President Chris Kimball opened his third-to-the-last meeting on June 10 with lots of smiles. Seems like Chris is looking ready to enjoy some time eating his lunch before a Rotary Meeting and being able to sit at more than one table. I wonder if he will handle his time out of the spotlight or if he will return with his drum set hoping incoming President Rose will let him tell one joke with a rimshot.
Scott Buser started our meeting with an invocation celebrating our diversity between old and young. Everybody laughed, even the old people. I was really surprised they heard anything. Speaking of hearing loss, President Chris led us in a rousing rendition of the National Anthem. I am putting in writing that any hearing loss I experience later in life will be solely due to the loud drumming of President Chris in this year. I hope my attorneys Nicole Hancock, Jason Whalen and Eric Quinn will be prepared to present my personal injury lawsuit when I am 70 and in severe need of hearing aids.
Rock and Roll Quote of the meeting: “So often times it happens, that we live our life in chains, and we never know we have the key,” from The Eagles on the song Already Gone, from 1974 BG (Before Gayle).
President Chris thanked those who provided meeting services: Bob Hammar, Lowell Johnson and Duncan Cook for set up; Bud Montgomery, who collected $1353 at the Paul Harris table (WOW); Mary Marlin and Tom Crabill who sold raffle tickets and handed out hugs; John Lowney collecting money for next week’s installation banquet; Gayle Selden writing the bull and Eric Quinn providing the photographic evidence.
Dave Reames was called upon to introduce the visiting Rotarians: Mary Jo Strom Copland (Tacoma 8 for the last day), Ralph “Kerosene” Lockhart (East Grays Harbor). Also welcomed were James Whittaker and Anne Volves (Tacoma 8).
We had two guests, one whose name Ed Shannon said so fast that I missed it, but she came as she was new to the area and saw the Rotary sign at the road; and Mark Edgecomb introduced John Schaffer who has an application for membership in hand.
John Forkenbrock reported no sunshine.
Chris then held an auction for a set of Honda Keys that belonged to our guest, so he foiled at collecting any money.
Bulletin Editor, Eric Quinn, is asking for more bulletin writers. Those on the committee write a bulletin once every two months. Those writers also have the opportunity to share commentary where they see fit. For example, suggesting that having a Woman President is the only way to vote. It’s a great way to learn more about the club, its members and its history. Also, it keeps you awake during the meeting, at least most of the time.
Ed Shannon announced that our Veterans Day speaker Col Bill Reeder (Ret) has released his book. It’s called Through the Valley: My Captivity in Vietnam. You can pick up the book at Amazon (don’t forget to use Amazon Smile and bring part of your purchase back to Lakewood Rotary). He will be back on August 26th to sell and sign books as well.
President Chris invited those who dared to Carpool with him to DISTRICT CONFERENCE on June 25th. It’s in Olympia and full of information for all those interested. Just be sure to buckle your seatbelt riding in Chris’s Station Wagon.
Fair Warning: Above is the face John Lowney will make if you can't come to the installation banquet on June 17th
John Lowney reminded us about the installation banquet. Its next Friday, June 17th. All of the cool kids will be there! We are excited to welcome Rose Stevens into her Presidency, the new Board Members into their service and to celebrate the Russ Klauser Rotarian of the Year and the Bernie Ootkin Volunteer of the Year.
Trailer cleaning party! On June 24th after the meeting a small group of volunteers is needed to organize the trailer. I have often thought a requirement to really becoming a Lakewood Rotarian is a trip to the Trailer. Located behind Lakewood Plumbing on Steilacoom Boulevard, the trailer is a time capsule into Lakewood Rotary’s past.  
We have a virtual rider for the Courage Classic, 90-year-old Richard Simmons! Support Richard and the Courage Classic with a donation:
Rick Selden was called forward to talk about the Community Concerns Committee. Before talking about the great programs the community concerns committee supported, he told a story of having coffee with Chris and the Burnout he did in front of City Hall. Rick then presented Clayton DeNault and the YMCA an $1800 check to cover the material cost of the sunshades that will be installed this coming weekend. You can volunteer to help build those sunshades next Saturday starting at 8 am by contacting Clayton at
Then Rick quickly highlighted the other $21,150 donations Community Concerns has given out this year. Lots of good work done by the committee and a lot to be gained by: Caring for Kids, Communities in Schools, CPHS DECA, Family Renewal Shelter, LASA, Lions Springbrook Park, Tacoma Area Literacy Council, Waste Management Build A Bike Program, Rally Point Six, Goodwill Heritage Foundation, Palmers Scholars, Tillicum Community Center, Firefighters Christmas Fund and the Lakewood Boys and Girls Club. Joe Quinn jumped up to thank Rick for his leadership of the committee this year. That Rick guy sure deserves a lot of thanks:
Above: New Member, Jan Gee
President Chris then inducted TWO new Fabulous women into membership into Lakewood Rotary. Mary Jo Strom Copland, sponsored by Bob Hammar, is a transfer from Tacoma 8. She is a Travel Agent who has been a Rotarian since 1990. She has a daughter who works at Harrison Prep and is fired up to be part of the Lakewood community. Jan Gee is the President and CEO of Washington Food Something and is a registered lobbyist. Jan has been a member of the Lakewood Rotary Family as the partner of the late Bob Gee. Their 32 years of marriage brought Jan close to this club and this community. We are happy to welcome Jan and Mary Jo into our club.
Above: New Member, Mary Jo Strom Copland
President Chris then attempted to fine the membership at his third-to-the-last meeting. And his first attempt was a failure! Don Anderson turned the tables on Chris and fined him for the aforementioned burnout in front of City Hall. I think if we check the record Chris may go on record as the MOST fined standing President! Ed Shannon ponied up $50 for the foundation in honor of his upcoming 50th Anniversary. Donn Irwin tried to give an Irwin ($5) for Don’s fining of the President. And someone else paid something but I was trying to conserve the paper I had to borrow from President Chris and missed writing the last one down.
Our program was our very own WYNN Hoffman. Wynn is the tall one, not to be confused with the other tall one, brother Vaughn. Wynn Hoffman, MSC, USA (Ret) taught us about the Madigan Foundation of which he is a Board member. The Madigan Foundation rose out of a need to help Enlisted men and their families with the costs of medical care when the founder found a new mother needing a stroller and a car seat so she was allowed to take her child home. Since 1995 the Madigan Foundation has worked to provide more strollers and car seats, eye glasses, Dental screening, Meals for nursing mothers, Child Care, ER Taxi Service and Visa gift cards for soldiers who may need it.
The Madigan Foundation is also working toward helping with more Traumatic Brain Injury Screenings, pediatric services, WTB, Vision care and increasing their reach by working with other community organizations. To support its efforts, the Madigan Foundation is having a fundraising breakfast in April and can be found at
After the bell, Vaughn Hoffman was asked to come and pull the winning ticket for our raffle. However, brother Wynn decided to do the pulling of the ticket. The chance to win $1123 was given to Mike McGowan and he pulled white.
Now, next week will the room be packed for the high raffle amount, or the fact that Jermaine Kearse could possibly show up to talk about his 15 to 1 Foundation???
At an after-meeting discussion with Andy Davis, our server at our Friday luncheons, I found out that he is moving on after five years of work with the Tacoma Country and Golf Club. Next Friday will be his last meeting. I will have a card and would appreciate those who feel so moved to give a tip to Andy for his great service.
Also, after the tragedy in Orlando, this bulletin writer sends her love to all her Rotary family. Hopefully we will find more love to combat this terrible act of hate.
Hugs, Gayle