Drive, all the local community events and as members of our community groups. This year the
department also clothed 55 families in their Christmas Project.

West Pierce also participated in the cleanup of area lakes (recent find was a stolen car). They work
regionally and with state agencies on other events as First Responders, Hazmat and with Incident
Response Teams. West Pierce sent Incident Management teams to the wild fires and hurricane Irma this
year. A couple firefighters took humanitarian leave to do firefighter training in Mexico, Guatemala and
Israel (where 1700 war fires were found in ten days). Our West Pierce Fire Department is full of amazing
people doing amazing things.

Jim answered a question about the recent train derailment and the response to it. Just this past year
there was a multi-agency planning meeting to plan for a train derailment. West Pierce responded to
both the Steilacoom derailment and the Nisqually derailment. Planning makes all the difference.
We had a little bit more time for announcements and we were blessed with J Lown on the mic. He was
legit rapping about the upcoming Sportsman’s Dinner on April 14th . Now is the time to Procure items for
us to have at the event. You can also buy your tickets now.

Next week we will be working on the auction together. You’ll be sitting with your teams and working to
create a better future for Lakewood by raising some funds!
President Daniels also let us know that at the President’s Council it was discussed that the Courage,
Mary Bridge’s new bike ride, will not be supported by all the clubs in Pierce County collectively. Clubs can
support individually as they see fit. There is a possible new project coming with all 16 Rotary Clubs.


Kim Prentice won $5 in the drawing.