Posted by Greg Rediske on Aug 21, 2020
It’s a Pundemic!   by Greg Rediske
Zooming again, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. One result of this horrid situation is that there are SO MANY Corona virus jokes out there. It is a pundemic. For instance, Finland has just closed its borders. No one will be crossing the Finnish line. Further, due to the quarantine
I’ll only be telling inside jokes. And never forget: this is not the right time to surround yourself with positive people!
COVID-19 or not, President Edgecomb visited with the troops before eventually calling the actual and real meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. His helpers were: Invocation, Scott Buser; Flag salute, Mary Strom Copland with the flag display courtesy of the amazing Leanna Christian; Money-taker, John Lowney (call or email John with checks or credit card info for  fine money, dues, etc.  Or send to the club’s PO Box)
Guests and Visiting Rotarians and Dignitaries:  
Assistant Governor, Tony Camoroda; speaker Kevin Rupprecht; and Tonya Winski, guest of Gayle and on the short list for membership in Lakewood Rotary.
Sunshine: nothing of note, said Mr. Forkenbrock. Steve Mazoff was in the house!
Clover Park School Superintendent (and Lakewood Rotarian) Ron Banner updated us on the schools’ virtual instruction. Ron wants to err on the side of safety. Not an ideal way to conduct education, but safety first. They are providing computers/tablets (thanks in part to Lakewood Rotary’s $7000 donation) and are taking advantage of a large grant to provide free wi-fi access through Comcast for those in need. Hot spots are also being set up. Ron’s son, Zach Banner, has provided back packs through his foundation, while numerous local civic groups have stepped up as well. Ron said, “It’s going to be tough. It will be like running up a hill for the kids. Prayers are welcome.”
The World Health Organization has announced that dogs cannot contract Covid-19.
Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released.
To be clear, WHO let the dogs out
Happy birthday to…..John Magnuson! President Mark gave him credit for 39 years of age, while skipping the other 41. Ole’s recent acquisition of hearing aids has resulted in hearing our President better, which John seemed less thrilled about than he should have been. That reminds me: I sent John a birthday card with a joke, and I’ll need to contact him so I can explain it to him. Those Swedes…..“My dad, Hjalmar, died because we couldn’t remember his blood type. He kept saying, ‘Be positive’, but it’s hard without him.” Ole did understand the need to pay up, and did so magnificently, $100.
Above: John before he gets his makeup on.
Other stuff:
Bill & Pat Price, and Don & Nancy Anderson are celebrating their wedding anniversaries this very day.
Paul Harris Award “winner”: Steve Enquist presented Mark Edgecomb with his 4th. He joined Rotary 5 years and a month ago. He really needs to step it up, don’t you think??  (Remember Mark: Rotary tradition is that bull writers are immune from prosecution.  Ed.)
Why do they call it a novel coronavirus?
It’s a long story…..
We need a new chairman for the Military Appreciation Committee…..Looking for recommendations for the next recipient of the Larry Saunders Community Service Award. Please contact Greg Rediske ( or get the application at the LCFF website ( Mazoff is still having email hacking problems. Don’t send him an Amazon gift card. Unless you really want to. Mark suggests sending it to him instead…..We are in need of more writers for the bulletin, as evidenced by this week’s installment. And remember, “Writing is like sex. First you do it for love, then you do it for your friends, and then you do it for money.”― Virginia Woolf  Or, in the case of the Lakewood Rotary bulletin, you do it to annoy the current president.
I’ll tell you a coronavirus joke now, but you’ll have to wait two weeks to see if you get it
Because Ron Irwin’s phone refused to relay his vocals across our Zoom meeting, Greg Rediske was called into action to note the front cover story of the Tacoma News Tribune about our own Ivan the gorilla. The article featured Ron, as Ron’s dad originally brought Ivan from the Congo to the B&I. An award-winning children’s book, THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN, is a fictionalized tale of Ivan, and is opening today as a movie from Disney starring Bryan Cranston, Angelina Jolie, and Sam Rockwell. The more-or-less villain of the story is Mack, a creation combining Ron, his dad, and Larry Johnson (who kept the infant/teenage Ivan in his home). While Ron wasn’t able to speak at the meeting, he let his money talk: $50 (which is 10 times an “Irwin”! Maybe Ron’s cheapskate days are over!!).
 Above:   Ron Irwin
Above: Ron’s buddy Ivan as a youngster
More fines (aka Debits and Credits):
Gayle Selden, weekend trip to Sun Valley, Idaho. $20 (a Greenleaf)
Rick Selden, silver salmon caught at Sekiu and donated to a food bank. $20 (a Greenleaf)
Chuck Hellar, 53rd anniversary celebration in Walla Walla and 44th wedding anniversary, $100
Anne Enquist (and Steve), trip to St. Helena, CA with grandkids and escaping before the fires, $20.   That’s $410 in fines. Not bad.
What do you call pandemic panic-buying of sausage and cheese in Germany?
The Wurst Kase scenario
Bob Zawilski was introduced by President Mark, incorrectly pronounced. Again. Bob thanked Mark Edgebrush for the introduction. The subject was the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in the Clover Park School District. In 2006, our club was looking for a project, something to improve the quality of life in Lakewood. After careful thought and consideration, Mike McGowan told the investigating committee that their decision was an IB program. One realtor in the club noted that he had a contract in hand to find a house for a client in Lakewood, but it COULD NOT be in the Clover Park School District boundaries. That was a representation of the district’s reputation at that time. Lakewood Rotary then did a great deal of due diligence to start reversing this reputation by starting IB. Our Club committed $150,000 to the program. IB is a lot like AP (Advanced Placement), except not. For instance, a history class one year wasn’t about days and dates, but about the Cuban Missile Crisis and the analysis of that event. Critical thinking is the name of the game. At this point, Bob introduced Kevin Rupprecht, 5 year principal at Harrison Prep. Kevin continued the story by noting that in 2011, the Middle Years program was officially authorized by IB for Harrison Prep. In 2015, the Diploma program was authorized for the same school. And shortly thereafter, Idlewild Elementary was approved for the Primary Years program. Another example of the uniqueness of IB is the Diploma program (grades 11-12) required class, Theory of Knowledge. Basically, it is about “why”. How do we know what we know? Clover Park was the first public school district in Washington state to have IB from K thru 12. US News & World Report recently named Harrison Prep the 13th best high school in the state of Washington, and #131 in the nation (out of 30,000 schools). Virtually 100% of 12th graders graduate from high school at HP, and 100% go to college. The program teaches HOW to learn. Everyone in Lakewood Rotary, past and present, should be proud of this project, and the success it has had in making Lakewood a better community.
Board Meeting from last night:
We have 118 members (114 Active, 4 Honorary). Average age: 66.40. Median age: 69. 27 members still owe dues. Major project money to the Lakewood Playhouse ($7700) and Network Tacoma ($6300) was spent and spent well. Leanna Christian is on the verge of completing the set up of online payments (through our club website). The Enquists are going to New York to tutor their grandchildren for the foreseeable future, so changes have been made to Paul Harris Committee workings. In general: all is well!
The grocery stores in France look like tornadoes hit them after the pandemic buying.
All that’s left is de brie.
Next Week’s Program: Dr. Altaf Merchant, Milgard School of Business.
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